The Kanzuki-Ryu Hokojutsu Seppo (神月流歩行術 刹歩 Kantsuki-Ryuu Hokoujutsu Seppou?) is one of Karin's special attacks, introduced in Street Fighter V.

Kanzuki-Ryu Hokojutsu Seppo Arcade Stick QCF+Arcade Button Kick
Tenko Arcade Stick QCF+Arcade Button Kick>Arcade Button Punch
Orochi Arcade Stick QCF+Arcade Button Kick>Arcade-Stick-Down+Arcade Button Punch

Description Edit


Executed by performing a quarter-circle forward motion and pressing kick, Karin dashes forward toward her opponent.

During the command dash, Karin has a variety of options.

  • Tenko: By pressing punch, Karin delivers an upward palm strike.
  • Orochi: By pressing kick, Karin twists around and thrusts her back into her opponent.


This command dash, along with its follow ups, is one of Karin's most important and useful weapons. Unlike her regular dash, the Seppo can be cancelled out of normals and used to maintain offensive pressure or surprise her opponent with throws. It is imperative to know the spacing between her opponent to utilize the correct choice of which version of the dash Karin can use. The dash also shrinks Karin's hitbox, allowing her to avoid certain moves.

The strength of the kick button pressed determines how much distance Karin travels across the screen. The Light version covers the shortest distance, while the Heavy version covers the longest distance; about half-screen. The EX version has the fastest speed and covers the distance similar to her Heavy version. During the EX version, Karin is invincible to fireballs. Additionally, she automatically gets the EX version of any follow-up specials.

Aside from the EX version, the follow-ups are identical regardless of which version of Seppo you used. You can cancel into the follow-ups at four different timings: instant, normal, delayed, and late. Depending on timing used to input the follow-ups, Karin can pull off some tricky combos to inflict a lot of damage, while maintaining positional advantage at the same time.



The Tenko launches her opponent and puts them in a juggle state, allowing Karin to extend combos. The regular version of Tenko can be linked from Karin's Medium and Heavy normal attacks. Unfortunately, it is -10 on block, meaning that Karin can be heavily punished if this move is blocked.

If Karin cancels Seppo into Tenko at the earliest frame, she will perform a different variation of the move, known as Just Frame Tenko. This version launches the opponent slightly higher and does more damage, compared to the regular version. It is also slightly less unsafe on block and comes out fast enough to combo from every single cancelable normal Karin has. This allows Karin to get a full juggle and post-combo oki from a huge multitude of situations.

However, executing the Just Frame Tenko can be very tricky to pull off at first. In order to perform the move consistently and to master the timing, it takes a lot of practice. However, Karin becomes a strong character in the neutral game if the Just Frame Tenko becomes a weapon.

The EX Tenko puts the opponent even higher in the air and does even more damage than Just Frame Tenko. This version serves as one of Karin's best combo extenders. It’s can also link into Karin's other special moves, such as Mujinkyaku, Just Frame Tenko, or another EX Tenko.



The Orochi is an effective attack to use in the neutral game. The regular version is slightly safe on block and has very long, effective range since it comes out of her command dash. It’s also useful as a pressure tool, canceled from Medium and Heavy normals to finish a string safely and forcing the opponent to defend. The move also has a low profile and can even go through fireballs in a few situations.

As for the EX Orochi, it is unsafe on block. However, it does a lot of stun and puts the opponent into a crumpling state, which can be followed up with Karin's special attacks, making this attack a solid combo extender. Karin can also do quite a few of gimmicky resets from this crumple state, allowing her to continue pressure or to inflict more damage.


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