Katapult is one of Falke's special attacks in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V Arcade Button 2xKick



Executed by pressing two kick buttons simultaneously, Falke puts one end of her staff on the ground and propels herself feet-first toward her opponent. By pressing all three kick buttons, Falke performs a backflip with her leg stretched out, kicking her opponent and launching them in the air.


Katapult is mainly used to end combos. It can be linked from Falke's Medium and Heavy normals. Katapult can be cancelled into her Critical Art. It is slower and inflicts less damage than her Psycho Schneide. However, hitting her opponent with this attack results in a knockdown. Unlike Psycho Schneide, Katapult leaves Falke fairly close to her opponent, which gives her better okizeme. If the opponent quick rises, Falke can safely walk forward to maintain pressure. She can fish for Crush Counter hits with Standing Heavy Kick or Psycho Spitze. Falke can also keep her opponent guessing by using Blaukraehe to start off combos with a strong, low attack. Additionally, she is in range to go for a throw.

The EX version is performed by pressing all three kick buttons. It has a longer startup than her normal version. If the first hit of EX Katapult hits her opponent, Falke performs a second kick that puts her opponent in a juggle state, thus making it one of her best combo extenders. She can then finish the combo with her V-Skill, or Psycho Schneide. Another option is to end the combo with EX Katapult. Instead of extending the combo, Falke can dash forward to give herself heavy frame advantage, which greatly enhances her pressure game.

However, the second hit of EX Katapult won't come out if the initial strike is blocked. Additionally, unlike Psycho Kugel and Psycho Kanonen, this move is very unsafe, even if used at max distance. Katapult is -10 on block, which gives his opponent an opportunity to punish Falke with a full ground combo.


Trivia Edit

  • Katapult in German means "catapult".
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