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Kyosuke Kagami (鑑 恭介 Kagami Kyōsuke?) is a fighting game character from the Rival Schools series of 3D fighting games.



Kyosuke's personality is the opposite of Batsu's: being cool and calculating, almost never showing emotions of any sort. Every pose he takes stands out with his coolness, and he has a habit of adjusting his eyeglasses whenever he poses. He never shows it, but he really has a strong sense of justice. In the School Life Mode of Nekketsu Seisyun Nikki 2, Kyosuke is shown to have fun in various activities during his school term while also being quite very busy in having to constantly study from within his science class. He had also shown his own kindness towards the player when the latter becomes friends with him.


Kyosuke has short orange hair, brown eyes and he wears eyeglasses. His primary outfit is a white school jacket under a black long sleeve v-neck shirt with a Taiyo emblem on both on his white collar, white pants and white, black and yellow shoes. The interior of his jacket is red.

In the School Life Mode of Nekketsu Seisyun Nikki 2, Kyosuke is usually seen in his primary outfit with or without his school jacket. He also wears different outfits as well. During both Physical Education Day and National Sports Day, Kyosuke wears a white short sleeved loose shirt with a blue trim and collar, blue shorts and his sneakers from his primary outfit. He also has a blue headband on his head. During Swimming Day and the Beach Overnight, Kyosuke wore a pair of swimming trunks that were quite identical to Nagare's own. During the Night Festival, Kyosuke wore a traditional blue kimono. Lastly during Christmas Day, Kyosuke wears a casual winter outfit; a khaki cargo vest with a dark green turtleneck shirt, gray jeans and brown leather shoes.


Rival Schools: United by Fate[]

Kyosuke is a student of Taiyo High who volunteers to help Batsu and Hinata out in searching for and locating Batsu's missing mother Shizuku. However, it is later revealed that Kyosuke was the one behind her kidnapping, working for his twin brother, Hyo. Ultimately after spending his time with Batsu and Hinata while also learning and understanding on how strong and powerful both unity and friendship really is, Kyosuke decides to switch sides and helps Batsu and Hinata out in defeating Hyo while convincing his twin brother that force was not the way to achieve their dreams and that Kyosuke himself is able to redeem Hyo in having him apologize and reconcile with Batsu, Hinata, and the rest of the cast.

Project Justice[]

In Project Justice, Kyosuke once again helps Batsu and Hinata out in having to investigate a new threat to the local schools and the trio eventually learns that a deadly ninja assassin named Kurow Kirishima is behind the plot as he seeks to eliminate both the Imawano Family and their respective allies.

When Kurow is defeated by the trio, he attempts to have a supposedly brainwashed Hyo eliminate them, but to the former's shock and dismay, he soon learns that Hyo himself wasn't really brainwashed in the first place and that he had only pretended to be just so he could get close to Kurow and learn of what his true intentions really were, enraging Kurow to the point that he angrily attacks Hyo in an attempt to kill him, but ends up getting badly injured by him from within their brief clash against one another.

When Hyo unexpectedly becomes possessed by the evil spirit of his late father Mugen Imawano, Raizo arrives after having been seriously attacked and injured by Kurow earlier on from within the start of Project Justice and informs Batsu, Hinata, and Kyosuke about his brother's evil spirit that's currently possessing Hyo. He instructs Batsu and Kyosuke to defeat him while they still have the chance and opportunity to do so and when this happens, Hyo briefly regains control of his body and tells the both of them to kill him in honor of the Imawano Family before his father's evil spirit is able to regain control over him once again. Even though Kyosuke is emotionally reluctant to fight against his own twin brother, Batsu tells him that there's no other choice and that Hyo himself doesn't want the Imawano Family name to be shamed and dishonored much further, causing Kyosuke to personally put aside his own reluctance so that he can work together alongside with Batsu and Hinata as he vows to help save Hyo from the current predicament that he's in right now. After a tough and intense fight, Hyo unfortunately dies via his own injuries and that Kyosuke himself emotionally mourns the tragic death of his own twin brother, who had died in his arms. After the incident, Batsu tells everyone at Taiyo High about Kyosuke's disappearance and that he, Hinata, Chairperson, Ran, and the rest of their classmates personally and emotionally await the return of Kyosuke.


With lightning-fast uppercuts and fast combo starters, Kysosuke can handle just about any match-up. The key to winning with Kyosuke is to abuse his Light Punch Cross Cutter. At about three to five character widths away from an opponent, Kyosuke can annoy his foe all day long. If the player manages to get the Cross Cutter projectiles to hit consecutively, they can immediately dash in and begin a Textbook Combo with a jab.

Two of his Burning Vigor attacks can be used in indirect sequence. Kyosuke can launch his opponent high into the air with a Super Raijin Upper, perform an Air Combo, and finish the Air Combo with a Double Mirage Kick.

