This article is about the Final Fight 3 enemy. For other uses, see Joe (disambiguation).

Joe (ジョー?) is a Final Fight character who first appeared in the Capcom game Final Fight 3. He is one of the minor enemy characters the player characters face.



Joe is a short, thin thug with long, wild hair. He wears shorts and a breastplate with metal shoulder pads, knee pads, wristbands, and shin guards. His eyes and mouth are covered with shades and a mouthpiece gas mask.


A member of the Skull Cross Gang who likes to stand out from the crowd, Joe is an individual who deeply values his individuality and aspect of being different as a person. To this end, Joe goes the distance of being different through self expression and self image. His favorite kind of nuts to eat are cashews.[1]

Fighting styleEdit

Joe is a quick and nimble opponent who can avoid many attacks with his dodge rolls and likes to keep his foes on their toes. He has a kick and a jump kick, but his favorite attack is to leap at enemies, grab them, and headbutt them repeatedly. He prefers to attack from behind, making him more dangerous when his enemies are busy fighting other thugs.


Joe (FF3) Model


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