Kage (カゲ(影) Kage?, "Shadow", "Shade", "Other side", pronounced as "KA-gé") is a character introduced in the fourth season of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition.[1][2] He is the physical manifestation of Evil Ryu, after Ryu purged him and the Satsui no Hado from his essence. Kage lives to prove Ryu is nothing without him and seeks to challenge Akuma and Sagat, two of Ryu’s most notorious rivals.



Kage appears largely the same as Evil Ryu but with a few differences; he is completely shirtless (instead of having his gi somewhat torn), his red headband is hanging loose on his neck, he has horns on his head, fangs in each sides of his mouth and most notable, Kage doesn't have a scar on his chest like Evil Ryu's from Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition. Some of Kage's body parts have open holes (similar to Oni's second alternate costume, when hit by Focus Attacks) revealing Satsui no Hado energy swirling on his body.


Similar to Street Fighter's Oni, Kage resembles and is inspired by the Japanese folklore of an Oni.


Character story

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Fighting Style

Kage's fighting style is a derivative of the Ansatsuken style practiced by several other Street Fighter characters. As Kage is the corporeal form of the darkness purged by Ryu forsaking the Satsui no Hado, it uses the more lethal variations of the form akin to Akuma. In many ways, Kage is like Oni in that he represents the very zenith of the style without boundaries or humanity whatsoever but also lacking the proper form or style that the more controlled practitioners maintain.

Moveset and techniques

Kage's moveset contains the Ansatsuken staples the Hadoken and Shoryuken. Kage's version of the Hadoken sees him thrust one palm forward and create an energy splash directly in front of him, similar to the Gadoken, that does not travel away from him. He also possesses the Shakunetsu Hadoken, which travels at full range and has a short charge time, similar to Akuma's. Kage can throw the Hadoken when airborne but unlike the Zanku Hadoken, Kage's variation travels in a horizontal pattern, much like the traditional ground-based form. Kage's Shoryuken is done with the front hand as opposed to the reverse hand and similar in style to the Shin Shoryuken or Oni's variation of the Gou Shoryuken. Instead of the standard Tatsumaki Senpukyaku, Kage instead has a move called the Kurekijin that sees him travel forward whilst swinging his back leg around in a single horizontal arc as opposed to multiple rotations (this move can also be done whilst airborne). Finally he possesses the Ryusokyaku, which is performed identically to Evil Ryu's in Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition. When jumping he can perform the Tenmakujinkyaku. His Critical Art is the Metsu Shoryuken, which has a similar impact to Ryu's Ultra Combo.

Kage's V-Skill is the Senha Kassatsu, a move where Kage gathers energy in his fist then thrusts forward. This move can be charged and can absorb attacks while it's being charged. Kage's first V-Trigger is the Taigyaku Mudo, which lets him use the Ashura Senku, which now also works when airborne, as well as enhancing the properties of the Senha Kassastu. His second V-Trigger is the Rikudo Osatsu, which lets Kage use the Misogi as well as gives him a second Critical Art in the form of the Shun Goku Satsu. The Shun Goku Satsu appears similar to Akuma's in that it takes the form of a series of high-speed punches delivered from every angle that fades into a crimson red. Kage's version of the move produces thirty hits and, unlike Akuma's, can be connected in a combo.



Pop Culture

Kage/Pop Culture


  • Kage is similar to Oni as they both are "what-if" evolved versions of Evil Ryu and Akuma, and both have demonic features.
  • Oddly, many of Kage's normal move animations appear to have been directly inspired by Dan's animations in Street Fighter IV.




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