Kyosuke's Team-Up Technique is yet another of his moves. Because it initiates so quickly, the player can do it just about any time the opponent throws out a Burning Vigor attack or even a slow-executing normal move. The attack is actually the second weakest Team-Up technique in the game.

Most players using Kyosuke in Project Justice utilize a glitch that makes Kyosuke levitate--considered by many to be a cheap tactic.

Special Attacks[]

  • Cross Cutter (クロスカッター?) - Kyosuke fires two converging crescent-shaped projectiles. Hits twice at close range, but only once at the point where the two projectiles converge. Evading this move by jumping is difficult; sidestepping it is a simpler way.
  • Mirage Kick (幻影キック Gen'ei Kick?) - Closely similar to his twin brother's Phantasm Kick. The only difference is that Hyo's attack is a slash; Kyosuke's is a kick. Like the Phantasm Kick, this has poor recovery time if blocked. While landing to the ground as a result of recovery, he is completely vulnerable to several downward-aimed attacks, ranging from projectile/blast to diving kick attacks. This attack is also usable in the air, but is less damaging if done in the air.
  • Mirage Wave (幻影ウエーブ Gen'ei Wave?) - An air-only attack. Kyosuke does a Cross Cutter-like attack, only with shorter range. The player can quickly follow with a Mirage Kick for good measure.
  • Raijin Upper (雷神アッパー Lightning God Upper?) - A bolt of lightning rises from the ground, launching the opponent into the air. It has considerable recovery delay if blocked.
  • Mirage Breaker (幻影ブレーカー Gen'ei Breaker?) - Kyosuke does an overhead leaping punch that stuns the opponent in sparks. Even if blocked, Kyosuke will be able to attack even before the opponent can, since this attack has no recovery delay whatsoever.
  • Aerial Float (空中浮き Kuuchuu Uki?) - This is the well-known game bug utilized by many players in Project Justice. While in the air, the button combination is input, making Kyosuke stay airborne. He is invulnerable to almost all sorts of attacks while airborne, and all the attacks he delivers are at ground-level, despite his altitude. He can even execute Team-Up and Party-Up attacks while airborne. The only tactic that can foil this is a throw maneuver.

Burning Vigor Attacks[]

  • Diffusion Cross Cutter (拡散クロスカッター Kakusan Cross Cutter?) - The powered version of the Cross Cutter, wherein Kyosuke fires five converging projectiles. Contrary to the Cross Cutter, this is best done from a distance, where this attack deals more hits and (very obviously) more damage. The downside to this attack is its long recovery delay.
  • Double Mirage Kick (ダブル幻影キック Double Gen'ei Kick?) - Actually, he does more than just two Mirage Kicks, since a four-hit Mirage Wave follows. This is also usable in the air, and makes a good Air Combo finisher. As with the Mirage Wave, a Mirage Kick can be executed immediately afterwards for an extra hit.
  • Super Raijin Upper (スーパー雷神アッパー Super Lightning God Upper?) - Powered version of the Raijin Upper, wherein this move launches the opponent high into the air. Startup is fast, and is an excellent Tardy Counter. It can even completely foil dash-type Burning Vigor attacks from the opponent if this is done as a well-timed counterattack.

Team-Up Technique[]

  • Last Symphony (ラストシンフォニー?) - Kyosuke and the active character execute a fast barrage of blows to the opponent.

Party-Up Technique[]

  • Kyosuke does the Final Symphony.

Crossover appearances[]

Outside of the Rival Schools games, Kyosuke is also a playable character in Capcom vs. SNK 2: Mark of the Millennium 2001, which marked his first appearance in 2D form. One of his super moves in that game, Final Symphony Remix, includes cameos by Batsu and Hinata.


Kyosuke made a small cameo appearance in UDON's Street Fighter Legends: Sakura comic.

Kyosuke also appeared as a card in the Heroes and Heralds mode of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.


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  • His officially-credited last name, Kagami, can also be written as the Kanji character 鏡 (also read kagami on its own) which means 'mirror'. If seen as so, it makes sense why Kyosuke spends a lot of time looking in the mirror every day.
  • Given the fact that Hyo is his twin brother and Raizo is their uncle, it means that the twins are actually cousins of Batsu.
  • The following details on Kyosuke's life is as described:
    • He lives alone in a mansion near an unnamed college campus.
    • Academically, he excels in math and science, and apparently has no subject where he fares poorly in.[1]
    • As of Project Justice, he is the Chairperson of the school's morals committee.
    • Kyosuke actually knows how to play the saxophone, as indicated in the ending photo of the board game of the Japanese version of Project Justice.
  • His official epithet is "Mysterious Public Man".[1]
  • Kyosuke is the first character in the Rival Schools series who originally worked with a antagonistic sibling but changes sides later to stop them. He was later followed by Yurika Kirishima.

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