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Kimberly (キンバリー, Kinbarī) is a fighting game character from the Street Fighter games, first partially seen in Street Fighter 6's second trailer before being properly confirmed near the end of the 2022 EVO tournament. She is an African-American ninja girl/kunoichi fighter trained under Guy in the Bushinryu style, but with her own twist.



Kimberly is an African-American woman with dark brown skin. Her hair is braided in five sections, with the tips dyed blue.

Her default costume consists of a headband and ascot with African-inspired patterns, a red cropped puffer jacket with white trims, red gloves, black capris, and red sneakers with white soles and blue laces. She also has yellow wraps across her wrists and legs, and carries a blue cassette player on her leg with matching earbuds.

Character Relationships[]



Kimberly's master of the Bushinryu ninjutsu style.



Street Fighter 6[]

Uninvited student to Guy, and 39th successor to Bushinryu. Kimberly had an ordinary upbringing, but she's a genuine prodigy who graduated college early...and now wants to be a ninja. Loves '80s pop culture.







Stage Themes[]



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