For the Final Fight 2 enemy, see Jony.

Johnny (ジョニー Jonī?) is a Final Fight character who first appeared in the Capcom game Final Fight 3. He is one of the minor enemy characters the player characters face.


Johnny is a thin thug who wears boots, black wristbands, and matching pants and vest with a white undershirt. Johnny wears shades and a beret.


Johnny came from a poor household, which included his older brother. As Johnny grew up into his teens, his older brother aimed to be a professional dancer, and feeling out shadowed by him, Johnny instead turned to being a gangster. Though he explained to his parents that he only did so to help his family's money problems, he ended up running away from home over the infighting and disagreement with the path he took. A few years later, Johnny learned that his older brother was mysteriously shot and killed by an unknown assailant a short time after his departure. Johnny then took to joining the Skull Cross Gang to track down the culprit.

Fighting styleEdit

Johnny is a former boxer who once was quick on his feet and able to stay on his toes, but is one of the lowest-ranking members of the Skull Cross Gang; as such, he poses practically no threat. He has little health and only two attacks: a kick, and a slightly faster and stronger punch.



Johnny (FF3) Model


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