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"Juri... That power... That eye... She's no ordinary fighter. She is an untamed animal who seeks to destroy and consume all that enters her sight.[...] She has altered her own body in her insatiable quest for power. She respects no law. No morality. She does whatever it takes to achieve her goals and quench her limitless thirst."
Seth describing Juri (Super Street Fighter IV)

"Hmm... You look like you're in good shape. (ふ~ん なかなかイイ身体してるじゃねぇか Fuun nakanaka ii karada shiteru janee ka?)"
—Juri (Street Fighter IV series)

"Well then, where do you want me to break you first? (さーて、どっから潰してほしい? Saate, dokkara tsubushite hoshii??)"
—Juri (Street Fighter V)

"Nowhere to run!"
—Juri (Street Fighter 6)

This is a Korean name; the family name is "Han".

Han Juri (Hangul: 한주리, Juri Han?, ハン・ジュリ Hanja: 韓蛛俐), also known as the Sadistic Thrill-seeker (サディスティックスリルシーカー Sadisutikkusurirushīkā?, Hangul: 가학적인 스릴 추구자)[8], is a video game character from the Street Fighter series, first introduced in Super Street Fighter IV. She is a brutal South Korean taekwondo martial artist who derives pleasure from inflicting pain on others.




In her debut in Street Fighter IV, Juri wears a purple dudou (a form of Chinese bra-like top) on her chest, supported by eight straps that meet on her back to form a spider pattern. She wears long, baggy, off-white sweatpants and purple tights, as well as long, fingerless gloves. Her fingernails and toenails are painted bright pink. She wears taekwondo foot wraps on her feet.

Her left eye was damaged long ago (explained below) and replaced with the Feng Shui Engine, which enhances her abilities.

In Street Fighter V, she wears a purple and pink collared catsuit with a spider shaped pattern on the back, a black high neck sleeveless top underneath, black fingerless gloves with pink patterns, the pants of her catsuit have black inlines with dark purple and pink. She also has a black patch with a magenta pattern on her left eye. The outfit returns as Juri's secondary costume in Street Fighter 6, with the black inner top removed to more closely resemble her original artwork from Cammy's character story.

Her first alternate costume is a blue-green winter jacket, pink and white pants, black knee-high boots, and matching gloves. She does not wear her eye patch in this costume, as her Story Mode appearance in this outfit occurs before Bison ripped out the Feng Shui Engine. Her second costume is similar to her primary outfit in Super Street Fighter IV, her dudou is white, her pants are black with pink and white outlines and she wears matching black taekwondo ankle wraps on her feet.

In Street Fighter 6, Juri now wears a tiny, sleeveless, cropped top in white with pink trim and a green zipper on the back. Black body tapes are threaded under the top, creating a spider pattern that extends down her torso and crotch. For the bottom, she chooses unconventional black baggy pants with pink and neon teal trim and a distinctive large crotch cutout that reveals her white tights underneath. The pants also have green zippers on the medial side of the legs. her right eye remains purple, but her left eye is green

Juri's accessories include black fingerless gloves and ankle cuffs, all with thick pink padding. Four black bracelets with neon teal spikes adorn her wrists and ankles, with a matching spiked choker around her neck. Loosely wrapped around her waist is an extra-long black belt with pink trim and a Taiji motif on the buckle. Her fingernails and toenails are painted neon teal. She also carries a smartphone in a light pink case with two horns to match her hairstyle.

Her second outfit is her SFV catsuit with the black top removed, revealing a daring display of cleavage.

Juri's third SF6 outfit is a light pink, fluffy one-piece pyjama. The garment has roomy sleeves and pant legs. The hood, arms, and leg openings are decorated with accents in deeper shades of pink. The pajama has two hip pockets. The hood is designed with two holes to allow Juri's tousled hair horns to protrude freely. The hood has yellow drawstrings with charming yellow pom-poms at the ends. A long zipper with a spider web-like slider runs from the belly to the top of the hood. A cute pink spider is sewn on the back of the pajamas. The spider's abdomen is stylized into a yin-yang symbol, referring to Juri's Feng Shui Engine. Juri wears the pajamas barefoot and unzipped, revealing her black bra and a glimpse of her black panties.

In the background story depicting Juri's childhood, she wore a pink dress with large petal-like sleeves and a purple ribbon choker around her neck.


Juri usually styles her dark hair into two horns on top of her head, which appear to be held in place with pink ribbons. Her signature hairstyle mirrors Chun-Li's ox horns hairstyle.

In Street Fighter V, Juri lets loose her hair horns and lets her hair down down and her bangs are dyed pink when she wears her second alternate costume.

In Street Fighter 6, Juri's bangs change from a blunt style to a slanted cut that now covers her left eye and replaces her eye mask. A small strand of hair on her left side is highlighted in bright pink. Her hair horns now point upward.

In her childhood, Juri had long, dark hair with neatly trimmed bangs on each side. Her hair was styled into two small horns, decorated with pink barrettes.


Juri fights purely for the thrill of the battle; unlike Ryu, who seeks meaning, her drive is much more vengeful, selfish and ruthless, as she's extremely sadistic, liking to inflict pain on her foes, and she's also extremely hot-tempered, as she can easily lose her temper when she is struck back in retaliation or without warning. Juri loves combat to the point where she becomes irritated when it is denied to her like when Rashid refused to fight her seriously, Juri scathingly replied that "he could just die" if that was the case. She displays several traits of a femme fatale, as she makes provocative and suggestive remarks toward her enemies, as well seen in her win quotes; she is also very cunning, as she is not above leaving her partners to further her own agenda. Juri's love for spiders is actually paralleled to how she fights. Most of her attacks involve trapping the opponent around her legs, but at the same time not letting them escape her grasp. In SF6, when both fighters are walking out before battle, Juri's gaze is focused on her opponent like a predator analyzing its prey. Spiders immobilize prey so they can't escape, and, like spiders, Juri loves to follow that strategy.

