"Kanzuki-Ryu Ougi! Hadorokushiki Hasha No Kata! Behold, the final attack! Oh-hohohoho!"

The Kanzuki-Ryu Hadorokushiki Hasha no Kata (神月流覇道六式覇者の型 Kanzuki-Ryū Hadōrokushiki Hasha no Kata?, "Kanzuki-Style Stream of the Supreme Road Formula Six: Champion's Form") is Karin's Critical Art in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V Arcade Stick QCFArcade Stick QCF+Arcade Button Punch

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Karin striking Cammy's stomach during Kanzuki-Ryu Hadorokushiki Hasha no Kata.

Executed by pressing two quarter-circle forward motions and punch, Karin starts off the combo with and elbow strike, followed by a palm strike to the midsection of her opponent. Next, she delivers knee strike to her opponent. If any of the three initial strikes hit, Karin grabs her opponent's wrist and rotates herself under their arm. Upon completing the rotation, she throws her arms to the side as hard as she could to twirl her opponent in place like vertical helicopter propellers. When they come to a stop, she hits them with a thrusting palm strike to her opponent's midsection, sending them shooting towards the stage wall. The move ends with Karin turning back and doing her signature, and famous haughty "ojou-sama" laugh.

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Like most Critical Arts, this move is used to end combos to deal large amounts of damage to the opponent. Karin's Critical Art can be cancelled from her special moves such as Ressenha or Light Mujinkyaku. She is also fully invincible during the first few frames of the move. Because of its fast startup and great reach, Karin can use this her Critical Art as a punish tool against her opponent. It also knocks them back to a fullscreen distance away from her, resetting the neutral game in which Karin excels at.

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  • In The King of Fighters XIV, Muimui, the protagonist of SNK's pachislot game Dragon Gal, has an attack that is similiar in appearance to the latter portion of the Kanzuki-Ryu Hadorokushiki Hasha no Kata.
  • This move could possibly have the longest name in the entire Street Fighter series.
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