The Lady Mika is one of R. Mika's unique attacks, introduced in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V Arcade-Stick-Right+Arcade-Button-HPunch

Description Edit

Executed by pressing forward and Heavy Punch, R. Mika performs an uppercut that hits almost vertically above her.



While the startup of this move is fairly slow, it is one of R. Mika's anti-air attacks. It is also one of her Crush Counter moves. If she scores a Crush Counter hit while the opponent is airborne, she can follow up with Wingless Airplane for high damaging combos.

It is also great for starting reset situations after Passion Rope throws. She can put the opponent in a left/right block situation or even have them guessing whether R. Mika will go for a command grab, regular throw, or frametrap normals. Utilizing reset situations will put the opponent in a difficult spot and will allow R. Mika to take control of the fight by keeping them on their heels.

Even if the move is blocked, R. Mika will still be safe. If it hits, it launches the opponent into a juggle state, allowing for follow-up combos or reset situations.


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