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Judgement (ジャッジメント?) (as it's spelled in-game) is a very complicated system mechanic introduced in (and so far, exclusive to) the Street Fighter III series.

What is definitely for certain, judgement happens in every final/deciding round, (as it's essentially a tie-breaker format, to decide the match winner) and judgement happens if combatants have equal health at the end of the final round. Thusly, and alternatively, (and if matches are untimed too), if combatants both knock each other out.

Contemporaneously, judgment comes into equation, when a Double KO, or a Time Over occurs on the final round of any given match.

Judgement takes the place, as an official deciding format as to who wins the match, as opposed to a regular final match, which was done by a player knocking the other combatant out, or having more health in the event of a Time Over.


In a complex cutscene, shown during the end of the final round, by the warning of a "Judgement" splash screen; Three female civilians, who were supposedly watching the match live, each are holding a picket sign.

Acting as jury members, the female civilians, then based on their own personal vices, decide who they feel should win the match, by turning over the sign, revealing the portrait of which player they voted for. Because there are only three jury members, ties are impossible. The player with the most votes, wins.

Unfortunately, Judgement is an unfair tactic, and the choices the jury members make, have no reason or rhyme. Any theories that the player with the higher fight grade, the player who is 1P, or the player with the most previous match wins, or even in some cases people claiming Chun Li always wins the judgement, are false. [1].

As a result, Judgement in a tournament sense, under normal circumstances, is never considered an official win, and should Judgement happen, the match is replayed, or other factors go into deciding the winner; (i.e. the player with the most points is considered the winner etc.)


  • 100% if players intentionally do nothing on a deciding round.
  • 100% if players intentionally give each other equal health on a deciding round.
  • 25% if players unintentionally perfect a round/do not damage their opponent.
  • 5% if a double knockout happens on a deciding round.
  • 1% if players have equal health after a time over.


At the end of this short video, a "judgment" is made to determine the winner.

Jury Members/Judgement Girls[]

See also Judgment Girls

These are the jury members/judgement girls that appear in each Judgement event. No jury members are cloned/repeated, so each event, features three individual separate jury members. Which NPC's appear in the judgement, is random.

Name Country Appearance Notes




  • Russian Blonde woman in a fur coat. Looks similar to Cammy.
Effie United States Sf3 effie 3
  • Short Blonde woman in a red dress. Incidentally she is also Necro's girlfriend.
Julia United Kingdom Julia
  • Blonde equestrian girl. Looks similar to Karin.
Libra United States Fair Libra
  • African-American woman on roller-skates. Looks similar to Elena.
Lilly India Lilly
  • Indian woman. Incidentally she is Dhalsim's sister in law.
Rifa China Rifa
  • Chinese woman who is an olympic track star. Sister to Toli and Tonfa. Looks similar to Chun Li.
Toli China Toli
  • Chinese woman who is an online blogger. Sister to Rifa and Tonfa. Looks similar to Chun Li.
Tonfa China Tonfa
  • Chinese woman who is a Kindergarten teacher. Sister to Rifa, and Toli. Looks similar to Chun Li.