The Kishin Riki (鬼神力? "Demon/Oni God Power") is Oro's first Super Art in the Street Fighter III series. It is effectively a Super Art variation of his Niou Riki.
All appearances Arcade Stick QCFArcade Stick QCF + Arcade Button Punch, then Arcade Modifier (Air) Arcade Button Punch near opponent


Executed by performing two quarter-circle forward motions and pressing punch, Oro focuses while standing upright, signaling a mudra before his body glows red. For the next 15 seconds,[1] pressing punch has Oro throw out his hand for an unblockable grab that can be performed both in the air and on the ground.

  • Should Oro's grabs connect on the ground, Oro will perform a hyper-powered Niou Riki throw that thrashes the opponent back and forth eight times, before tossing them aside with a heavy throw; this attack counts up to 9 hits.
  • Should Oro's grabs connect in the air, Oro will perform a powered up Kuuchuu Jigokuguruma ("Midair Hell Carriage"), tumbling and kneebouncing the downed opponent thrice, before catapulting them both into the air again to land a final crushing blow to the foe's body. This attack deals slightly more damage compared to its ground-based counterpart.

As long as the attack is made in the span of the duration Oro is in Kishin Riki mode, Oro can follow up with more throws until its duration is up or the opponent is defeated.

Kishin TsuiEdit

All appearances Arcade Modifier (Max) Arcade Stick QCFArcade Stick QCF+Arcade-Button-2xPunch

The Kishin Tsui (鬼神槌? "Demon/Oni God Hammer"), also known as EX Kishin Riki, is executed by performing two quarter-circle forward motions and pressing two punch buttons while the Super Gauge is completely full. Oro ferociously lunges a short distance at the opponent; should it connect, Oro will use both hands to throw up the opponent into the atmosphere, and makes a gigantic leap offscreen with them. Moments later, he then crashes into the opponent at high speed with his head, even setting said opponent on fire, forcing them into the ground for significant damage.[1] Since this uses all of the super gauge on one throw, this is considered an "all or nothing" version of the Kishin Riki.[1]


Kishin Riki is a good move to apply pressure on the opponent, as during the state which this move is activated, puts the player at an advantage due to the state's properties and versatile strategic unpredictability; unlike Niou Riki, nearly any and all attacks can be parried and countered when in this state. Though all punches are now unblockable grabs, Oro is still able to perform his normal Specials, bar the Niou Riki or any EX-able variations.

Key to being in Kishin Riki mode is to make efficient use of the time given while the Art is activated, and due to the variables of battle, it is advisable to be experienced and quick to act. Like Niou Riki, the punch button determines both activation time, and the negative drawback of becoming vulnerable; light punch is the quickest to act, shortest ranged grab, but fastest to recover, while heavy grants the greatest range but slowest recovery. Optimal results can see the player use a Ground Kishin Riki three times maximum, while Kishin Kuuchu Jigokugurama can be applied five to six times in succession. Memorizing the finishing trajectory when using a Ground Kishin Riki is a great advantage, as all fighters in the game have fixed distances based on their weight which they are tossed upon the ninth throw, and positioning oneself immediately to where they landed allows further followup. It is further advised to reserve Kishin Riki as a finisher to the battle when the opponent's health is low.

Kishin Riki is one of the few attacks that is highly useful against Gill's Resurrection Super Art. Though tricky to pull off, Kishin Kuuchu Jigokugurama can overcome its force field when Oro is positioned far enough and his hand can pierce through it to grab Gill during its first few frames.

The aerial Kishin Riki can be landed after Super Canceling Oro's close medium punch.

Sprites Edit

Oro Super art 1 Oro Super Art 2 KishinTsui


The name is a play on its special move variant, the Nioh Riki. Kishin ("Wrathful/Fierce Deity", also lit. "Demon/Oni God"), or Dharmapalas, are deities known within esoteric Buddhist traditions, who are among the godly beings of the Deva Realm in Buddhist cosmology, and are strict yet benevolent gods who protect the virtuous and good, while showcasing their more fervent and wrathful sides against evil, either to slay the malevolent and harmful or to shock into faith and discipline with fearsome imagery and action non believers and the cynical; some examples include the Four Heavenly Kings, the Wisdom Kings, such as Fudo Myoo, and some interpretations also see them as the angered and wrathful side of bodhisattvas and buddhas who are normally compassionate and gentle, akin to upset parents needing to punish misbehaving children. In context of the Nioh, Kishin are known to be the generals and leaders of the Devas within their ranks; the Nioh are enlisted within the ranks of bodhisattva Senju Kannon, rather than outright the Four Heavenly Kings and the Wisdom Kings.[2][3]


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