At times, she appears to be brooding and depressed, Menat claimed she felt a sense of "loneliness" from Juri implying all her wiles and cruelty is just a cover for how broken she is on the inside. However, despite her vengeful and ruthless behavior, she still has some vague sense of honor; during her mission (in the Super Street Fighter IV OVA), she left a young boy alive despite many civilians being caught in the crossfire. Juri also appears to detest fighting children, and views Evil Ryu to be a far more abhorrent type of ruthless, which somewhat contradicts her opinion on other Ansatsuken users. While Juri can be malicious, she doesn't fight with lethal intent. According to her win quote against Blanka in Street Fighter V, she is against animal cruelty. Juri is also slightly hypocritical in many of her criticisms and insults of other fighters, demonstrating that she needs to mask her pain by deflecting her flaws onto others. She mocks the suffering of Cammy and Decapre at the hands of Bison despite having gone though similar pain and trauma in her own childhood. But then always returns to help them in their times of need. Juri also calls Vega a "pervert" and shows open distaste towards him for it, despite her deriving sexual gratification from hurting and taunting others herself. This seems to provide enough evidence that Menat was spot on in her observation about Juri's psyche.

In Street Fighter 6 during her arcade story, despite M. Bison's death at the hands of Ryu in the end of A Shadow Falls; Juri still wanted to get vengeance against Bison, as well as not getting used to the advice of moving on with her vengeance given to her by Chun-Li, following their battle.

Juri may also have been the first openly bisexual character in Street Fighter lore. Her listed interests upon her release originally included Spicy food, spiders and large breasts before being changed to only spicy food and spiders.[3] Despite this, her flirtatious nature with both genders remains, amongst the female fighters, she has taken a particular interest in Cammy and Chun-Li, the latter of which she claims has a "schoolgirl crush" on her although it’s possible she is only mockingly flirting with people. This is supported by her usual tone whenever she makes flirtatious comments, making her sexual orientation unclear.


Super Street Fighter IV's development team was instructed to make a female Korean character in response to many Korean fans who wished for Capcom to add a Korean character in Street Fighter - something already established by SNK and Namco in their respective fighting game franchises. According to Capcom senior staff member Yoshinori Ono, the team had planned to include a Korean character since soon after Street Fighter II became popular in South Korea but the South Korean government had a strict limitation against the Japanese language and culture, preventing them from including such a character.[9] However, other competitors' fighting games (released some time shortly after Street Fighter II), such as SNK's Fatal Fury and Namco's Tekken, have had Korean characters, so it is unclear if this excuse is accurate.

The designers toyed with many different ideas, totaling between 400 and 500 variations of the character's appearance; there were hundreds of concept designs for Juri, including an overweight version and one that used mixed martial arts. Design Director Kami said regarding Juri: "From the start, we felt like, 'let's make her an evil, sexy character'."[10]

The creators decided to give Juri a strong, unusual personality to make her a character which people will either love or hate. Juri was designed to be a member of S.I.N. in order to associate her with the Street Fighter IV characters; thus, the Feng Shui Engine was created to give her a strong connection with S.I.N. The creators thought about putting the engine in her abdomen (like Seth's Tanden Engine), but as this looked unattractive, they ended up putting it in her eye.

An idea early in development was to have her in a tragic love story, caught up with the wrong people. However, once this was put to Yoshinori Ono, he responded: "No way, that's no good, she can't be a good girl. Surprise everyone and make her a really evil chick."[11] They also chose to make a spider Juri's trademark, explaining the spider-web design on her top and her nickname, Spider.[12] Her behavior and personality are also typically likened to that of a female "spider", as many species are known in particular for eating their mates.

Taekwondo had not been used by any character in the Street Fighter series before, so they decided that it would be a great chance to make Juri a practitioner.[13] Juri's outfit was designed specifically so that her silhouette would look like a traditional Taekwondo outfit, but they gave her bright colors and unique designs to differentiate her from the rest of the cast.

Juri can be interpreted as a "dark mirror image" of Chun-Li. Both had their parent(s) killed by M. Bison and, subsequently, swore a vendetta against him. The main difference is that Chun-Li maintains a strong sense of justice even while seeking to punish the Dictator, whereas Juri is willing to hurt anybody and everybody who gets in the way of her quest for revenge. Notably, another character designed after Chun-Li in Capcom's works holds greater similarities to Juri, being that of the character June Lin Milliam of Star Gladiator, whose vendetta was more rooted in vengeance and retribution out of bereavement out of the death of both parents and whose character is themed with a butterfly motif.

Character Relationships

Juri doesn't have that many friends because of her warlike and provocative character but she will help others for her own benefit.



"Wow. Back for another beating, officer? Or maybe you've got a little schoolgirl crush (on me)?"

Almost mirroring Chun-Li with their use of their legs in their martial art, having their families destroyed by M. Bison, hairstyle, and even fashion sense (spiked bracelets). It may be intentional as to show that Juri is intended to be a "what if" version of Chun-Li if she did not pursue her path of justice, but rather focused on vengence.

