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Juni (ユーニ Yūni?) is a video game character from the Street Fighter series, first appearing in Street Fighter Alpha 3. Along with her partner Juli, she was a brainwashed female assassin belonging to M. Bison's elite guard, the Dolls, during the pair's playable debut game.



Juni has a very similar athletic build to Cammy. Her hair is long enough to just about cover her face, with her bangs often covering her right eye in some media. She wears the Shadaloo Doll uniform, like Juli: a tight navy blue leotard with an open back, a small yellow tie attached to the front, a navy blue cap, navy blue tights, red gauntlets and black knee-high boots. On her left arm she wears a brown armband.

In Street Fighter V, she wears a turquoise blue long sleeve dress with a white turtleneck underneath, a pink belt to her waist, purple stockings and dark over-the-knee boots. In Street Fighter Alpha 3, as well as the UDON comics, Juni is portrayed with orange hair and hazel eyes. However, in the Super Street Fighter IV OVA, Cammy's SSFIV ending, her Street Fighter X Tekken cameo and Street Fighter V, Juni is shown with blonde hair and blue eyes. In her Shadaloo C.R.I. profile art for Street Fighter V however, her Shadaloo Doll uniform remains the same only with black over-the-knee boots (the same type shared with Juli); unlike Juli however, she has not worn this new outfit in the story mode.

In Street Fighter 6 during Cammy's arcade ending, Juni's hair is now yellow orange and she wears a sky blue short sleeved turtleneck dress with a loose silver necklace adorned with a pendant.



All of the Dolls were teenage girls of around 16 years old who were kidnapped by Shadaloo and brainwashed to be M. Bison's assassins and bodyguards. Cammy was a female clone of Bison, but was the same age and acted the same way as the others, though it was later revealed that she could control the Psycho Drive. The Dolls were completely loyal to Bison, and acted and talked like robots. They were high-ranking members in Shadaloo, only lower than Bison and the other Grand Masters: Balrog, Vega, F.A.N.G, and former member Sagat.

Street Fighter Alpha 3[]

In the arcade version of Street Fighter Alpha 3, Juni and Juli are a pair of sub-bosses whom the player face prior to the final battle against M. Bison. The player faces Juni and Juli at the same time in a two-on-one fight similar to the Dramatic Battle mode in the original Street Fighter Alpha. The two characters are unlockable in the arcade version, but they have no storyline in the actual game.

When Alpha 3 was ported to home consoles, the designers made Juni and Juli part of the default roster and gave both characters their individual storylines and endings, with Juni assigned to track down Ryu, and Juli assigned to track down Cammy.

Originally, the Dolls could not live if Bison had died, as the brainwashing corrupted them so much they would have collapsed and died. Eventually, Cammy broke free from Bison's mind control (apparently with help from Dhalsim) and managed to do the same for the others. When Bison appeared, they collectively attacked him. During the attack, Bison informed Cammy that she was his clone, and that if he died, she and the other Dolls would die as well. Despite this, Cammy fought against his psychic probing and rescued the Dolls from Bison's control with the Psycho Drive. Cammy led the Dolls out the Shadaloo base, but then fell unconscious along with the rest of them, rendering the Dolls in a state of amnesia.

Juni and Juli were seen in E.Honda's ending, facing the sumo wrestler but not knowing their own names. Eventually, E. Honda took them to his dojo and trained them.

Super Street Fighter IV OVA[]

Juri was sent by S.I.N. to capture the 12 Dolls in a Shadaloo base. Juri easily defeats them, and when she is taking Juni and Juli to the S.I.N. transport, Guile and Cammy appear. Guile is defeated, and Cammy follows Juri to save the Dolls, managing to get inside the craft before it leaves. Despite her efforts, Cammy is overwhelmed by Juri, who then shoves the unconscious Juni off the plane, taking Cammy along with her. Luckily, a nearby mountaintop and a mound of snow breaks their fall.

Super Street Fighter IV[]

Juni makes an appearance in Cammy's SSFIV storyline (having been hospitalized after the encounter with Juri), being looked over by her. When she wakes up (due to Cammy's cat jumping onto her), she is greeted by Cammy. It's presumed that Juni has amnesia as well, as Cammy comments; "Don't worry. Amnesia can be alarming: believe me, I know." (if she retained any memories, it would be her memory of Cammy). After her encounter with the cat Cammy brought to the hospital, Juni got a great liking for cats.[4]

Street Fighter V[]

After recovering at the hospital, it's established that Juni is being protected by Cammy at Delta Red. She sees Cammy as a reliable mentor and is doing things on her own pace. She began training with Delta Red and is learning to cook with McCoy.[4] Juni reunites with Cammy after she escapes the Shadaloo base and Cammy noticed that she has a permission to go out. When the two are talking about cats, they are attacked by Shadaloo soldiers led by Vega as he attacks Cammy. Cammy tries to protect Juni from Vega. Juni notes that Vega's claw is much like Decapre's (implying that she remembers her time as a Doll). After Vega leaves, Cammy decides to save the Dolls from Shadaloo as Juni encourages her to come back after she saves them.

