Las Vegas Balrog

Las Vegas in Street Fighter II': Champion Edition

Las Vegas (ラスベガス Rasu Begasu?) is a city in Nevada, USA. In Street Fighter II, Street Fighter Alpha 3 and Street Fighter V it serves as Balrog's home stage.


Street Fighter IIEdit

Las Vegas, 11 pm, a place to pursue the American dream, with Balrog making a lot of money with boxing and using it for drinks, gambling, and women. This night its streets will be Balrog's ring as he is challenged by a street fighter, Balrog taunting the challenger by saying that his fists will be dirty with blood.[1]

The fight takes place in front of a casino with a neon sign that says "Golden Nugget: Nin-Nin Hall". Other neon signs can be seen nearby, such as "Wedding Chapel" and "Golden Goose". Many people are watching the fight in front of the building, and two women constantly walk back and forth. There are also two Rolls Royce vehicles stopped in the area. The floor of the arena contains the text "Las Vegas!".

Street Fighter Alpha 3Edit

In the console version of Street Fighter Alpha 3, Balrog's stage is set in Las Vegas, this time over a crowded Fremont Street, specifically over the Glitter Gulch area of Fremont Street Experience. The flooring from the old SF2 stage reading "Las Vegas!" is still present in the arena space, while the area will present signs resembling iconic characters Vegas Vic and Sassy Sally. The dancers from the SF2 version will appear as well.

Street Fighter VEdit

Main article: High Roller Casino

The High Roller Casino is a DLC stage released in 2016. It is a reimagining of the Las Vegas stage from the Street Fighter II games. However, the changes made to the stage is the neon sign in the background that used to say "Golden Nugget: Nin-Nin Hall" was changed to "Golden Bullion: Shadaloo Hall". Some of the other neon signs from the original version are absent.

The stage is set in front of a casino owned by Shadaloo. Don Sauvage and Max can be seen in the background.



  • The casino may be named after Akira Nishitani (Nin-Nin).
  • The Golden Nugget is a real-life casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. The game depicts the 60's and 80's old sign changing the original Gambling Hall text with Nin-Nin Hall. The "Golden Goose" part seems to be fictional.
  • In the Super Street Fighter II HD Remix, the name of the casino and the overall design was changed into the fictional Crazy Buffalo casino (most likely a reference of Balrog's Super Special move) and in Street Fighter V into Golden Bullion, most likely to prevent legal action from the real-life casino trademark.


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