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The Khamun Kick is one of Menat's unique attacks, introduced in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V Airborne onlyDownward+Kick



Executed by pressing downward and kick in midair, Menat performs a drill-like kick downward toward her opponent. The move's angle is determined by the kick button's strength. The Light version goes in a 45° angle in a quick manner. The Medium version goes in a slightly sharper angle, but is slightly slower. The Heavy version is very slow and goes in a very narrow sharp angle.


Despite its appearance, this attack is not an overhead, meaning that her opponent can block Khamun Kick either by standing or crouching. To get the most out of this move, it is best to use this move as low to the ground as possible to avoid getting punished. It is most effective when Menat aims this move at the tip of your opponent's feet. This provides the safest approach and puts her at an advantage when she lands.

She can use this attack to start a combo with this move, if she hits her opponent below the knees. Menat can also use Khamun Kick to bait her opponent into performing an anti-air attack that's very unsafe on block. Using this move effectively can keep her opponent guessing and give Menat a useful way to approach her opponent.