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Kapukon Yu in Street Fighter Alpha 3

Kapukon Yu (加富根湯?) is a public bath in Higashi Komagata, Japan that has been in business for over 60 years. It is E. Honda's favorite spot, and the old gentleman who mans the counter has known Honda since before his glory days as a sumo wrestler. Honda often faces opponents in Kapukon Yu in order to drum up some business to the place, which has been going through some hard times.[1]


Street Fighter II[]

Edo no Yu (江戸の湯? lit. "Hot Water of Edo") is E. Honda's stage, set inside of Kapukon Yu. Honda always takes a bath after practice, and he grew up in a large bath since a young age, loving it. Torn between his love for sumo and hot baths, Honda decides to combine both, making an unusual sumo field in the public bath.[2] The sumo ring is made of vinyl to avoid sanitation problems with the water. The decorative ilumination is operated and lit on from a back room by Honda’s disciples.[3]

Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' Dreams[]

Kapukon Yu can be seen in Ryu and Guy's stage.

Street Fighter Alpha 3[]

Kapukon Yu is E. Honda's stage.

Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo[]

Sakura's stage is similar to Ryu's stage in Street Fighter Alpha, having Kapukon Yu in the background.

Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes[]

Honda's Bathhouse is an optional stage.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition[]

The Honda Sento is a DLC stage released in 2019. It is a reimagining of the Kapukon Yu stage from the Street Fighter II.



  • The bathhouse's name appears to be a reference to Capcom.
  • The Street Fighter V version of Kapukon Yu doesn't have the rising sun pattern on the mural. This was most likely removed to avoid controversy, due to its resemblance to the imperial navel flag.