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The Kasatushi (化殺視 Kasatsushi?, "Deluding Killing Stare") is one of Juri's special attacks, introduced in Super Street Fighter IV.

All appearances Quarter-circle backward + Punch


Juri's taunting gesture.

Light punch version

Medium punch version

Heavy punch version

Executed by performing a quarter-circle backward motion and pressing punch, Juri laughs and beckons to her opponent with a "Come on!" hand gesture. If hit while making this gesture (unless the attack is a throw, projectile or armor breaker), she will suddenly dash to a different location, determined by the punch button used: light punch version will bring her behind her opponent, medium punch version will bring her backwards, and heavy punch version will bring her straight up above where she was.

The EX Special version determines where she moves to by holding to a specific direction when Juri is hit. If no direction is held, however, Juri dashes a much greater distance backwards.


This sudden change of position allows her to cross-up or otherwise get around around her opponent's defenses, or (in the case of medium punch version) can get her safely away from an aggressive opponent.


  • This is the only counter attack in the Street Fighter IV series that works against projectiles.