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"The top player is here!"
—Jamie (Street Fighter 6)

Jamie Siu (ジェイミー・ショウ Jeimī shō?), also known as the Peacekeeping Breakdancer (平和維持ブレイクダンサー Heiwa iji bureikudansā?, Simplified Chinese: 维和霹雳舞者)[4], is a fighting game character from the Street Fighter games, appearing as the first new character in Street Fighter 6, representing as Luke's rival.



Jamie was created in response to the lack of Drunken Fist users in the Street Fighter series. Because he is also young, Takayuki Nakayama wanted to add contemporary culture to him and thus made Jamie a breakdancer and set him up to be Luke's rival.[5] The drink in Jamie's jug is called Yakutou (薬湯), an herbal tea instead of alcohol. Matsumoto followed up by calling it "a special drink" and everyone in the room started laughing.[6][7] He was designed to contrast Luke's more muscular physique with a slender figure.

According to character designer Kaname Fujioka, Jamie is set up to serve as the Ken Masters for the new generation of Street Fighter fans.[8]

Jamie was originally intended to be a Hong Kong cop inspired by Jackie Chan and his roles in films such as Drunken Master and Police Story, but was later made younger. His drunken boxing was animated by a veteran staff member while his breakdancing was animated by a relative newcomer.[9]


Fancying himself the protector of his hometown, Jamie is an upbeat, cocky, and fun-loving young man who thinks highly of himself, but shows respect for his elders, namely his grandmother, as well as Chun-Li and Yun and Yang. He enjoys helping others. For example, in his Win Quotes against Ken and Juri, he offers to help them with their personal issues.

Jamie can also be irrational and angry upon encountering his rival, Luke. He acknowledges that he would be embarrassed should Yun and Yang learn of this reckless behavior. Nonetheless, his relationship with Luke remains contemptuous, both compelled to fight the other.

He views his approach to crime and justice as uniquely his own. Of Chun-Li, Jamie says, "Tough for a guy like me to just walk up and say hi to a cop” while later stating, “operating like typical vigilantes do isn’t my style.” Though fiercely protective of Metro City’s Chinatown, Jamie can’t quite call it home yet. He explains, “For real though, any town I happen to be in is basically mine, y’know?”


Jamie's design reflects the play between contemporary breakdancing and the legendary martial art of drunken boxing.[10]

Jamie has tan skin and a slender, muscular build. His hair is styled in a benpatsu with the underside shaved in an undercut, not too dissimilar to Luke's regular hairstyle. The braid comes undone at maximum drink level, with Jamie's hair flowing wildly. His eyes are thinly lined and winged with red eyeliner.

His default outfit is a modernized tang suit: a yellow cropped top hoodie with an "original" pattern, red drawstrings, and white trim; matching yellow pants with one pant leg rolled up below the knee; a brown rope belt; and greyish sneakers with white soles. He also carries a small black gourd with a red rope tie on his belt. This red rope resembles the same rope used by Capoeira practitioners. When at maximum Drink level, Jamie's top opens up, a feature consistent across all of his costumes.

His second costume is his modern outfit; a yellow thermal vest with a black tight-fitted T-shirt underneath, black jogging pants with the right sleeve is long and the left one was in mid-calf and a gold rope around his waist and red and dark blue sneakers with yellow laces and white soles. He also wears a gold bead bracelet on his left wrist.

His third alternate costume is a red long-sleeved changshan similar to those worn by both Yun and Yang. He also wears black pants and dark blue sneakers with red lining.

Character Relationships[]


Parents and Grandmother[]

During World Tour, Jamie says his home life “sucked”, having been estranged from his parents for most of his youth. His mother was said to have been a great beauty, but he can only speculate since she was largely absent during his childhood. He expresses little respect for his businessman father, despite calling him a "self-made man". As a child, Jamie frequently traveled between the United States and China, because of his father’s work. Eventually, though, his parents grew weary of his delinquency and shipped him off to live with his beloved grandmother in the mountains. A tiny and cheerful woman, she is a master fighter who brews the medicinal drink Jamie consumes during matches. She teaches him his main fighting style of Zui Quan and, in his own words, “how to live.”


Yun & Yang[]

Jamie's idols since childhood. During World Tour mode, Jamie describes them as "peacekeepers extraordinaire" and "legends" of Chinatown as well as his "bros". They greatly influence his perspective on life from an early age. After Yun and Yang save a young Jamie from a gang, he aspires to grow up to be just like them. Jamie regards this incident as "a wake-up call". Prior to this turning point, he frequently brawled with other truant kids in his neighborhood. Jamie seemed to place little value even on his own life, choosing to die rather than become an underling of the gang that he is eventually rescued from by Yun and Yang. As an adult, he continues to hold Yun & Yang's opinions in high esteem, wary of their response to unnecessary conflicts like his fight with Luke in both their Arcade Mode endings. The Twin Dragons are the main reason why Jamie dedicates himself to honing his fighting skills. While Yun and Yang are presumably away from the city (or, for whatever reason, unavailable), he hopes to protect their home just as they once did.

