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Knife Edge is Guile's second V-Trigger in Street Fighter V.

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Executed by pressing Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick simultaneously, Guile channels sonic energy around his ankles. By performing Flash Kick when V-Trigger is active (charging downward, then pressing upward and kick), Guile kicks and releases a spinning, vertical, ring-like projectile filled with sonic energy towards his opponent.

If the EX version is performed, Guile performs a double Flash Kick that knocks the opponent back, touching down on landing. Unfortunately, no projectiles are released if the EX version is used. The attack is based off of his Double Flash Super Combo.


This V-Trigger adds projectiles to Guile's Flash Kicks. His Flash Kicks also become much safer from afar. If his opponent tries to jump over the projectiles, they may get clipped by the Flash Kick. In addition, it can be difficult to punish Guile's Flash Kick because of the projectile creating space between his opponent. The only exception where the opponent can punish Guile is if the Flash Kick is blocked from up close, allowing the opponent to block the projectile and attack him as he lands on the ground.

The strength of the kick button pressed for Flash Kick also determines the speed of the projectile. The Light version travels the slowest, while the EX version travels the fastest. Additionally, Guile can have two projectiles on the screen at the same time. He can zone his opponent with one Flash Kick projectile, followed by a second one or a Sonic Boom.

The EX version of Flash Kick is also enhanced when this V-Trigger is active. While it does not release a projectile, the damage, range and juggle potential increase, making the EX Flash Kick a solid way to end combos. However, one EX Flash Kick consumes half of Guile's V-Gauge.

Because this is a two-bar V-Trigger, Guile can easily build up V-Gauge without sacrificing much damage. This means that Guile can possibly use this V-Trigger twice in one round. While Knife Edge doesn't give him the corner pressure or the looping, damaging combos Solid Puncher gives him, this V-Trigger is more reliable and easier to use.