Makoto Karakusa

Karakusa in action

The Karakusa (吊るし喉輪・唐草 Tsurushi Nodowa: Karakusa?, "Hoisting Throat Thrust: Arabesque") is one of Makoto's special attacks, introduced in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike.

Karakusa is the name of a traditional pattern used in Japanese textiles, featuring an arabesque of tangled vines. The term Nodowa (lit. "throat ring") is also a sumō term for a thrust at the throat.

All appearances Arcade Stick HCB + Arcade Button Kick


Karakusa 3s

Karakusa as it appears in Third Strike.

Executed by performing a half-circle backward motion and pressing kick, Makoto grabs the opponent by the neck and briefly chokes them. The attack is a command grab that does minimal damage, but leaves the opponent momentarily incapacitated and open to further attacks. The EX Special version inflicts 50% more damage, leaves the opponent incapacitated for slightly longer, and also has Super Armor.


In Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, as well as the Street Fighter IV series, this attack is the focal point of one of Makoto's strategies, as it creates an opening for heavy-damage combos. The typical follow up is a standing hard punch followed by a Hayate of any strength. In the Street Fighter IV series, she is able to combo directly into the Seichusen Godanzuki if the player execute the follow up fast enough. With the adjustment made to the EX Fukiage in Ultra Street Fighter IV, this is also a possible follow-up to the Karakusa (using the same standing hard punch cancel as the Hayate), allowing Makoto to use any option she would have if she connected with an anti-air Fukiage against a grounded-foe. Hitting an opponent with a level 2 Focus Attack or higher followed by performing a Dash Cancel can permit the use of a Karakusa during the initial frames of the crumple state (as they are considered grounded until their knees touch the ground).




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