Adon activating Jaguar Varied Assault

The Jaguar Varied Assault (ジャガーバリードアサルト Jagaa Bariido Asaruto?) is Adon's Super Combo in the Street Fighter Alpha series and Street Fighter IV series.

Input (all appearances)
Initial: Jaguar Assault Arcade Stick QCFArcade Stick QCF + Arcade Button Punch (+ Arcade Button Punch or Arcade Button Kick for varied followups)
Followup: Thousand Jaguars Arcade Modifier Tap Arcade Button Punch during Jaguar Assault
Followup: Jaguar Assassin Arcade Button Kick during Jaguar Assault
No follow-up 320
Thousand Jaguars 290-355
Jaguar Assassin 350


Executed by performing two quarter-circle forward motions and pressing punch, Adon performs 5 elbow slashes at his opponent. How far he travels forward while doing this is determined by the strength of the punch button pressed, but the difference between versions is negligible. How he finishes the combo is determined by what the player presses for a followup.

In Street Fighter Alpha 2 and Street Fighter Alpha 3 (via A-ISM), only the Level 3 version allows for follow-up.

Jaguar AssaultEdit


Jaguar Assault ending

If no further input is made, Adon performs the Jaguar Assault (アサルトジャガー Asaruto Jagaa?). The fifth elbow slash will launch the opponent into the air. Adon will then jump into the air and swing an elbow and a knee in a pincer movement that knocks the opponent to the ground. This version is a 6-hit combo in total.

Thousand Jaguars/Jaguar ThousandEdit


Thousand Jaguars ending

The Thousand Jaguars/Jaguar Thousand (サウザンドジャガー Sauzando Jagaa?) is executed by tapping punch at the end, the fifth elbow slash will be followed by a flurry of punches. In SFA, repeatedly tapping punch will always result in a 2-4 additional hit combo (total nine hits). The amount of hits in its later appearance depends on how rapidly the punch button is tapped; the maximum amount is unconfirmed, but it can reach at least 18 hits. Along with having amazing chip damage, this version is the more damaging one when used early in combos.

Jaguar AssassinEdit


Jaguar Assassin ending

The Assassin Jaguar/Jaguar Assassin (アサシンジャガー Asashin Jagaa?) is executed by pressing kick at the end, the fifth will launch the opponent and Adon will followup with a Rising Jaguar which hits three times - a 7-hit combo in SFA and 8-hit combo in SSFIV. This version is the more damaging one when used in longer combos.



Varied assualt ver4 Varied assualt ver1


SSF4 Adon Combo Video

SSF4 Adon Combo Video

From 2:46 to 3:18, various combos are featured; each end with the Jaguar Varied Assault.

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