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Using Kunai in Street Fighter V. The Kunai is considered Ibuki's signature weapon.

The Kunai (苦無 Kunai?) is one of Ibuki's special attacks, introduced in the Street Fighter III series. This move has a more powerful version that serves as one of her Super Arts in the same series and her Super Combo in Super Street Fighter IV.

Most Appearances Arcade Modifier AirArcade Stick QCF+Arcade Button Punch
Street Fighter V Arcade Modifier (Air)Arcade Stick QCF+Arcade Button Punch


Ibuki Kunai 3rd Strike

Kunai in 3rd Strike

Executed by performing a quarter-circle forward motion and pressing punch while in mid-jump, Ibuki throws a kunai (ninja throwing knife) at the ground in front of her.

In Street Fighter V, this move returns; only to be renamed as Airborne Kunai. This time, she can only throw the kunai on a forward jump or hard kick Kasumi Gake.

The move is also completely retooled in Street Fighter V. Ibuki can throw her kunais when she's on the ground. Executed by performing a quarter-circle forward motion and pressing punch without jumping, Ibuki throws a kunai at a downward angle toward her opponent's feet. If two kick buttons are pressed, whether Ibuki is on the ground or in the air, she throws a kunai at the opponent with a bomb attached to it.


Prior to Street Fighter V, the Kunai can be thrown during a normal or backward jump as well, which enables Ibuki to retreat while still attacking, in addition to delaying her landing in order to avoid certain attacks. A few moves in her arsenal (e.g. Tsuijigoe and Hien) are actually designed to either enable openings for a Kunai attack, or else take advantage of openings that it creates.

The throw angle is determined by the punch button pressed: Light version aims it at the steepest angle, while the Heavy version has the furthest angle. The Medium version lands somewhere in-between the Light and Heavy version. The EX Special version covers more distance and throws two kunai at the opponent instead of one.

Street Fighter IV[]


Kunai in Super Street Fighter IV.

This attack can only be used in the air. Unlike it's Street Fighter V counterpart Ibuki does not have a limited stock and can use it as much as she wants. While she does throw the item, it is a poor choice to only try to zone with this because it is not registered as a "projectile" so normal attacks (and true projectiles) can knock it away.

The usage this attacks sees is mostly for her Vortex. Ibuki's knockdown game is so great that in Ultra Street Fighter IV, even with the knockdown changes meant to nerf characters like her, Ibuki can go for a crossup LK or Medium Kick, and if the opponent delays their wakeup the player can simply throw a LP kunai at the same timing the normal would have hit and the opponent will still have to deal with an ambiguous crossup.

Street Fighter V[]


Kunai in Street Fighter V.

In Street FIghter V, this move is still Ibuki's long-range moves. Ibuki can throw her kunai whether she's on the ground or in the air. Unlike previous versions, Ibuki can only perform her Airborne Kunai on a forward jump. It is one of the fastest projectiles in the game. On the ground, it is -2 on block, making it difficult for her opponent to punish. In addition, each kunai thrown has a hurtbox. If timed correctly, her opponent can hit Ibuki's projectile in the air without taking any damage.

Ibuki kunai ground

The strength of the punch button determines the kunai's angle. The Light version travels about half-screen. The Medium version travels about 2/3 of the screen, while the Heavy version travels almost a fullscreen length. The throw angle for Airborne Kunai is also determined by the punch button pressed: Light version throws the kunai at the steepest angle, while the Heavy version throws the kunai at the furthest angle.

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The EX versions of the attack whether they are grounded or aerial has Ibuki throw the Kunai flanked by a bomb that juggles the opponent if it connects.

For her EX version of Kunai on the ground, angle of the kunai is determined by which two punch buttons are pressed. If Light Punch and Medium Punch buttons are used, Ibuki throws the kunai to about half-screen. If Light Punch and Heavy Punch buttons are pressed, Ibuki throws the kunai to about 2/3 of the screen. Finally, if Medium Punch and Heavy Punch buttons are used, Ibuki throws the kunai almost a fullscreen length. For her EX version of Airborne Kunai, the throw angle of the projectile is the same, regardless which two punch buttons are pressed.

In addition to the EX version of Kunai and Airborne Kunai, a bomb is attached to the projectile. It can go through projectiles and cannot be hit in the air. If the bomb explodes and hits the opponent, it launches them in the air and puts them in a juggle state, allowing Ibuki to extend the combo or create mix-up situation. It is very safe on block, letting Ibuki maintain offensive pressure.

However, she can only hold six kunais at the start of each round. As soon as she's thrown her last kunai, she cannot throw another. Ibuki will perform her kunai-throwing motion, but she won't be able to throw her projectiles. If that's the case, she can manually restock at any time during the fight via the Kunai Hoju.

Holding any punch button (or kick button, if airborne) and releasing it will cause Ibuki perform Kunai Ikkinage, which allows her to throw all of her kunai at once.

Care has to be taken when using the non ex aerial version of the attack to approach the opponent, as the kunai can be knocked off with regular attacks. Zangief is particularly dangerous due to the angle of his jab being very effective at knocking air kunai out of it's usual trajectory and he can proceed to punish Ibuki with his numerous throws such as Atomic Drop.


  • In Pocket Fighter, Ibuki's costume changes to that of Rolento's when she performs Kunai, referencing the similarity between this move and his Stinger.
    • Somewhat humorously, after they became an official team in Street Fighter X Tekken, after update 1.04 Rolento's Stinger obtained a glitch where it hitting any projectile (eg Hadouken) would freeze the game and Ibuki, his official partner, was the only exception where her Kunai hitting his Stinger did not freeze the game.
  • In Street Fighter X Tekken with the repeated usage buff (as long as the players have meter) this attack can give Ibuki the highest amount of chip damage out of anyone else in the cast, rivaling even Super Arts.
  • When Ibuki in fighting in Street Fighter V, her Kunai has a blue outline (seen above). However in her victory pose the Kunai lack the outline. This might be intentional from the developers to help players spot thrown Kunai during gameplay.

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