The Lair of the Four Kings is a stage in Street Fighter V. It is located inside Shadaloo's headquarters.

Description[edit | edit source]

The stage is an enormous dome-shaped room with various high-tech computers on both ends. In the background, a massive set of Mount Rushmore-esque statues can be seen. These statues depict the Four Kings of Shadaloo; from left to right, Balrog, M. Bison, Vega, and either F.A.N.G or Sagat (depending on the mode); the Bison statue also has a hand holding a globe, positioned near the center of the area. Closer to the foreground, there is an ongoing battle between Shadaloo forces and a group of Special Forces agents, with a Strider-esque ninja and a spacesuit-clad Shadaloo agent chasing each other.

In F.A.N.G's story mode fight with M. Bison, his statue is replaced with one of Sagat, since it takes place at a time when Sagat had not yet been replaced within Shadaloo.

The left and right edges of the stage can cause special cinematic knockouts if the final blow is landed at the corners. On the right side, the character is thrown face-first into the hand of a M. Bison statue. The statue unleashes a burst of Psycho Power on the character before releasing them.

On the left side, the character is slammed on their back against a large screen and falls to the ground. Meanwhile, the screen that displays data about the character that was knocked onto it.

Character Memo Gender Height Weight Origin
Abigail[Note 1] President Male 244cm 265kg Canada
Akuma The Strongest Male 178 cm 90 kg Unknown
Alex Hyper Bomber Male 195 cm 111 kg USA
Balrog Raging Buffalo Male 198 cm 135 kg USA
Birdie AWOL Male 216 cm 230 kg UK
Blanka Unconfirmed Data Male 192 cm 98 kg Brazil
Cammy Killer Bee Female 164 cm 61 kg UK
Charlie Nash Undead Avenger Male 186 cm 93 kg Unknown
Chun-Li Interpol Agent Female 169 cm Secret China
Cody Violent Mayor Male 185 cm 80 kg USA
Dan Impersonation Male 177 cm 74 kg Hong Kong
Dhalsim Yoga Guru Male 176cm (Varies) 48kg (Varies) India
E. Honda Salty Male 185 cm 137 kg Japan
Ed Progressing Male 182 cm 86 kg Unknown
Eleven Imitation Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
F.A.N.G No.2 Male 222 cm Unknown Unknown
Falke Goody Two-Shoes Female 176 cm 54 kg Unknown
G Earth Male 200 cm 150 kg Earth
Gill Unknown Male Unknown Unknown Unknown
Guile Sonic Avenger Male 182 cm 99 kg USA
Ibuki Student Female 162 cm 55 kg Japan
Juri Spider Female 165 cm 57 kg Korea
Kage Satsui no Hado Male Unknown Unknown Unknown
Karin The Princess Female 162 cm 59 kg Japan
Ken Flashy Fighter Male 175 cm 83 kg USA
Kolin Deceiver Female 168 cm 65 kg Unknown
Laura Matsuda Jiu-Jitsu Female 175 cm 72 kg Brazil
Lucia Caution!! Female 172 cm 58 kg USA
M. Bison The Boss Male 182 cm 112 kg Unknown
Menat Fortune Teller Female 163 cm 56 kg Egypt
Necalli Anomaly Unknown 190 cm 113 kg Unknown
Poison Mad Gear Unknown 175 cm 52 kg USA
R. Mika Muscle Spirit Female 168 cm 70 kg Japan
Rashid Wannabe Hero Male 178 cm 85 kg Unknown
Rose Former Apprentice Female 178 cm 54 kg Italy
Ryu Hado Awakened Male 175 cm 85 kg Unknown
Sagat Dirty Traitor Male 226 cm 98 kg Thailand
Sakura Part-Time Worker Female 157 cm 52 kg Japan
Seth Original Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Urien Ungodly Power Male 195 cm 120 kg Unknown
Vega Narcissist Male 186 cm 84 kg Spain
Zangief Red Cyclone Male 214 cm 181 kg Russia
Zeku Sales Rep Male 181 cm 89 kg Japan

[Note 1]Abigail can't be knocked on the screen, due to his large size. Though he still has a texture file of his monitor transition data.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Despite stating Sakura is the shortest character in the game, her in-game model is taller than Ibuki.
  • Due to Abigail not being affected by Stage Transitions due to his size, Sagat is the tallest character that this machine can do an analysis on.
    • Furthermore, this machine is one of the few times Sagat is referred to in a way that isn't tigers or his "King" moniker.
  • It is a little odd for Ryu to have the title "Hado Awakened", as it better describes the way Kage came to be.
  • This machine is the second time Zeku has been mistaken for a salesman, first time being Ibuki mistaking him for one in his story mode.
  • It is rather odd that Chun-Li's weight is listed as "Secret", since Shadaloo has no reason to hide this information.
    • Though it is possible even they do not have this info as it has been kept a secret to everyone since her debut.
  • To date no ninja characters have their ninja occupation listed, instead they have their secondary occupation listed (Ibuki as "Student" and Zeku as "Salesman").

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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