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"My ace in the hole! Yooohhhh! This is... ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba! Kamigashima-ja! Gottsan desu! (奥の手でごわす! よ~! これが... バババババババババ! 神ヶ島じゃ! ごっつぁんです! Oku no te de gowasu! Yo~! Korega... bababababababababa! Kamigashima ja! Gottsan desu!?)"
E. Honda, Street Fighter V

Kamigashima (神ヶ島 Kamigashima?, "Island of Gods") is E. Honda's Critical Art in Street Fighter V.

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E. Honda slapping Cammy's face using Kamigashima.

Executed by performing two quarter-circle motions forward and pressing punch, E. Honda stuns his opponent with a Flying Headbutt. Afterwards, he slaps both of his hands together in a traditional manner before proceeding to rapidly and viciously slapping his opponent's chest with Hundred Hand Slaps. The last slap lands heavily onto his opponent's face, knocking them to the ground.


As with most Critical Arts in Street Fighter V, the Kamigashima is mostly used as the ender to a combo that tacks on serious damage, or as a reversal (in Honda’s case, his only fully invincible reversal). However, this Critical Art has some uses beyond this; most notably, as a reaction punish to the opponent’s projectiles. This Critical Art is invincible to projectiles for as long as the hitbox is active, potentially catching an opposing defender off-guard during recovery or even punishing a projectile outright. This may prove tricky - if not impossible - to do on reaction to some projectiles, however, such aa Guile’s Sonic Boom.

E. Honda preparing to use Kamigashima.

Another way to use the Kamigashima is to maximize damage from Honda‘s anti-airs, in particular cancelling from his heavy Sumo Headbutt with the early hit’s invincibility to air attacks. In addition, Honda’s Neko Damashi V-Skill and Onigawara V-Trigger also combo into the Kamigashima. This can make Honda’s anti-air presence incredibly scary, keeping the opponent on the ground where Honda can safely whittle them down with chip damage and plus frames.

On the flipside, due to its startup being rather slow compared to most Critical Arts, using Kamigashima on its own does have some limitations. Should the opponent be able to act, they can input a neutral or backward jump during the super freeze and consistently evade the Kamigashima (except for Abigail); Akuma can even input a backward Ashura Senku during the freeze and will almost always be in range to punish the recovery with a combo. On top of this, even when it hits, the Kamigashima will bring both fighters back to the center of the stage and almost a full screen apart when it ends, preventing Honda from mounting any kind of pressure afterward.