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The Jungle Dynamo is Blanka's first V-Trigger in Street Fighter V.

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Executed by pressing Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick simultaneously, Blanka surges his entire body with electricity. In addition, his special attacks are enhanced.

Blanka also gains access to a returning move called Ground Shave Roll. By pressing Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick simultaneously when Jungle Dynamo is active, Blanka somersaults forward into a rolled-up position on the ground. If the aforementioned buttons are held, he remains in this position, rapidly spinning in place and charging up with electricity. Once Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick are released, Blanka immediately rolls forward to hit his opponent.


While Jungle Dynamo is active, players can no longer use the EX version or the different strengths of his Rolling moves. Each usage of his special attacks consume 1/3 of his V-Gauge. Jungle Dynamo is a 2-bar V-Trigger. This means that Blanka does not have to sacrifice a substantial amount of his health to obtain this move. In fact, it is possible that he can use his first V-Trigger twice in the same round.

During Jungle Dynamo, all of Blanka's special moves are amplified, inflicting more damage and/or stun. All three of his Rolling moves have a faster startup and have attack or throw invincibility during the active frames. The only special attack that doesn't receive any buffs is his Wild Hunt command grab.

  • Electric Thunder: This move inflicts more damage and stun, compared to the regular version. It also has a wider hitbox, making it easier to hit the opponent at a distance. Another feature for Electric Thunder is that Blanka takes a step forward during the startup frames. It puts him in a better position to inflict chip damage to his opponent. This move also has better juggling potential, allowing him to cancel into his Critical Art Additionally, Blanka can potentially cross-up his opponent during Air Resets.
  • Rolling Attack: Besides dealing more stun than the regular versions, the enhanced Rolling Attack has a faster startup. During the startup and active frames of this attack, Blanka is invincible to projectiles. This gives him a useful tool against other zoning characters. Similar to the EX version of Rolling Attack, it puts the opponent in a juggle state on hit, allowing him to follow-up with an enhanced Vertical Roll for extra damage.
  • Vertical Roll: Like his previous attacks, this one inflicts more stun. It also has the same, fast startup as the Heavy version. The launch angle for the amplified Vertical Roll is the same as the Medium version. This is the primary combo ender while in V-Trigger. It also gives Blanka an additional reversal option with the enhanced Vertical Roll. During the startup and active frames, he is fully invincible. However, Blanka is vulnerable in a Counter Hit state if Vertical Roll is blocked.
  • Backstep Roll: This move deals more damage and stun. Blanka is also invincible to projectiles until he has landed on the ground. Not only does the enhanced Backstep Roll has a wider hitbox, but it can also cross-up his opponent, making it trickier to defend. Additionally, it puts the opponent into a juggle state, allowing him to follow up with another special attack. Unlike the regular versions, Blanka is safe on block with the amplified Backstep Roll.


While Jungle Dynamo is active, Blanka can use his Ground Shave Roll attack. It is a solid combo ender that can be linked from most of his normals. During the startup and active frames, Blanka is invincible to projectiles. It inflicts a lot of damage at the cost of 1/3 of V-Gauge. By holding Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick, Blanka can charge up the Ground Shave Roll. The charged version may have a longer startup, but it inflicts more damage. It also has great corner carry. This makes it easy for Blanka to apply pressure on his opponent by pushing them into the corner, regardless of initial position. A maximum charged Ground Shave Roll causes a guard break. Similar his amplified Rolling attacks, it juggles the opponent for a special move follow-up.

With this V-Trigger, Blanka pressure and offensive game increase. It gives him the ability to juggle his opponent with his special attacks for more combo and damage potential, while allowing him to save Critical Meter to deliver his Critical Art at the end of his combo.