Juri and Chun-Li have a strong and interesting rivalry. Chun-Li has tried to arrest Juri at least twice, including when Juri captures and brutalizes the Dolls, despite originally expressing disdain at having to fight women. However, in SF6, it's strongly implied that their rivalry is only one-sided as Chun-Li does not think her as an outright villain anymore and instead shows concern wondering what makes Juri so angry of her in the first place in one of their fighting voicelines.

Their first encounter occurred during the SSFIV OVA where Chun-Li finds Juri after she executed a former S.I.N. operative, at first Juri dismissed the agent but took interest once the Feng Shui Engine showed her stats. Chun-Li and Juri square off, putting up close to an even fight, until Chun-Li is distracted by a boy whose mom was a casualty of Juri's attack. Juri gets the upper hand, blasting a kick into Chun-Li's stomach that knocks the wind out of her and sends her flying into a wall before crashing to the ground in a heap. Juri was prepared to finish her when Guile and Cammy rushed in, forcing Juri to retreat, Chun-Li would end up hospitalized for the rest of the OVA.

Unlike Chun-Li's hatred for her and all criminals, Juri does not seem to hate Chun-Li as much as she does enjoy toying and mocking her, even mockingly suggesting at some point that Chun-Li has a "schoolgirl crush" on her. A few of her win quotes against Chun-Li were about looking forward to toying/fighting her in the near future, and if the agent wants to be on Juri's good side, she needs to be more "obedient" [likely a warning to Chun-Li to stay away from the Illuminati and/or her business helping Cammy].

A Memory of Juri-2

Juri talking about Chun-Li in World Tour Mode

During the events of Street Fighter 6, an aimless Juri stalks and seeks Chun-Li out when she finds out information about a potential new evil on the rise. After they spar with one another Juri tries to depart and entice Chun-Li to continue fighting her for more information, seeing their rivalry as the only thing she has left and keeping her happy. Instead Chun-Li continues to show compassion towards her, still holding out hope for her and sympathizing with what she'd lost and what she became because of M. Bison. Chun-Li believes that Juri can still change for the better, however Chun-Li was laughed by Juri, confirming that she would not atoning for anything. Despite Juri saying that Chun-Li's lectures "put her to sleep", she's seen later reflecting on them and simultaneously being annoyed that her words seem to have finally gotten through to her after all this time.

In one of the dialogues from World Tour mode, Juri is reminiscing of Chun-Li and the earlier days when the agent tried to arrest her multiple times. Juri scoffed at the cop's decision, thinking that Chun-Li believed Juri and her were in similar situations. Juri then admits she's the one who had been pulling strings at the ICPO, which eventually caused Chun-Li to retire early. Due to that, Juri thought maybe Chun-Li was getting rusty from inactivity contrary to the cop being a serious threat to her back then. She expressed an interest in fighting her one of these days.

However, due to the nature of Juri being an unreliable narrator, all of her words can not be believed. In Chun-Li's arcade mode, it's mentioned that she was sabbatical leave from work for a while, not retired.

In Project X Zone, Chun-Li believes that Juri still has some good in her. Juri would accept the offer to join the other heroes to save the universe afterwards. Given this, Juri may be the only criminal that Chun-Li doesn't hold any true contempt for. They both also share a common bond and hatred for M. Bison, whom was responsible for the loss of Chun-Li's father and Juri's parents.

Coincidentally when you finish her master level 18 mission, she has the unique gift of a citrus perfume that goes to Chun Li for a 40 point bond increase.


"Did you think you could use your brainwashing (as an excuse) to avoid responsibility for what you've done?"

Juri and Cammy initially had a mutual contempt for each other. Cammy bore a grudge against Juri for what she did to her "sisters", the Dolls, while Juri claimed that Cammy was sinful because of what she did in the past, before she lost her memory.

Later, During the story mode in Street Fighter V, Juri saved Cammy and Decapre from the police and earned the former's thanks, though Cammy still hadn't forgiven her and warned not to hurt her "sisters" ever again. Juri was much less hostile, even fighting off Vega for her and in the process saving her. Later she helped Cammy and the Dolls in the final battle against Shadaloo, once again, along with Decapre, helping save Cammy from Vega. She is shown during the ending standing triumphantly with Cammy and the rest of the Dolls. It is assumed she doesn't consider the Dolls hostile anymore since the fall of Shadaloo and that given Juri's actions, Cammy no longer holds the contempt she once did for her.

Juri and Cammy-friendship

Juri and Cammy, surviving together.

In Street Fighter 6, Juri speaks fondly of Cammy and the memories of her, seeming to think about her whenever she's in London. Calling the time they spent together "good times.". She talks about the time she spent in Brazil when she came across Cammy and Decapre and the events of Street Fighter V, revealing that she brought them both back to London with both Shadaloo and the cops on their tail. Reflecting on the escape, she called every step of the way "one crazy moment after the next, with the climax at sea."

The "climax at sea" Juri refers to expands on the ending of Street Fighter V. Juri, Cammy and Decapre took a boat to get back to London safely, but in the midst of all the excitement they got caught in a storm, a storm so horrible that not even Juri's Feng Shui Engine could save them. It's revealed that Decapre was asleep during this escapade so Juri and Cammy had to rely on each other to survive. Juri talks about how Cammy knew her way around a boat and even then they almost met their demise. Despite that, Cammy and Juri found a way to make it through the experience alive and in hindsight, Juri wishes that Decapre wasn't napping during the ordeal as she thinks going through that nightmare together would have been a blast.

