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"Okay, baby!"
—Joe, Street Fighter

Joe (ジョー?) is a non-playable character from the Street Fighter series who first appeared in the original Street Fighter game as one of the ten computer-controlled opponents.



Benny Urquidez performing the Spinning Back Kick.

Joe is modelled after Benny Urquidez also known as "The Jet", who was one of the first Westerners to make it big in Japan in the 1970's. Joe's signature move is Benny's Spinning Back Kick. Despite this most western fans believe that he's loosely based on the late kickboxing legend, Joe Lewis.


Joe is a tall, young fellow who has short, spiky, blond hair and wears red pants with white shoes. In his Shadaloo C.R.I. profile artwork, he also wears a light gray tank top with fingerless black gloves and a star-shaped belt buckle.


Joe was formerly the unbeaten kickboxing champion of the United States before violent outbursts and financial troubles caused him to become an outlaw on the road. He currently participates in indie wrestling tournaments under the identity "Super Star".[1]


  • Up until their new artwork were released in the Shadaloo C.R.I. section of the Capcom Fighters Network website, Joe and Mike were the only fighters never to be officially featured in any other Street Fighter related media outside the original game.
  • The Caucasian character and the African-American character featured in the original Street Fighter II intro were initially believed to be Joe and Mike from the very first game. However, the Street Fighter V website later revealed that they were separate characters named Scott and Max, respectively.[4]

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