Despite early online conjecture,[11] Jamie is not related to Yun and Yang.[12] In February 2022, a Reddit post leaked details from the then unannounced Street Fighter 6 roster.[13] No names were listed, only brief character descriptions including one that would turn out to mostly match Jamie: "Yun and Yang's cousin (wears yellow, uses Drunken Fist style)". While the last two attributes are accurate, in World Tour Jamie tells the Avatar, "I've got some bros I seriously respect. Nah, we're not related or anything. They're just...bros. You know. Their names are Yun and Yang. The Blue Dragon and White Dragon."[12] Though not blood related, Jamie considers them family.


A fighter whose skill and reputation Jamie highly respects. He's surprised by the Avatar's acquaintance with Chun-Li during World Tour mode. He says Chun-Li "is a master. Like, for real". He mentions her experience in law enforcement, global travels, and connections to his idols, Yun and Yang. Nonetheless, Jamie appears almost bashful about the prospect of actually meeting Chun-Li, possibly intimidated by such a storied fighter. His Win Quote against Chun-Li is uncharacteristically polite ("Yo, it's been an honor! Thanks for helpin' me train."), the usual taunting or self-aggrandizement notably absent. On the other hand, Chun-Li's Win Quote against Jamie challenges him: "Fancy yourself a peacekeeper, do you? That's fine and all, but do mind your manners."


Luke Sullivan[]

Jamie's rival since childhood. While both are normally laid-back and positive, the two are considerably antagonistic towards each other since they also share a hot-blooded disposition. Luke and Jamie argue and insult each other over petty reasons, such as accidentally bumping into each other. Luke mockingly calls Jamie "pretty boy" while Jamie calls Luke a "meathead". Their hostility is not malicious, though, as Luke and Jamie simply want the other to "respect" their respective fighting skill and admit that they are the better of the two. In addition, Jamie seems to hold some respect for Luke's fighting skill, citing him as one of the reasons to continue improving himself, as he does not want to lose against Luke.



Street Fighter 6[]

This self-styled Chinatown peacekeeper aspires to the example set by Yun and Yang, the Twin Dragons. An expert dancer, Jamie places justice and friendship above all else, defending his town with martial skill.

Arcade Mode[]

Jamie: Peacekeeper[]

While walking through the Hong Hu Lu Chinatown area of Metro City, Jamie address his role models Yun & Yang in his narration. He assures them that, even in their absence from Metro City, life continues to run smoothly. Jamie introduces himself to the player as the "peacekeeper" of his hometown, taking care of those "lookin' to stir up trouble". Jamie's brief exchange with an audibly nervous gang member appears to support his reputation. Jamie explains that some people are "tryin' to cause problems", while other simply "just wanna prove how bad they are". As a result, he's eager to dutifully protect his hometown and with violence, if necessary.

While claiming that he is not too "full of [himself]", Jamie boasts about his own fighting prowess. He clarifies that he doesn't wish to be the strongest, akin to "some kid lookin' to be the king of the jungle gym", but trains out of determination to follow in Yun & Yang's footsteps.

As Jamie continues his stroll, he and Luke accidentally bump into each other. Luke breaks the tense silence by accusing Jamie of purposely running into him, enraging the latter. The two begin to fight.

The outcome of the match only escalates their quarreling. Jamie continues his narration, stating that he'll occasionally encounter someone who inexplicably makes his blood boil. Though he acknowledges Yun and Yang's presumed mocking from these actions, Jamie can't resist a childish scrap with someone he claims he "can't afford to lose to" (in this case, Luke).

As the cutscene ends by panning skyward, Jamie and Luke continue trash talking off-screen, their barbs devolving into schoolyard insults faintly heard in the distance.

Luke: Delinquent Turned Fighter[]

Jamie's appearance in Luke's Arcade mode mirrors his own story: the two fight after accidentally bumping into each other. Both refuse to apologize to the other, leading to squabbling and fisticuffs. Later, a cutscene reveals that Luke and Jamie have been fierce rivals since childhood.

World Tour[]

Stronger With Each Drink. Neo Drunken Master. Savior of the Streets. (飲むたびに強くなる。 ネオドランクンマスター。 ストリートの救世主。 Nomu tabi ni tsuyoku naru. Neodorankunmasutā. Sutorīto no kyūseishu.?, Simplified Chinese: 每杯饮料都更浓。 新醉拳大师。 街头救世主。)

""What is strength"? If you haven't figured it out yet, feel free to tag along. I'll show you what's what. (「強さとは何か」? まだ理解していない場合は、お気軽にタグ付けしてください。 何が何なのかお見せします。 `Tsuyo Sato wa nani ka'? Mada rikai shite inai baai wa, o kigaru ni tagudzuke shite kudasai. Nani ga nan'na no ka o mise shimasu.?)"
—Jamie's advice after completing training & achieving Mastery


Fighting style[]

Jamie practices Zui Quan - Chinese drunken fist or drunken boxing, which weaponizes the practitioner's sloppy movements into an unpredictable style. He also fuses this with breakdancing, using grounded spin kicks and handstands.


