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Ken Masters Style Karate (ケン・マスターズ流空手?) is a martial arts developed by Ken Masters based on his fighting style and made available in video storage media and online so others can learn it. It was mentioned in different media related to the Street Fighter series.


  • The first mention of Ken's karate lessons was in the Street Fighter III: New Generation Secret File as a joke ad for a video media called Ken Masters's Scarlet Battle (ケン・マスターズのスカーレットバトル?) divided in five volumes: "Basics" (基本編), "Advanced" (応用編), "Defending" (防御編), "Performance" (演出編), and "Summary" (総まとめ). The videos have a total of 235 minutes. They were released on February 31 and also contains merchandise such as a simulation battle game, trading cards, jigsaw puzzles, and bed sheets.



  1. Batsu: "Some of my friends learned moves from you."
    Ken: "Oh, you mean my online karate courses?"
    Ryu: "Ken, I hope you haven't forgotten that our style was originally meant for assassination."
  2. Tron: "Can you guys teach some moves to my Servbots?"
    Ken: "They're free to take my Ken Masters Online Karate Course."
    Ryu: "I'm not sure our master would like that, Ken."
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