Jianyu (ヤンユー Yan'yū?, October) is a member of the Dolls. Originally from China, Jianyu and her twin sister Xiayu were kidnapped and brainwashed by Shadaloo to be trained as an assassin working for M. Bison. Her name is derived from the archaic Chinese word for October, Yáng yuè (陽月, lit. Yang Month).

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Jianyu has a long black hair and brown eyes. Similar to Chun-Li, she was adorned in red ribbons and is tied in ox-horns with two long odango buns in each sides. Her Shadaloo doll outfit is identical to the other dolls.

In the UDON comics, her hair is brown and her Doll outfit is a bit different; she wears a sleeveless cheongsam similar to both Yun and Yang's, the color of her qipao is black with orange outlines. Underneath is a dark blue long sleeve catsuit and black boots, she also wears a red gloves and wields her quarter staff.

In Street Fighter V, Jianyu's wears a dark blue sleeveless qipao mini dress with yellow outlines and is tied in a yellow obi, blue stockings and black flats. Her outfit is a contrast to Xiayu's.


Jianyu loves spicy food, despite it quickly giving her stomach pain. She is self-centered, lazy, moody, doesn't like to do daily chores, and doesn't pay attention to instructions. However, she is a formidable fighter that specializes in using a Chinese staff. She gets along well with her sister.[1]


Street Fighter VEdit

A Shadow FallsEdit

Jianyu barely makes an appearance during the story, she is accompanying Xiayu for most of her screentime. She ambushes Cammy and Decapre with help from Xiayu and Santamu, but all three are defeated by the pair. Jianyu is seen again near the end, when all of the dolls are no longer under the influence of Psycho Power.


  • Jianyu and Enero are the only Dolls that do not appear in Juli and Juni's intro in Street Fighter Alpha 3.
  • Like her twin Xiayu, Jianyu's birthday is September 10th, making her the only month-named Doll not born on the month she's named for.



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