Kasatsushu is Juri's first V-Skill in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V Arcade-Button-MPunch+Sf3 kick medium (Changes when holding button)(Input again while dashing to feint)

Description Edit


Executed by pressing Medium Punch and Medium Kick simultaneously, Juri crouches and quickly dashes past her opponent, before delivering a huge roundhouse kick that sends them spinning toward the ground. By holding down the buttons, Juri stays crouched for several moments, depending how Medium Punch and Medium Kick are held. Upon release of the buttons, Juri hits her opponent as she passes by them, before knocking them to the ground with an airborne roundhouse kick.

By performing a dash during the charge, Juri is able to cancel the attack. However, this move can also be cancelled by pressing the Medium Punch and Medium Kick again before the move enters active frames. By pressing Medium Punch and Medium Kick again, Juri immediately dashes and hits her opponent as she passes by them before delivering a roundhouse kick to knock them down.


Juri's V-Skill has two versions: charged and uncharged. The uncharged version allows her to crossup her opponent, as the motion involves Juri faking out her opponent from the front only to attack them from behind. Because this version only delivers one hit and that hits behind the character, it is considered one of Juri's crossup tools. This can be a decent way to surprise her opponent when she's constantly pressuring them. However, the uncharged version is pretty unsafe, due to the long startup and being -10 on block.

The charged version is slightly better than the uncharged version. When a ring of dust form in front of Juri, it symbolizes the move has reached it's full charge. The charged V-skill gives Juri a fullscreen whiff punish and a fullscreen fireball punish. Similar to Charlie Nash's V-Trigger, she can go through fireballs, appear on the other side of her opponent, and score a knockdown to reset the neutral game.

The charged version is also a great way to play mind games with her opponent. If Juri cancels the move before the active frames of the charged move, she is able to store the crossup attack during the match. Because of this, she can keep her opponent on her heels by surprising them with the attack, or keep it stored and wait for the right time to use it.

Overall, Juri's V-Skill is very gimmicky. However, it can be used to deceive her opponent and condition them if used correctly. Outside of this, it can be used to escape pressure and end combos, which would ultimately help her build V-Gauge.


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