Cammy and Juri are seen weathering the storm together in world tour artwork. As they're positioned back to back, they are shown turning to and smiling at one another. The experience is insinuated to have brought the two closer. While it cannot be confirmed if they are now friends, after the events and aftermath of Street Fighter V, they are no longer enemies.

C. Viper

Juri and C Viper

Juri and C. Viper causing mischief and mayhem together.

During the World Tour mode in Street Fighter 6, Juri reveals to have had a very close relationship with C. Viper, She talks first about how S.I.N. and the C.I.A had given them many different gadgets and toys to play with. Upon going further into detail, Juri reveals that her and C. Viper formed a partnership that allowed them to run the same stunt on other organizations at the same time. They would infiltrate separately and pretend to be against one another, but in reality have the same goals. The goals being, According to Juri, "Money and destruction." Juri laughs as she thinks about her, saying she expects C. Viper to betray the C.I.A. like she did with S.I.N, saying it might happen not too long from now. Despite thinking about this fondly, Juri tells the player that her and C. Viper are cut from a different cloth and she doesn't want the player trying to copy what she and C. Viper does.

Juri and C Viper 2

C. Viper fighting by Juri's side.

She further describes the war that broke out between Shadaloo and S.I.N. after Seth betrayed M. Bison. As she recounts this story, C. Viper is seen fighting by Juri's side. It is unknown what their current relationship is, but if it's remained unchanged they can definitely be seen as partners or allies with similar goals in mind. Juri seems to enjoy talking about C. Viper and all the mischief and mayhem they caused together, and likely looks forward to the day they can do it again.

M. Bison

"I'll kill you so hard, nobody will recognize the corpse!"

Juri hates M. Bison with a passion, as his organization was responsible for the murder of her parents and the loss of her left eye, and she constantly plots to destroy him. Conversely, M. Bison regards Juri as he does many of his usurping 'pawns', if not most of his foes in general: a minor nuisance at worst. In spite of this, Juri and Bison are shown about to engage in another fight in M. Bison's ending, after Juri threatens that Bison should be less worried about where her special eye came from, and more about what she is about to do to him with it. Her contempt for Shadaloo and Bison would make her go as far as willingly work for the Illuminati in Street Fighter V under Helen (a facade of Kolin) and Urien.

Despite his presumed death in Street Fighter V, Juri still hasn't let go of her grudge against M. Bison, as she describe how she was "robbed" from a chance to avenge Bison for what he has done by Ryu. When Bison made his return Street Fighter 6, Juri is shocked and angered by a how the dictator somehow cheated death and how he has now lost all of his memories. Even though Juri was overpowered by the amnesiac Bison during their encounter, she swore not to kill him until he "remember everything [he] ever did" and took the revenge for his crimes.


Juri met Rashid thanks to Helen bringing him and Charlie to the Illuminati meeting, Juri immediately challenged Rashid to a fight, but Rashid had no interest in fighting her. Disappointed, Juri stated if he didn't take her seriously she'd have to kill him but Helen stopped them before the situation became serious.


During Street Fighter V, Kolin and Juri seem to have a somewhat professional relationship since they had a common enemy to take down, M. Bison as well as Shadaloo. Both of them are also willing to go to great, and often questionable, lengths to achieve their goals; with Kolin wanting to help her lord Gill achieve a prophecy and Juri wanting to take down those who have harmed her in the past.


"Defeating you was nothing but an added bonus. I just wanted to pit you idiots against each other, while I took over. You're nothing but a spare body - a change of clothes in Bison's wardrobe."

Juri sees Seth as a pawn in her attempt to get revenge for the murder of her parents, despite the perverse joy she displays in working for him and brutally dealing with the enemies of S.I.N. Seth is well aware of this as shown in his ending, and in the end, Juri makes good of the threat. However, in Street Fighter V, Juri inadvertently resurrects Seth in a new feminine-like body, despite having no intentions to do so originally.


As seen in A Shadow Falls, Juri sees Vega as a "pervert" due to his obsession with beauty, though this is quite hypocritical given her own interactions with other male and female (especially Cammy and Chun-Li) fighters. Vega on the other hand appears to feel genuinely attracted to Juri's beauty and psychopathic tendencies, calling her the "personification of evil beauty itself" in his SSFIV win quote against her, though he dislikes her provocations, saying that she lacks "delicacy".


Early History

Juri Childhood

A young Juri and her parents.

At the age of 15, Juri was the preeminent practitioner of Tae Kwon Do. Her father was a lawyer in charge of prosecuting organized crime operations. Juri describes her father as wielding "justice like a blade, slaying evildoers left and right". The whole country respected him. Juri included. She did as he told her and polished her Taekwondo skills as a result.  Juri was also a perfect student, both on paper and in the dojang. She won tournaments and they called her the "Beautiful Genius." However, when her father started targeting Shadaloo, her family was kidnapped by the organization. During the ordeal, Juri lost her parents and her left eye was gravely wounded.

Ten years later, she undergoes an operation at the S.I.N. laboratory to have the Feng Shui Engine implanted into that eye. The people operating on her note her calmness during the implanting. Juri assassinates operatives in a public area as her first mission in order to test out the Feng Shui Engine. Even with guns, her enemies stand no chance against her, taking them out one by one from behind. Chun-Li was called to the scene to stop the massacre. Chun-Li rushes into the scene to arrest Juri, and arrives just as Juri killed the gunmen using her Feng Shui Engine from the inside of a building. A woman dies in the attack from collateral damage. Juri and Chun-Li battle, ending with Juri unleashing her eye's power and knocking out Chun-Li. As her victim lays on the ground, Juri prepares to deal the finishing blow. However, her Feng Shui Engine malfunctions, forcing her to flee back to the lab.