Juni is not seen at any point in A Shadow Falls, unlike Juli. This would imply that Shadaloo had actually failed to capture Juni, most likely due to Cammy's protection.

Street Fighter 6[]

Juni is present in Cammy's arcade story where she is speaking to Cammy from their respective cellphones and she was the one who gave Cammy a cellphone accessory. She was also mentioned by Cammy at the end of her arcade ending after she had fought JP.

World Tour

Juni was also present during Cammy's birthday, revealing that she is good at making pastries. Presumably, as shown at Cammy's birthday, Juni and Decapre are likely live with the former.


Fighting style[]

Juni fights using "Shadaloo Elite Forces training".[2]


From a design perspective, the characters are actually head-swaps of Cammy with the explanation given that Cammy belongs to the same unit as Juni and Juli. However, the characters have their own special and super techniques. Juni's attacks in particular are mostly based upon Cammy's appearance in the Vs. series, including an aerial version of Spiral Arrow, and a version of push-blocking called "Psycho Shield". In the American instruction booklet for Alpha 3, Juni's Spiral Arrow and Cannon Spike were named (seemingly erroneously) as Psycho Crusher and Psycho Shot, respectively. Juni's unique moves include her teleport named Mach Slide and her Earth Direct, a throw attack where she jumps in the air and knocks the opponent to the ground.

Crossover appearances[]

Juni and Juli appeared in the crossover game Namco x Capcom released only in Japan. At one point in the story, Juni, along with Juli, died from the effects of the mind-controlling.

Both Juni and Juli appear as character cards in SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters Clash.

Cameo appearances[]

Both Juni and Juli made a cameo appearance in M. Bison's ending for SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos.

Juni appears in a billboard, along with Juli, Cammy, and Enero (dressed as stewardess) in The Half Pipe stage for Street Fighter X Tekken.


UDON comics[]

In UDON's Street Fighter II comics, Juni was kidnapped directly from Germany. Supposedly, her brainwashing is the most complete of all the Dolls and her first mission, ordered by Bison to test her loyalty, was to murder her own family - a mission she accomplished flawlessly.

She later assumes the identity of Guile's secretary Lt. Gibson (with the real Gibson left bound and gagged in her own apartment) in order to spy for Shadaloo.

Juni's last appearance in the series shows Cammy thigh-pressing her into the back of Juli in SF II Turbo # 11. It is not immediately known what becomes of her after the island they were fighting on erupts, but it is assumed that the other Street Fighters brought her with them to safety.

A few years later after Shadaloo was disbanded, Juni and the other Dolls that were saved had joined up with Delta Blue to help Cammy and Abel protect others from crime and corruption. During a rescue mission, Juni began exhibiting symptoms of her previous brainwashing, including losing awareness of her current actions, though she managed to break free of it. Cammy and Abel are concerned, however, and Juni's boss suggests that she refrain from partaking in any further missions until the brainwashing was completely undone.

During a session of therapy, Juni reveals that she has no memory of her actions as one of Bison's Dolls, only that her loyalty lies with him alone; this prompts Cammy to stop the session as Juni's mind gave in to the remnants of her old mental conditioning.

Later, Cammy decides that the team should have some time to enjoy themselves, and takes them out to dinner; however, Juni's mind gives in to the old programming again, and she runs out of the diner. Cammy tracks her down just as she prepares to attack Crimson Viper.









  • Her name is German and Indonesian for June.
  • Juni, Juli and Decapre are the only members of the Dolls (aside from Cammy) to appear as playable characters in-game.
  • Juni, along with Juli and some other Dolls, can be seen in capsules in the background of Decapre's USFIV promotional art. They also briefly appear in her prologue.
  • Juni is currently the only character from the entire Street Fighter franchise to maintain her Japanese voice actress from the Street Fighter Alpha games (Akiko Komoto, who previously voiced her in Alpha 3, Namco X Capcom and in Street Fighter V). The only exception in which Juni was voiced by another Japanese voice actress was in Super Street Fighter IV, during Cammy's ending.
  • In one of Cammy's SF6 concept artworks, the phone accessory Juni gave to Cammy is depicted as a cat-shaped charm with the inscription "Thinking about you," followed by Juni's signature.

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