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Kunai Hoju is one of Ibuki's special attacks, introduced in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V Half circle back+Kick

Description[edit | edit source]

Ibuki using Kunai Hoju.

Executed by performing a half-circle back motion while pressing and holding any kick button, Ibuki searches through the knife holster on her thigh. When the kick button is released, Ibuki pulls out a number of kunais to use in the fight.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

In Street Fighter V, Ibuki is only equipped with six kunais at the start of each round. When her last kunai is thrown, Ibuki cannot throw another projectile, unless she reloads. Kunai Hoju is the only move Ibuki can use to serve that purpose. If she needs to restock on projectiles, she can use this move to regain up to the six kunais she initially starts off with.

The strength of the kick button pressed does not change the properties of this move. However, the duration of whatever kick button is held determines the number of kunais Ibuki can restore. The longer the kick button is held, the more kunais she can restore. Ibuki needs to visually pull the kunai out and store it in order for it to be used. If she is attacked beforehand, then the kunai(s) won't replenish.

Kunai Hoju
Frames Kunais Restored
25-37 1
38-49 2
50-61 3
62-73 4
74-82 5
83 6

If two kick buttons are pressed and held, Ibuki performs the EX Kunai Hoju. This allows her to restock between 3-6 kunais at once, depending on the duration of the kick button is held. At the cost of one Critical Gauge meter, Ibuki can reload on projectiles much quicker.

EX Kunai Hoju
Frames Kunais Restored
25-37 3
38-49 4
50-61 5
62-73 6

The risk of using this move is that it leaves Ibuki vulnerable to any of her opponent's attacks. The most efficient time to use this move is when she is at a fullscreen distance away from her opponent or when they are stunned. Otherwise, her opponent can get an easy jump-in, punish combo and inflict a large amount of damage to Ibuki before she can reload on projectiles.

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