After getting it fixed, Seth assigns Juri her next mission: capturing M. Bison's elite female assassins, the Dolls. Juri flies to the base of the Dolls with several S.I.N. employees. She manages to defeat every single assassin in combat, including Juli and Juni. As she carries the two unconscious assassins away to an S.I.N. plane, Cammy and Guile arrive.

They have a heated fight, but Juri comes out on top and manages to incapacitate Guile. She boards her plane and straps Juni and Juli to beds with wheels. As it takes off, Cammy manages to jump and grab onto the open boarding ramp, and confronts Juri for one final time. After an intense conflict, Juri pushes one of the rolling tables (with Juni on it) which collides with Cammy, who both fall off the boarding ramp into mid-air. They survive the fall, with snow breaking their fall.

Juri flies off and is congratulated by Seth upon returning. She licks her lips in anticipation, sensing that S.I.N and Shadaloo will clash in the very near future.

Super Street Fighter IV

"I just wanted to pit you two idiots together while I took over."
—Juri Han, referring to Seth and Bison

During the global tournament hosted by Seth, he sends Juri in to participate; she sees it as a perfect opportunity for some 'fun.' During the tournament, Juri is confronted by Cammy and Chun-Li again; the results of the fights are unknown. Juri continues to tend to her hidden agenda.

In her ending, she approaches Seth, who was incapacitated as a result of Bison's brutal beating, and taunts him for "being nothing more than Bison's spare body." Before she is to dispose of him, she reveals that she was to serve S.I.N. for as long as it suited her purposes, since she was merely trying to pit Seth and Bison against each other - a task Seth obviously was not up to. Juri viciously crushes Seth's Tanden Engine by stomping on it, and leaves him for dead.

Street Fighter V

On October 2015, a datamining of Street Fighter V's PC beta test revealed fighter data and character meshes of Juri, Dhalsim, Ibuki, Alex, Urien, Guile and Balrog.[14][15] Juri and the rest of the characters (except for Dhalsim who was confirmed earlier as a default fighter) were later confirmed on December 5th, 2015 at the PlayStation Experience.

Character story

Shortly after the fall of S.I.N., Juri faces off against Bison again to avenge her family. However, Bison quickly gets behind her, attacks her with Psycho Power and grabs her head. He rips out her Feng Shui Engine and leaves her for dead. She goes into an abandoned S.I.N. laboratory and finds another eye, the Feng Shui Engine Alpha. Juri meets up with Kolin (under the disguise as Helen). Kolin offers Juri the ability to join her, when they are interrupted by Balrog, who's looking around for S.I.N. agents. Wanting to test out her new eye, Juri fights him, before Ed tells him that they have to get back to base to discuss a plan. Juri later meets C. Viper, who informs her that the only reason she's not in jail is because she is not the primary threat and warns her about Shadaloo's motives.

Later at the Shadaloo base, looking around for data on Shadaloo, Juri confronts F.A.N.G., who becomes insulted by her remarks on being Bison's second in command. Their fight ends with F.A.N.G using his poison clouds to make Juri retreat. Juri now realizing their motives, calls Kolin by phone and finally accepts her offer to take down Shadaloo.

A Shadow Falls

When Rashid and Azam meet Charlie Nash and Helen, Juri arrives by kicking open the door. She eyes the other people in her team and decides to fight Rashid, which he is reluctant about. Juri overwhelms him and he tells her to stop fighting. Juri threatens to kill him if he won't fight her seriously, at which point Azam steps in to defend Rashid. Helen breaks up the conflict and explains the danger of the Black Moons and presents a plan to stop Shadaloo. Juri shows interest in the plan and joins.


Juri after knocking a door open.

In Brazil, When Cammy defends Decapre by assaulting police officers, Juri arrives by motorbike and rams an officer. She picks up Cammy and Decapre, finding the situation amusing.[16] Juri later watches with amusement as Cammy and Decapre (who is under the influence of the Psycho Power) fight before Cammy knocks Decapre out. When Vega arrives and defeats Cammy, Juri intervenes, calling Vega a pervert and mocks him. She fights him off and Vega decides to leave temporarily. She brings Cammy back to Russia with her team as they plan their final attack on Shadaloo.

During the final assault on Shadaloo, Juri and Decapre arrive to take on Shadaloo's soldiers. Decapre saves Cammy from Vega's claw. They team up to fight the other Dolls, who are still under the influence of the Psycho Power, who are controlled by F.A.N.G.

Other character story appearances

Juri appears at the end of Cammy's character story. She is shown to be listening in on a conversation between Cammy and Juni, as Cammy swears to free the other dolls no matter the cost. Juri then comments on how "things are getting interesting".

In Guile's character story, Juri is spotted by Guile and Abel at the abandoned S.I.N. Laboratory, taunting them and stating that they should see what Shadaloo is up to before leaving.

In Abigail's character story, as he is constantly screaming about himself feeling "flat", Juri hears him and accuses him of calling her flat, believing that he "insulted her curves", and threatens to make him flat. Ultimately, Juri loses the fight and Abigail said that she got "wrecked".

In Seth's character story, she recovers the salvaged brain of former S.I.N. leader Seth, and places his brain in the latest model known as "Doll Unit Zero". Despite the warning, she boots the system immediately.

