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Killer Bee Assault (キラービーアサルト, Kiraa Bii Asaruto) is one of Cammy's super combos, introduced in Street Fighter Alpha 3, exclusive to her A-ISM Super Combo Gauge and only usable when filled to its maximum.

X-Men vs. Street Fighter Quarter-circle back+Arcade Button 2xKick
Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes Quarter-circle back+Arcade Button Punch x2
Street Fighter Alpha 3 Maximum only Charge down-backwardDelta motion+Kick


Cammy Killer Bee Assault

"Killer Bee Assault"

Executed by charging down-backward then performing a "delta motion" (down-forward, down-backward then up-forward) and pressing kick, Cammy jumps toward the wall, then she throws herself toward the opponent with a series of four flying kicks very much like Juli's Spinning Arrow from across each part of the entire screen, and then grabs the opponent and finishes them with a Cross Scissors Pressure, knocking. This attack has a total of five hits.


Killer Bee Assault while a bit of a slow attack on startup, can be used to punish the opponent or act as anti-air move. This Super Combo inflicts a lot of damage to the opponent.

If any of the kicks are blocked, Cammy will not follow through with the final grab.




  • Killer Bee Assault, Cross Stinger Assault and Makoto's Abare Tosanami has some similarities.
    • A very similar start, since the three attacks starts when the characters make a jump towards the wall.
    • All three Super Combos begin with a kick that goes towards the opponent.
    • The last hit is a special attack of the character. Cross Scissors Pressure, Spiral Arrow and Fukiage respectively.