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La Lupa

La Lupa is a female Shadaloo cyborg in one episode of the 1995 animated television series, Street Fighter. She is voiced by Venus Terzo.


She is created by M. Bison after taking interest in Delta Red member Rory's cyborg body. Outfitted with extendible whip talons and super strength, Bison sends her and Cammy to India to steal the priceless Kali statue. The item that that would allow him to heal from his wounds after his last encounter with Guile. The two women encounter Cammy's teammates, Delta Red in battle with La Lupa specifically fighting Rory. After she escapes with the statue and gives it to Bison, Delta Red, as well as Guile and E. Honda arrive at Bison's hideout. La Lupa once again targets Rory, but despite initially besting him again and slicing off one of his robot arms, Rory defeats her and ties her up.



  • Her name (Italian for "the she-wolf") and her accent point to her being Latino.