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The Kikokuduki (鬼哭突き Kikokutzuki?, "Demonic Wail Thrust") is one of Kage's unique attacks, introduced in Street Fighter V.

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Executed by pressing forward and Heavy Punch, Kage steps toward his opponent a delivers a straight punch. If no directional input or button is pressed after the throw, Kage stares at his hand and smirks before dropping back in his stance.



This move has slightly better range, compared to most of his standing normals since it moves him forward. Kikokuduki has a 9-frame startup, which is the same as his Standing Medium Kick. Even though it is -4 on block, it can be difficult for his opponent to punish if properly spaced. By pressing Heavy Kick after Kikokuduki, Kage performs the Kikokuretsuzan target combo. Additionally, this attack is one of Kage's Crush Counter moves that puts the opponent in a juggle state. He can also cancel Kikokuduki into his V-Triggers. If he has his second V-Trigger active, then Kage can cancel this unique attack into Shun Goku Satsu.



  • Kikokuduki is the official name of Akuma's far Standing Heavy Punch throughout the series.
  • The "duki" romanization is atypical for the series, as it is often romanized as "zuki" in cases such as Seichusen Godanzuki and Kyukyoku Tenchi Gado Zuki. Though both are considered valid ways of writing it in English, the latter is considered to be closer to the actual pronunciation.