The Kobekudaki (頭砕き?) is one of Ibuki's unique attacks, introduced in Street Fighter III: New Generation.

Street Fighter V Arcade-Stick-Right+Arcade-Button-MKick

Description Edit


Ibuki using Kobekudaki.

Executed by pressing forward and Medium Kick, Ibuki spins and hops toward her opponent, bringing her heel down on top of them in an overhead axe kick.

This attack replaces her former overhead Hammer Kick.

Tactics Edit

As an overhead attack, the main purpose is to break through the defenses of an opponent who insists on crouch guarding (as the attack must be blocked from a standing position). The draw back causes considerable delay, and this attack can easily be countered by an aggressive opponent by hitting Ibuki before she throws it. The opponent can use one of their Crush Counter moves to intercept Ibuki in the air, resulting in a decent amount of damage.

On the plus side, this move is a great mix-up tool which can catch a lot of opponents who are constantly crouch guarding. Using this move as a part of her Sasanaki target combo, Ibuki can surprise her opponent with this move.

This attack benefits heavily from the removal of Crouch Teching, as it can better punish the long recovery of throw attempts. Care must be taken at the distance used of this attack as it is only +3 on hit, usually this means only her standing jab can be Linked from Kobekudaki, however a counter hit happens it has increased Pushback, meaning Ibuki has to use a further reaching attack such as medium punch to combo of her overhead due to both the extra hitstun enabling the 5 frame attack and the extra push back taking her opponent out of standing jab range.


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