Kunai Ikkinage is one of Ibuki's special attacks, introduced in Street Fighter V.

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Airborne Kunai Ikkinage Arcade Modifier Air.pngHold and release Arcade Button Kick.png

Description[edit | edit source]

Executed by holding down any punch button, then releasing it, Ibuki throws all of her kunais she has stored in her arsenal at once.

This move can also be used in the air. Executed by holding down any kick button, then releasing it, Ibuki throws all of her kunais she has in her arsenal toward her opponent.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

Kunai Ikkinage (MP Version)

While the startup for this move is slightly slower than her regular Kunai, it can result in a knockdown and inflict more damage depending how many projectiles are released. The punch/kick button must be held for at least 50 frames in order for Ibuki to use this move. However, once when Ibuki uses Kunai Ikkinage, she will have no more projectiles in her arsenal. In order to restock, Ibuki needs to find time and space to reload by using Kunai Hoju.

The spread of the kunais is determined by which punch button is held and released. If the Light Punch button is held and released, Ibuki throws the kunais straight forward, lined up in a row. If the Medium Punch button is held and released, she throws the kunais straight forward in a wide, vertical column. If the Heavy Punch button is held and released, Ibuki throws the kunais upward in a fan-shape spread.

For Airborne Kunai Ikkinage, it can be used during a forward, neutral, or backward jump. The spread of the kunais is determined by which kick button is held and pressed. If the Light Punch button is used, Ibuki throws the kunais at a downward angle, lined up in a row. If the Medium Punch button is used, she downward in a tight, fan-shaped spread. If the Heavy Punch button is used, Ibuki throws the kunais downward in a more disperse fan-shape spread. A tactic popularized by professional player Xian is an Ibuki player jumping where it seems she is going to Cross-up then utilize the medium aerial version of this attack before the Side Switch so the opponent gets hit by the Kunai on the side Ibuki initially jumped from. As the nature of Kunai Ikkinage means Ibuki uses all her Kunai it is recommended trying this if the sequence will KO the opponent.

On hit, Kunai Ikkinage puts the opponent in a juggle state, allowing Ibuki to extend combos for maximum damage. She can link Kunai Ikkinage into her special attacks or even her Critical Art. The Heavy version can be used as a decent anti-air tool to stop her opponent's jump-in attempts, regardless of how deep or shallow the angle.

Airborne Kunai Ikkinage can be performed after Ibuki hits her opponent with EX Kazekiri, serving as a way to juggle her opponent to extend combos and inflict more damage. In the air, this move can also create some tricky cross-up setups. While Ibuki has a lot of recovery frames after executing this move, it can be useful to surprise her opponent.

It has been updated since release to allow for Cancels when the first Kunai makes contact with the opponent, making new hit sequences possible. When Ibuki is full on Kunai she can cancel into her medium Command Dash and still be positive if the opponent blocks. The tradeoff of this tactic is of course Ibuki will be left without any Kunai to use which limits her options afterwards especially if her opponent escapes her followup pressure.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This is one of the very few moves in the Street Fighter games that have no EX Special version.
    • With this attack Ibuki now has 3 abilities that have no EX equivalent. This attack is also the only one among the three that do not cause damage.
  • This is the only Ibuki themed Universus card that has Ibuki doing the attack, and the attack's name is specified. One has Ibuki performing Agemen but the card is named "Ibuki" and the other, "Energy Charge", is based on a pose Ibuki does during her SFIV Yoroitoshi and the start of her SFV era EX Raida.
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