Street Fighter 6

This sadistic thrillseeker enjoys the strife and suffering of others, taking immense joy in obliterating her foes. Without revenge against M. Bison as a motivator, she whiles away her time in a gloomy haze.

Arcade Mode

Juri: Occupational Burnout
Juri story mode

Juri thinking about how her quest for revenge had consumed her.

Juri reminisces with her hatred for M. Bison as well as the fall of Shadaloo. Thinking about all the things she did in order to eventually exact her revenge and being willing to do anything to accomplish her goal. After the apparent death of Bison and the fall of Shadaloo, she doesn't seem to be satisfied. Instead, she found herself angry, likely due to the fact she didn't deliver the death blow herself. Her inability to be happy at the completion of her goal frustrates her, so she sets out to find more information.

Chun li's words

"You too, are one of Bison's victims."

From Chun-Li's perspective, it's revealed that she instead talked with Juri and wondering why she still is in pursuit of wicked and chaotic things. Explaining that with Bison gone, she doesn't understand why Juri hasn't found peace. Juri instead asks her why she retired after Bison's death, insinuating she was a hypocrite for only being an agent till her own conquest was completed. Chun-Li retorts that if revenge was all Juri cared about she wouldn't continue down a path of wickedness, insinuating Juri is searching for something she can't find. She asks her to atone for the bad things she's done in the past and still holds out hope for her, telling her "In a way... you too, are one of Bison's victims." just like her. Juri laughs this off like she usually does, telling Chun-Li she'll have to "lecture her harder" if she wants to get through to her.

Chun li's words 2

Juri thinking about Chun-Li and her words.

However, later on, Juri is seen sitting on her motorcycle thinking about Chun-Li's words. Chun-Li's sympathy and support in calling her "one of Bison's victims too" seemed to finally start reaching her. Juri scoffs at these feelings, whispering to herself that she hates Chun-Li so much, for finally starting to get through to her.

Chun li's fight Juri

Juri happy that Chun-Li hasn't lost her touch.

Chun-Li: An Agent's Day Off

After gathering some intel, she seeks out Chun-Li. Despite hearing that she had retired, Juri refused to believe that she wouldn't be intrigued by whatever information she'd found. Initially Chun-Li is apprehensive about Juri's intentions, particularly as Juri decided to introduce herself by challenging Chun-Li to a fight first. Fighting Chun-Li seems to restore a slither of happiness in Juri, whom was worried Chun-Li had "lost her touch.". Chun-Li thanked her for her concern before asking if a fight session was all she came for, Juri informs Chun-Li that she came to warn her instead. She'd found out some things that reinforced a belief that despite what they did during the events of Street Fighter V, there is more coming. When Chun-Li asks her to elaborate, Juri insinuates that she wants Chun-Li to beat it out of her if she wants to find it out, insinuating that Chun-Li herself and their no longer volatile rivalry is all Juri has left to be happy about these days.

M. Bison: Arcade mode ending
Juri defeated

Without the Feng Shui engine, it is wise to stay clear from him.

Juri is taken aback to discover the revived Bison in the Ruined Lab. Although the man seems to have lost his memory, he engages in combat with her to uncover the significance of the name "Bison." Juri finds herself defeated once again, and as Bison grabs her by the throat, she vows to make him remember his true identity and ultimately bring him to his demise. Subsequently, Juri is thrown to the ground, feeling irritated yet utterly defenseless. Bison refers to her as a "squawking crow" and demands that she continue fighting him to satisfy his hunger for power.

World Tour

Binding Malice. Corruption & Collapse. Arrogant and Loving It. (束縛する悪意。 腐敗と崩壊。 傲慢でそれを愛しています。 Sokubaku suru akui. Fuhai to hōkai. Gōman de sore o aishiteimasu.?, Korean: 구속력 있는 악의. 부패 및 붕괴. 거만하고 그것을 사랑합니다.)

"Weren't you babbling on about 'finding strength'? Maybe you've found enough to earn a kick or two from me. (「強さを見つける」なんてことをしゃべっていませんでしたか? もしかしたら、あなたは私から一や二の刺激を得るのに十分なものを見つけたかもしれません。 `Tsuyo-sa o mitsukeru' nante koto o shabette imasendeshita ka? Moshika shitara, anata wa watashi kara ichi ya ni no shigeki o eru no ni jūbun'na mono o mitsuketa kamo shiremasen.?)"
—Juri's advice after completing training & achieving Mastery
Juri only one of us

Juri as one of the Masters in World Tour.

During the World Tour mode in Street Fighter 6, Juri is one of the masters you have the option to learn from over the course of your journey after completing the side mission A Hardboiled Adventure in Old Nayshall and venturing to the Old Nayshall Back Alley – Old Nayshall Night. If you train with her, eventually you will learn the elements of her fighting style. Additionally, if you build up enough of her trust, she'll tell you more about her backstory. In addition, she'll tell you about her relationship with C. Viper, her mission to take down Shadaloo, her childhood, and ultimately her evolving relationship with Cammy.

Crossover appearances

Street Fighter X Tekken

Juri is a playable character in Street Fighter X Tekken.

In the fifth CG trailer, she is seen defeating Ling Xiaoyu during Bison's raid on Mishima Zaibatsu. Juri kicks Xiaoyu into Jin Kazama's office, where Jin is fighting off Bison. Seeing Xiaoyu being beaten down causes Jin to give in to the power of the Devil Gene, and he quickly grabs Juri by her head, but hesitates to finish her off as he is trying to regain control of his body. Juri takes the opportunity to activate her Feng Shui Engine and kick Jin away, and Bison intervenes and strikes Jin down, using his trademark Psycho Crusher to finish him off. However, Jin is finally transformed by his Devil Gene as both stare at him, intimidated by his power.

