The Jungle Wheel is one of Blanka's throws, introduced in the Street Fighter II series.

Street Fighter V Arcade-Button-LPunch+Arcade-Button-LKick (Back)



Blanka flipping Cammy over using Jungle Wheel.

Executed by pressing Light Punch and Light Kick, (the throw command) and pushing backwards near an opponent. Blanka starts the throw by grabbing his opponent by the sides. He then performs a backflip, still holding on to his opponent's body and tumbling along with him. Once Blanka lands on his feet, he falls on his back, transitioning into a backwards roll while placing his feet on their midsection. He then extends his legs out and kicks his opponent to the opposite side. As Blanka completes the rotation and handsprings back to his feet, his opponent crashes back-first to the ground.

Tactics Edit


Blanka using Jungle Wheel against Ibuki in Street Fighter IV

This move is good for putting his opponent back in the corner if they try to escape. While this throw inflicts the same amount of damage as his forward throw, Jungle Wheel does more stun. If his opponent is close to stun, he can use his back throw to potentially begin a high damaging combo or create a mix-up situation. By suffocating his opponent with deceptive movements and strong normals, Blanka can sneak in a throw and break down their defenses.

Jungle Wheel puts his opponent about halfscreen distance. If they quick rise, Blanka can have difficulty maintaining offensive pressure due to the separation after his back throw. However, Jungle Wheel is more dangerous if he throws his opponent into the corner. Because he is positioned very close to his opponent, Blanaka can go for a meaty throw to beat out their fastest normals. He can also use Surprise Forward switch sides with his opponent if they are attempting to tech his throws; thus creating an opening for another back throw.

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