Many of Jamie's moves take inspiration from Yun and Yang, such as his Arrow Kick, Freeflow Strikes, Luminous Dive Kick, and Swagger Step being variants on the Senkyutai, Tourouzan, Raigeki Shu, and Zesshou Hohou. Fittingly, he shares a similar playstyle to the both of them, switching between safe pressure with his Freeflow Strikes and close-ranged aggression.

Jamie has a unique drinking mechanic using The Devil Inside, granting him new special moves and options the more drinks he takes. He has a maximum of four drink levels; drinking after he has reached the maximum drink level will instead replenish half a Drive bar. Finishing certain combos also gives him the option of raising his drink level after the final hit, though Jamie has to complete the animation in order to do so. When fully leveled up, Jamie's shirt becomes undone, his hair gets unraveled, and his stance changes; he also gains his full moveset, and can assault his opponent with a plethora of mixup options, including a command grab and a multitude of Target Combos, one of which (Ransui Haze) can only be used at Level 4 and can be canceled on the first hit for a unique backstep.

In exchange for these strengths, Jamie at his base level is considerably weaker, uniquely starting at 90% damage scaling, with each drink adding an extra 5%. Additionally, Jamie starts with the barebones of his kit at the start of each round, with his tactical options locked behind drinks (for example, his dive kick, an effective attack for delaying his landings, is locked behind one drink). Choosing between pressing the advantage and safely drinking is vital for Jamie, and must be managed alongside Drive Gauge and Super Gauge; overall, this can make Jamie run hot or cold, as he can gain a significant edge if he gets four drinks early, but has to work an uphill battle if he is unable to get drinks down.

Jamie's first Super Art is Breakin', a series of breakdancing kicks that grants brief intangibility and can end in a drink by holding down during the attack. His second Super Art is The Devil's Song, granting Jamie a 15-second Level 4 Drink buff or half a bar of his Drive Gauge if already at Level 4, which can be comboed into and out of. His third Super Art is Getsuga Saiho, a monochrome Chinese film-styled Level 3 Super that has different uses. The normal version functions like Yun's You Hou, being a low-damage Super (2500 damage, compared to most other Supers that deal 4000) that sends the opponent airborne for further combos to do the bulk of its damage. The Critical Art version replaces the kick with a stronger throat grab with no follow-ups afterward, but deals almost twice the damage of the non-critical version; if Jamie's Drink buff is at Level 4, the Critical Art deals a whopping 4950 damage (almost 50% of the standard health value) and becomes the third strongest Level 3 super in the game, behind Zangief and Level 5 Manon's Critical Arts.







  • The idea of a male fighter using Chinese martial arts mixed with breakdancing can be traced back to the development behind Rufus; his initial concept was King Cobra, a fighter with a slender figure and an original fighting style titled "breakung-fu" (mixing elements of Chinese martial arts with breakdancing).
  • His theme, "Mr. Top Player", sound very similar to the intro theme (titled "We are the Burning Rangers") of the 1998 Sega Saturn game Burning Rangers.
    • On YouTube, a user by the name of "Anzeal 3" has a video covering his theme and the Burning Rangers intro theme.[14]
  • Jamie is 2 years younger than Luke.[15]
  • Jamie uses many Generation Z ("Zoomer") slang terms during battle, such as "You're basic!" (during a throw break) or "Hold this L!" (upon a perfect parry).
  • During Jamie's normal victory animation on round end, if he is not currently at drink level 4, he will undo his shirt if he currently has it zipped up.
  • After every drink, Jamie will visually turn redder, as if intoxicated; his idle animation will also show him stumbling about, with his movements progressively getting more "drunk" till maxing out at 4 drinks. His forward taunt also changes with each drink; the level 4 version will cause Jamie to fall to the floor and fall asleep, with the entire taunt taking more than 12 seconds to complete.
  • Jamie will sing and dance to his own theme song for one of his taunts. If his theme song is playing in the background, it's possible to sync this taunt with it.[16]
  • When KO'ing an opponent with Jamie's Critical Art, the text "終劇" will appear on screen. This translates to End of Film, and it is a reference to how this phrase typically appears at the end of Chinese films.
  • Jamie is one of few characters in Street Fighter 6 to have a different intro pose based on what side they're on, along with Kimberly, Zangief, Guile, Ed, Akuma, and M. Bison.
  • Jamie's sneakers in his default outfit are modeled after the Nike Air Force I while his alternate costumer's sneakers are modeled after the Nike Air Jordan I, with a xiangyun cloud pattern replacing the iconic Nike 'swoosh' logo and a breakdancing figure instead of the 'Jumpman' logo as portrayed by basketball player Michael Jordan.
    • A similar replacement regarding Nike's logo occurred with Guy's sneakers, a pair of Nike Dynasty with lightning bolts imprinted on them.
  • Coincidentally, Double Dragon Gaiden: Rise of the Dragons reintroduces Sonny Lee as Billy and Jimmy Lee's distant cousin and practitioner of the Drunken Fist style. Sonny shares many traits to Jamie, such as his yellow color scheme contrasting his red and blue twin cousins, his fighting stance having his index fingers and thumbs curled as he sways, and his fighting style utilizing drunken variants on traditional techniques, including a break-dancing kick.


Stage Themes[]

See also[]


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