Juri and Bison's ending is similar to that of fellow Shadaloo members Vega and Balrog. Bison begins harnessing Pandora and plans to take over the world. While he is seemingly distracted, Juri attempts to strike him down. Bison easily avoids her attack by teleporting above her, and tells her that he knew all along what she was up to, mocking her predictability. As the tension mounts, the power of Pandora awakens within them and the two begin charging at each other. The screen then fades to black. After defeating M. Bison, she falls under the evil influence of Pandora, and goes to fight in many tournaments around the world against other fighters, eventually getting the attention of many tournament hosts around the world to want her to fight for them.[citation needed]

Juri's Swap Costume is Zafina's outfit from Tekken 6. Alisa's Swap Costume is a torn, altered version of Juri's costume.

Project X Zone

In Namco's crossover RPG for the 3DS, Juri appears along with Seth, Alisa Boscovonitch and Dural as a rival unit, and later switches to the hero side to become a solo unit along with Heihachi Mishima and Alisa after Seth planned to use her Feng Shui Engine for his plans of world conquest.

Project X Zone 2

Juri also returns in the sequel, once again as a rival unit, this time apparently working for M. Bison. While it is not known whether or not working for Bison was her choice, she remains allied with Bison throughout the story, and thus never fights alongside the party.


UDON comics

Juri appears in UDON's Super Street Fighter: New Generations comics. As a teenager, she is not yet a capable Tae-kwon-do fighter and is being trained by her instructor during a sparring match. Her parents are present during her defeat and she is lectured by her mother for not showing much improvement. Her father is called by fellow prosecutors relating to the prosecution of Shadaloo and M. Bison. Juri had dinner with her parents where she learns of her father plans to prosecute members of Shadaloo, he tells her that this job is important and it is his duty to convict these criminals just as it is her duty not to let down the Han family.

Juri feels pressured by her parents' expectations of her during their dinner, she travels with her parents to see her father off at the airport; however, their car is suddenly attacked by Shadaloo at the request of Bison himself. A stray round caught Juri in the left eye and left her comatose for a month. Upon awakening, she found out that her mother was murdered by Shadaloo and her father was taken and ransomed by Bison, and later was murdered by him live on camera after his ransom was not paid by the South Korean government.

Five months after the assassination of the Han family, Juri fell into a deep depression and developed an immense hatred for Bison. While planning her revenge, she tells her master to teach her everything he knows. Her prowess in later years would catch the interest of Seth and S.I.N.

During a mission for Seth, she brings back a necklace related to a company that has been hidden throughout the world for years, and a case; Seth tells her that the necklace belongs to the Secret Society. As he opens the case, he finds out that the Society has been following him by using a tracking device inside the case, and Bison and other members of the Society have come to reclaim what is rightfully theirs.

When Seth was defeated, Juri was told that the Society's ruler wants her to join them. Seeing this as the perfect time to achieve her revenge against Bison, she agrees to his side of working for the Society in hopes of taking Bison out at the right time.

As Guile, Alex, and Dan are out to stop the Society, Guile is fighting against Bison in hopes of bringing him to justice. Juri attacked Bison as well, with various combo attacks. Before she deals the fatal final blow, Bison's appearance changes into Twelve. He begins to attack her as his hands turn into claws. After the battle, Bison flees. As he escapes, Juri goes after him, and at some point, she is visited by C. Viper, who wished to recruit her. In response, Juri told her that she is done with working for S.I.N., Shadaloo, the Secret Society or any other organization that has taken a notice to her power. C. Viper told her that her revenge to restore the Han family is still possible. Juri then decided to listen to her.

She helped her out with her quest in order to find out about the DOLLS and the connection between Shadaloo and the Secret Society who used her to their plans, she was going after one of other DOLLS that was with Delta Blue, but was knocked out by the Shadaloo member F.A.N.G.

He bought her back to their hideout, as she awoken, F.A.N.G told that Shadaloo has been planning on capturing her at some point, and that the Engine inside of her is actually connected to Psycho Power and the Satsui no Hado, he plans to use her and the DOLLS, who all had Psycho Power inside them they captured from Delta Blue, as way to complete Bison's newest body. As Cammy, Viper, and Delta Blue were out to rescue Juri and the DOLLS from F.A.N.G, it was too late as Bison's soul went into a new body, the base they were in was going to be destroyed, Cammy was able to save the knocked out Juri and the DOLLS, but Bison, F.A.N.G, and many of his henchmen were able to escape, letting them savor their rescue mission until Shadaloo is ready to take over the world, after this event, she finds out more information about the connection between Bison and Gill's companies and how they tie to each other for their plans of world conquest in the Shadaloo special.

Street Fighter vs. Darkstalkers

Juri makes a cameo appearance in the comic crossover Street Fighter VS. Darkstalkers.


Juri (along with M. Bison, Ryu, Chun-Li, Karin, Vega and Cammy) appear in Cygames' Shadowverse as one of the Leaders for the classes.[17]


Fighting style

Juri fights using Taekwondo and like most practitioners of the Korean martial art in fighting games (e.g. Kim Kaphwan from Fatal Fury/The King of Fighters and Hwoarang from Tekken), Juri is an offensive-oriented, general rushdown character whose moveset mostly focuses on various kicks; she is a very flashy fighter who likes to toy with her opponent, and is used best in bursts of aggression or playing footsies.


