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The Kanzuki Estate is Karin's family estate which originally appeared in the Sakura Ganbaru! manga. It also appears as a stage in Street Fighter V. The stage has two settings. Its day setting is called Estate at Noon.


The manga depicts the Kanzuki family's estate as so large, it doesn't just have its own rivers, mountains, and savannas, it has its own climate as well. Even though it's in the middle of Tokyo, visitors don't arrive by car, they arrive by chartered plane and land at the private airstrip near the mansion. The estate also has its own train station (a green and red sign can be seen on the top of a building, where a train is moving). The Kanzukis' enormous swimming pool has a yacht with a pool on the deck in it, like in Karin's stage from Street Fighter Alpha 3.

The estate's architecture is a mix of both Japanese and European (possibly French) architecture.

The left and right edges of the stage can cause special cinematic knockouts if the final blow is landed at the corners. On the left side, the character bursts and tumbles into the small room, crashing into one of the stands with samurai gear on them. As the character slumps in a seated position, the Kabuto helmet is sent up in the air, before landing on their head. Should another round begin afterwards, the character will start the round with the helmet on their head, which can be knocked off during the fight.

On the right side, the character tumbles into the muzzle of a large mokuhou (traditional Japanese wooden cannon) that's mounted on the side wall, which then pops out of the side of the Estate. The cannon is fired and the character is launched into the sky like fireworks.