Keith Wolfman (キース・ウルフマン Kīsu Urufuman?) is the dependable leader from a Delta Red unit consisting of him, Cammy, Lita Luwanda, Matthew McCoy, and George Ginzu. He got the scar on his face when facing Vega

[citation needed] and specialises in rods and tonfas.

Biography[edit | edit source]

One day Colonel Wolfman discovered an unconscious girl lying on the front steps of the English Secret Service Training Center. He took her in and did what he could for her. He was very curious to know what on earth this young girl was doing KO'd in a restricted area. He had many questions that he wanted answers to, but when she awoke, she had absolutely no memories.

The mystery girl didn't even have a name, only a dog tag with "CAMM 740106" written on it, so Colonel Wolfman used the first 4 letters to create the name "Cammy".[2] And since she was starting life anew, he gave her the surname of "White", because 'white' represents purity.

[citation needed] They assumed that 740106 meant January 6, 1974, and that said date was her birthday. Although she now had a name and birthday, she was no less a mystery than when the Colonel first found her. Colonel Wolfman stepped forward and took her under his wing... temporarily. So Cammy stayed under the Colonel and Delta Red's supervision while she recovered from her concussion, and while MI-6 decided what should be done with her.

Other media[edit | edit source]

Street Fighter (TV series)[edit | edit source]

Wolfman appears in the American 1995 Street Fighter cartoon series under the name of Burke. As the commander of Delta Red, he and his squadmates (Rory and Celia) join the Street Fighters against the forces of Shadaloo. He is voiced by Garry Chalk.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the cartoon, Colonel Wolfman and Birdie are the only British characters that are voiced by Garry Chalk and Paul Dobson, the two actors who were born in the United Kingdom.

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