The Judo Throw is one of Guile's throws in Street Fighter V, first seen in Street Fighter II.

Street Fighter V Arcade-Button-LPunch+Arcade-Button-LKick (Back)



Guile using Judo Throw against Cammy.

Executed by pressing Light Punch and Light Kick, (the throw command) and pushing backwards near an opponent. Guile starts the throw by grabbing a hold of his opponent's collar. Next, he turns the other way and uses his other hand to grab his opponent's collar. Still holding onto their collar, Guile pulls the opponent over his shoulder, causing them to land on their back.

Tactics Edit

This throw is beneficial to get Guile out of the corner. It also does more damage than his forward throw. In addition, Guile can use this throw to reset the neutral game, putting him at a respectable distance away from his opponent. After the throw, he can throw out a meaty poke from mid-range or zone out their opponent with fireballs.

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