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The Kanzuki Zaibatsu (神月財閥?) is the Zaibatsu from the Kanzuki family.

Kanzuki Family[]

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The Kanzuki Family (神月家?) is a wealthy family whose mottos are "All you need is victory" (also interpreted as "Be the winner in everything") and, alternately, "The worst we'll ever be is the best". Their private Kanzuki Estate covers 200 miles of land, and not only has its own geographical features, but its own climate. The Kanzukis are even wealthier than the Masters Family, so rich that they have their own satellite called "Red Spider-Lily".

Karin Kanzuki[]

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Karin Kanzuki (神月 かりん Kanzuki Karin?) is the daughter of Daigenjuro and heir of the Kanzuki family.

Daigenjuro Kanzuki[]

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Daigenjuro Kanzuki (神月 大厳十郎 Kanzuki Daigenjūrō?) is Karin's father and former leader of the Kanzuki Zaibatsu.

Employers and Associates[]


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Shibasaki (柴崎? also written as Shibazaki) is the butler of the Kanzuki family. He does most of Karin's requests in regards to information gathering, including but not limited to 'dirty work'.


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Ishizaki (石崎?) is the steward of the Kanzuki family, and is perhaps the one who has seen Karin grow through the years, being occasionally her confidante in certain aspects.


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Birdie is a retainer of Karin, having hired him as proof of her own capability of leadership. Formerly a Shadaloo lackey, he bolted the group after being subjected to much of the organizations unforgiving regimens, and after Balrog attempted to execute him. Promised with consistent amounts of food, Birdie has chosen to stay with the Kanzuki Zaibatsu.


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Ibuki was hired by Karin during Street Fighter V. Having heard of her exploits from Sakura, Karin instantly associated with her after a short test. Ibuki alongside Mika served as Karin's personal bodyguards in the story mode.

R. Mika[]

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R. Mika is sponsored by Karin ever since Street Fighter Alpha 3, after being impressed by the former's performance and willpower. Mika has also taken part in the Zaibatsu's efforts to fight Shadaloo.

Ninja Army[]

Kanzuki Family Ninja Army

The Kanzuki Family Ninja Army (神月家忍者軍団?) is a large group of ninja working for the Kanzuki Family on a wide range of tasks, such as protection, espionage, and combat. All have received Ninjutsu training and are equipped with a Ninjatō. There are several genin (low-rank ninja, kunoichi having one hair curl), from which the kunoichi (female ninja) Hinagiku is one of Karin's favorites, about 6000 chūnin (mid-rank ninja, kunoichi having two hair curls) that are constantly on duty, and powerful jōnin (high-rank ninja, kunoichi having three hair curls) that mastered the Kanzuki Style Martial Arts and spar regularly with Karin herself.[1]

The ninjas are capable of using Katon, Suiton, and Doton. Their fighting power becomes apparent in the Kanzuki-ryu "one hundred man Kumite", which was Birdie's fist task in the Kanzuki Estate.[2]


  • Equipment: Ninjatō, headband, chainmail[2]
  • Duties: Mansion security, kumite partner[2]
  • Techniques:
    • Katon Goendan (火遁 豪炎弾? lit. "Fire Release: Great Flame Bullet")
    • Kanzuki-ryu Suiryugeki (神月流 水流撃? "Kanzuki Style: Water Style Attack")[2]


  • Equipment: Ninjatō, headband, chain mail[2]
  • Duties: Mansion security, odd jobs[2]
  • Techniques: Katon Gohidan (火遁 豪火弾? lit. "Fire Release: Great Fire Bullet")[2]


Hinagiku (雛菊?) is a genin kunoichi working for the Kanzuki family. Her main duties are transmitting information and protecting the Kanzuki Estate. She is one of Karin's favorite oniwaban. She has brief appearances in A Shadow Falls, where she first appears before Ryu and Ken, then as one of the ninja fighting Shadaloo.

The mystery and ritual of the Kanzuki style[]

Fifty lines of bulls[]

Organized by Daigenjuro, this test requires the participant to stop a stampede of fifty wild bulls. Those who achieve this are said to be eligible to inherit the mystery of the Kanzuki family. Daigenjuro attempted this trial several decades ago, but he failed on the 49th. A fourteen year old Karin completed this trial calmly.[3]

Kanzuki style social art mystery "Sagesumi no Me"[]

Place your hand on your chin and look at the other person with despised eyes. When Karin was fifteen years old she went out of the atmosphere to look down on the earth in order to master the mystery of the Kamigetsu-style social art, "Sagesumi no Me". Her father, Daigenjuro had already mastered this technique. [4]

Shin / Final Training The Ultimate Mystery of the Kanzuki Family "Soul Kiss"[]

Since she was born as a woman in the Kanzuki family, it is said that she cannot inherit the family fortune unless she attracts at least 5,000 gentlemen. Karin who has learned "Soul Kiss/Beautiful eyes"(麗しの瞳, Uruwashi no hitomi), is tasked with mastering this technique by Daigenjuro. Karin's mother, Nadeshiko, is said to have fascinated 50,046  gentlemen including her husband.[5]

Champion's arms folded[]

First shown in her Character Story. According to Shibasaki, it is an art which the Kanzuki family has sought, even at the risk of their own lives. Able to overwhelm an opponent as far as twelve-thousand kilometers away. The move is called "Champion's arms folded" (覇者の腕組み, Hasha no udegumi) or The "Ruler's Staying Hand". Zangief was able to pull it off after seeing it once and describes it as a move where you overwhelm your targets with the rhythmic muscle movements.

Kaisen no ritual[]

A ritual to celebrate the 8th birthday of the child of Kanzuki. The task is to go up against a group of ferocious Great white shark roaming off the Cape of Good Hope in Africa alone. This first appeared in 2019 manga "The KANZUKI ZERO PLUS".

Kanzuki style, ground fighting (Shingi) Slight sleep Mugi Reno Genshi[]

A skill that can be acquired as a result of thoroughly investigating, analyzing, and predicting all actions and attacks of the opponent and practicing to the level of "dodging even if asleep". It’s the ultimate sleeping method to ensure ones safety. First appeared in "The KANZUKI ZERO PLUS".

Red Spider-Lily[]

Red Spider-Lily (まんじゅしゃげ Manjushage?) is a satellite owned by the Kanzuki family that is equipped with a powerful laser. In Karin's ending from Street Fighter Alpha 3, it is used to destroy's Shadaloo's underground base along with the Psycho Drive and M. Bison. The satellite was destroyed by one of the Black Moons in Street Fighter V.


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