Juri "roughs up" many traditional Tae Kwon Do moves by putting her own sadistic spin on them, as well as throwing in a few of her own moves. She is designed to be a hectic character with fast attacks that keep her opponents off guard; as such, she is weak defensively, and many of her moves can leave her open if blocked. She was created to be a very hard character to learn, yet very rewarding once fully mastered.[18]

Juri has a short-range projectile that she can choose to charge in a method similar to Balrog's Turn Punch or El Fuerte's Quesadilla Bomb. If she chooses to charge it, she does a high kick that leaves a trail of energy which will hit very close opponents or cancel out approaching projectiles if timed correctly. Juri can then unleash her fireball/projectile at any time after that by releasing the button, either immediately or much later in the match. She also possesses an aerial dive kick that moves at several ranges depending on the kick button pressed, and can be followed up with more kicks, unlike most dive kicks.

Her most notable technique is her pinwheel kick, which moves her forward as she does a wheel kick similar to Guile's Flash Kick and Chun-Li's Spinning Bird Kick. Juri also has a counter move known as Kasatushi, in which she taunts her enemy into hitting her, and if the opponent strikes, Juri will either move backwards, jump into the air (and optionally react with an air attack), or dart behind her opponent..

Juri's Super Combo, Fuharenjin, has her unleash a flurry of fireballs that juggles the opponent, ending with a fireball that hits the opponent in the air diagonally. Her first Ultra Combo is Feng Shui Engine, which is a time-based move that allows her to chain together combos with her normal moves that ordinarily wouldn't combo together via the power of Juri's eponymous eye. Her second Ultra Combo is Kaisen Dankairaku (chosen more often due to its easier use and direct damage), where Juri kicks the opponent, follows up with a multi-hit helicopter kick, and then kicks her opponent to the ground. Using the Feng Shui Engine's power, she gets to the ground before they land, "catches" them with one last kick, and then slams her opponent to the ground.

In Street Fighter V, Juri maintains her moves. Her V-Trigger is the Feng Shui Engine (alpha); she chains her combos to her opponent. Her Critical Art is the Sakkai Fuhazan; Juri unleashes a devastating heel drop to inflict multiple hits on her opponent.

In Street Fighter 6, Juri's moveset has been further modified, combining aspects of both IV and V's incarnations. She now has her Fuhajin store and Fuharenkyaku kicks as separate moves, and can store up to three Fuha stocks to amplify any of her kicks and chain them together. Each Fuharenkyaku now also has its own EX variant. Shikusen returns to her moveset, but in exchange for Ryodansatsu's removal. Juri's Level 1 Super Art is a combination of Fuharenjin ending with Sakkai Fuhazan, her Level 2 Super Art is the Feng Shui Engine functioning much like before, and her Level 3 Super Art is the Kaisen Dankairaku, now performed with an initial side kick before initiating the rest of the animation.


Pop Culture

Juri Han/Pop Culture


Juri Han/Quotes


Juri Han/Gallery


Juri Han/Sprites



  • Juri is the only character to use a four-button Kick system (Her Fierce Punch button is substituted as another Roundhouse Kick).
  • Her Shikusen has follow up moves called "Second Impact" and "Third Strike", a reference to the last two games in the Street Fighter III sub series.
  • Juri's seductive behavior as well as her association with spiders is most likely based on the Japanese Jorogumo myth of a demonic female spider who seduces her victims into holding a spider egg for her before she devours them. Said association could also be a nod to the Western belief of spiders being manipulators who deceive and trap others.
    • Additionally, her name written in Hanja contains the Chinese character for spider (蛛).
  • Yoshinori Ono commented that Capcom faced some criticism over Juri's appearance. Fan reaction to Juri in South Korea, her home country, has been less than positive. Critics claim, among other complaints, that Juri looks too much like Chun-Li and shares similar moves.[19][20]
  • Juri's official measurements in Street Fighter IV were B83/W56/H85. Her official weight was 46kg, about 25 pounds lighter than she is in Street Fighter V. When her bio was first posted on Street Fighter IV's official Japanese web site, her bust was listed as 75cm before it was edited to 83cm. "Big breasts" were also listed as being among her favorite things, but it was later removed.[3][21]
  • Despite Juri's midfight banter in Street Fighter X Tekken talking about how much she enjoys pain and how she wants her opponent to hit her harder. Ironically, Juri is actually a low health character in said game. This means she actually can take less damage than most of the cast before she is defeated.
  • In the 2023 Women's Royal Rumble, WWE superstar Zelina Vega cosplayed as Juri in her playable appearance in Street Fighter 6 but with her dyed blond hair.
  • The younger Juri seen in her World Tour bears a near resemblance to Korean singer and rapper, Moon Sua from a K-Pop girl group, BILLLIE and the younger sister to the late singer and actor, Moonbin, a former member from a K-Pop boy group, ASTRO.
  • Juri's Game Over cutscene in Street Fighter 6 actually breaks the fourth wall by implying that Juri is aware that the player is watching her the whole time. The animation depicts exhausted Juri with camera panning out before Juri points at the camera (i.e player) and angrily yells "The hell are you looking at!?" at them.
  • Juri, like her fellow female faces of the franchise Chun-Li and Cammy, has starred her own spin-off series, that being the comedic one-shot comic series You've Got This, Juri!.
  • In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Juri is the only 3D (albeit representing 2.5D era game) character to be represented in the game, as other Street Fighter spirits have characters from 90's 2D era games Street Fighter II, Alpha and III, including Final Fight in it.


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