Akuma's Rakan Gokyaku launching Zangief, which he can then follow up with another move.

Launching is a term used in fighting games to refer to attacks that launch any foe it hits into the air, potentially allowing the user to follow up with a Juggle or Air Reset to Reset Damage Scaling. Attacks with these properties can be seen in the main games on an individual character based, and most often appear in crossover games as a sort of universal mechanic.

Input[edit | edit source]

Street Fighter X Tekken[edit | edit source]

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Description and tactics[edit | edit source]

Ibuki's close hard kick is an example of a character specific launcher in Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter X Tekken, it was removed in Street Fighter V.

Launchers are of varying use to each character of each game. Most Reversals with immunity tend to launch the opponent such as Ibuki's EX Kazekiri though in normal situations these launchers in some games can't be followed up on such as said attack in the III series, in IV Ibuki could FADC to followup with a Raida at a cost, in SFXT Ibuki could Switch Cancel said attack and her partner could follow up on it. In SFV Ibuki can followup the EX version with an EX Kunai. Ibuki can't follow up her normal Kazekiri's on her own but her V-Triggers can hit her opponent while Ibuki is recovering from the attack allowing Ibuki to continue the punish.

An example of a character specific launcher would be Ibuki's close hard kick. It allows Ibuki to juggle on her own. It can also continue a juggle from an Anti-Air and it is even Jump cancelable. Essentially there are two kind of launchers, one that ends a combo usually from a special attack and the other are launchers that start combos.

Marvel vs. Capcom series[edit | edit source]

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Street Fighter X Tekken[edit | edit source]

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Input Launcher in Street Fighter X Tekken

In Street Fighter X Tekken, launchers automatically swap in the tag partner, and can now tear through low attacks, and some special attacks as well; however, they have a relatively long startup. Cross Rushes have a fourth attack that becomes a launcher if landed successfully.[1]

The Cross Rush edition of launcher does not feature any immunity to attacks like the input version (similar to the attacked canceled Focus Attack in the SFIV series). Furthermore it only does 50 damage compared to the input version's 100. Successful hitting input launcher causes a closeup while the cross rush version does not.

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