The Knife Pickup (ナイフ拾い, Naifu Hiroi) is one of Cody's Unique Attacks, introduced along with him in Street Fighter Alpha 3.

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Arcade-Stick-Down + Arcade Button Punch x3 when standing right above the knife


Executed by pressing down and all three punch buttons while standing over a knife, Cody will stoop down, pick the knife up and play with it ("Great!"). This is a reference to Cody's origins in Final Fight, as he was also capable of picking up weapons in that game, the knife being his best and favored one.

Picking up the knife affects two factors: his usual punch attacks become knife attacks with extra reach, more damage, and chip damage on block, though this prevents him using certain Unique Attacks. Also affected is his Bad Stone attack, which becomes a Knife Throw attack that travels in a faster and more linear trajectory, but inflicts less damage. Being hit, performing the Knife Throw or using the Focus Attack (the latter case in the Street Fighter IV games) causes Cody to lose the knife until he picks it up again.


Cody's knife loss expression in Super Street Fighter IV.

A knife will appear in any fight involving Cody, and he is the only character capable of picking it up. In this way, it's similar to Vega's claw and mask - however, unlike these, Cody does not begin the fight with the knife in his possession, and it cannot be picked up by simply walking over it. In Super Street Fighter IV, should two Cody players both go for the knife, the one who loses out has a shocked expression on his face.





  • Although one of the drawbacks of utilizing the knife in a fight, Cody dropping the weapon upon hit may likely reflect upon his psychology as a prison inmate, as having it fly from his hands upon being attacked gives the impression that he is trying to defend himself on a bad day, or having it in hand while attacked may have him at risk of more aggressive tension to use the knife more violently and potentially fatally, which can result in an extended sentence. Additionally, some states in the US find use of arms by felons legal as long as the weapon is used in self defense or to protect others at risk of harm and is discarded upon the cease of a threat.
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