Kyle's Hood, also known as the Hood, is a location from Final Fight: Streetwise. This is the area from Metro City where Kyle and Cody live.


  • Fight Club - Place to earn money in pit fights. The opponents here are Handsome Bob and Locksmith.
  • Kyle's apartment - Kyle's home.
  • _ - Paco's place.
  • The Rarfly Lounge - Vanessa's bar.
  • Pawn King pawn shop - Weapons shop.
  • Cash 'n Go Liquors - Sells recovery items.
  • Tiger's Gym - Place to train new skills.
  • Boomer's Electronics & Music - Sells music to hear during the game.
  • Metro Diner - Kyle's only lead of where to find Devin Aranoc. He asks Vera for info, and to gain it he must either kill 15 roaches in 60 seconds or pay $50. Afterwards he learns that the Stiff was with Nicky Wissell and Kyle doesn't want to eat at the diner anymore due to the roaches.
  • Porn theater - Nicky Wissell's porn theater. Kyle forces Weasel to tell him where the Stiff is.
  • Warehouse - The Weasel reaches the place before Kyle and ambushes him with his Blue Ballers.
  • Subway Station - Used to change areas.
  • _ - Madam Celeste's place.
  • _ - Cody's home.
  • 2-Ill's hideout - 2-Ill's place, only accessed late in the story.

Side MissionsEdit

  • A Kid's Wrong Path
  • Buy a Bum a Bottle
  • Purse Mugging
  • 3-Card Monte No. 1
  • 3-Card Monte No. 2
  • Hood Car Smash
  • Getting A Bat
  • Recover the Stereo
  • ...

Arcade ModeEdit

The player(s) start inside the Metro Diner, where some thugs attack. After dealing with them, the player goes outside and faces more thugs in the streets until they reach the Rarfly Lounge, going inside to beat them. Going out by the back door, more goons are causing trouble, and the heroes find their hang-out, a warehouse where they face the Blue Ballers and Handsome Bob.


Home of Kyle and Cody Travers
These thugs are terririzing the
entire Hood!
Down the street! QUICK!
Gotta keep movin'!
There's more of 'em straight
These bastards just keep comin'!
Sounds like more of 'em in the
Attacking the bar?! You pricks
have gone too far now!
The rest of 'em went out the
back door!
Holy crap! It's like a war zone!
What do they think this is?! A
damn videogame?!!!
Their hang-out must be that
old warehouse!
Well, well. If it ain't
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