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The Killer Bee Spin (キラービースピン Kirā Bī Supin?) is one of Cammy's Super Arts, first appearing in Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie, though its first in-game appearance is in Street Fighter 6.

Classic Arcade Modifier (Air)Arcade Stick QCBArcade Stick QCB+Arcade Button Punch
Modern Arcade Modifier (Air)Arcade-Stick-Left+Modern SP+Modern H


"Jump into the air, seize your opponent with a quick descending kick, and perform a chokehold on them. This move executes quickly, making it easy to combo into from grounded moves."
Street Fighter 6

Cammy performing her Killer Bee Spin.

Executed by performing two quarter-circle back motions and pressing punch (or pressing back, plus Special Attack and Heavy Attack for Modern Control), Cammy twirls vertically up in the air and loads up for her next attack, before descending toward her opponent with a Cannon Strike. If the attack hits a grounded opponent, Cammy handstands on their shoulders and turns around. She then swings back down while driving her feet into the back of her opponent's knees, collapsing them to a kneeling position. Cammy finishes the move by putting her opponent into a Dragon Sleeper hold, snapping their neck before kicking them away. If this attack hits an airborne opponent, it becomes a multi-hitting Cannon Strike.

The aerial version is simply called the Aerial Killer Bee Spin (エアキラービースピン Ea Kirā Bī Supin?, "Air Killer Bee Spin"), though the properties are mostly the same.



Cammy putting her opponent in a Dragon Sleeper hold.

"Performed while airborne, seize your opponent with a quick descending kick and perform a chokehold on them. Easy to combo into from aerial specials."
Street Fighter 6

This move is Cammy's Level 2 Super Art. It also has an aerial version that can only be performed from a forward jump. It inflicts more damage than her Spin Drive Smasher. Cammy can cancel Killer Bee Spin from her OD special moves. The most efficient way to hit a grounded opponent is to cancel from Cammy's multi-hitting, OD Spiral Arrow before she switches sides. While it can be used as a punish tool, its main purpose is to end combos and secure the round if Cammy's gauge isn't at Level 3.

The properties of this attack change if it hits an airborne opponent. Instead of cutting into the cinematic, Cammy instead performs an amplified Cannon Strike that can hit the opponent up to eight times; depending on the height of the two characters. Additionally, it launches the opponent high into the air. With such height and a floaty state, Cammy has a variety of options and combo potential just from hitting her Killer Bee Spin from in the air. For example, she can perform a held Heavy Spiral Arrow to juggle the opponent even more for additional damage and a side switch.


  • Despite this appearing all the way back in Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie, this attack would neither be officially named or make an in-game appearance until Street Fighter 6.
  • The original input for this move was performing two quarter-circle back motions and pressing kick.