One of the most popular and memorable Street Fighter characters, Ken Masters has been referenced many times in pop culture ever since his introduction in the original Street Fighter.

Street Fighter seriesEdit

  • Ken's supposed "ease" of use and being a top tier character since the Street Fighter III games (especially since 3rd Strike) has caused him to be one of the most used characters in the series up the Street Fighter IV. It is due to this however, in Ken's case, it becomes a notable meme, where it also ties into the term "Complacent Gaming Syndrome" from TV Tropes. Where in the fact that a particular strategy/character is overused (with Ken being the case of it, possibly due to his ease of use). This has since been turned into a very notable meme amongst fans, causing a meme called "Flowchart Ken", where it is meant to lay out a certain way to react with the character accordingly to the situation (mainly in the eyes of a beginner/novice), and has extended to all sorts of other characters from other kinds of games as well.
    • One of Ken's winning quotes makes a jabbing reference to this in Super Street Fighter IV, being: "See? The strongest fighter always wins! As easy to understand as a flowchart!" Beforehand in the Street Fighter III games, he also makes a real-life reference to one of his many flowchart pictures with each one pointing to him doing a Shoryuken.

Capcom gamesEdit

  • Ken's likeness appears in Capcom's golf game, We Love Golf!, as an unlockable cosplay outfit for Mark.

Other video gamesEdit

  • In The Simpsons Game, Ryu appears as an enemy, with Ken's gi as a color swap in the stage "Game Over".
  • Kobra from Mortal Kombat: Deception bears a slight resemblance to Ken. A major differece was the color of the outfit. Ken's outfit is mainly red while Kobra's top is white and his pants are black.
  • Tekken character Paul Phoenix share some few similarities to Ken:
    • Like Ken, Paul wears a red gi and he also has a best friend and rival who is of Asian descent (Marshall Law). Also, Paul's hairstyle can be customized to resemble Ken's. In Street Fighter V, Ken's new main outfit resembles Paul's outfit from Tekken 4.
  • Another video game character, also named Ken Masters, is one of the playable characters in the second installment in the Twisted Metal series of racing games. He is portrayed as both an actor and a martial artist who practices martial arts in his film movies.

Comics and MangaEdit

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Television and AnimationsEdit

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StreetFighter FoodWars
  • In the fourteenth episode of Food Wars, the post-episode card features parodies of the some characters dressed as Street Fighter characters. One of the supporting characters, Takumi Aldini, is dressed as Ken Masters. Coincidentally enough, he also resembles Ryo Sakazaki, of Art of Fighting fame, who was created as a homage to Ryu.


  • Ken makes a cameo appearance in Disney's 52nd animated feature, Wreck-It Ralph alongside Ryu. He is voiced once again by Reuben Langdon. In the film, Ryu and Ken stop fighting after Yuni from Dance Dance Revolution tells them that the arcade is closed and that nobody is around. After that, Ryu asks Ken if he wants to head over to the Tapper bar, which Ken accepts as they take a break from fighting.
  • In the movie City Hunter, Gary Daniels cosplays as Ken Masters and defeats Jackie Chan's E. Honda, Guile and Dhalsim. In the final match he was defeated by Chan who cosplays as Chun-Li.


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  • In 8-Bit Theater, two Ken and Ryu lookalikes appear in Episode 451.


  • Ken had appeared in the 67th episode of the popular ScrewAttack internet series DEATH BATTLE!, where he fought against his SNK rival Terry Bogard after the latter barged into the former's dojo while he was training with Sean, Sakura, Blanka, and Dan. After a long fight, Ken eventually lost the fight to the death when Terry decapitated him via punch after the latter sent the former flying with his Power Wave.
    • Ken had then appeared in the DEATH BATTLE! spinoff series One Minute Melee, where he fought against the Tekken character Paul Phoenix and won when he hit Paul with a powerful Shoryuken. He also made a cameo appearance in in the "Ghost Rider vs. Scorpion" episode, being saved by the former after apparently trying to avenge Ryu's defeat to the latter.
    • Ken had also appeared in another DEATH BATTLE! spinoff series titled DBX, where he fought against Blaziken of the Pokémon franchise, but lost.

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