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Li-Fen (リーフェン Rīfen?, Simplified Chinese: 丽芬) is a non-playable character who first appeared in Chun-Li's Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike ending. She later appeared in Chun-Li's Street Fighter V character story and also in A Shadow Falls, unwillingly serving for F.A.N.G's back-up plan for Operation C.H.A.I.N.S.



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Street Fighter V[]


Chun Lo Li Fen initial meeting

Li-Fen appears in Chun-Li's character story who asks Chun-Li about her yellow ribbons and her wristbands from the Alpha series. She was seen having her hair tied into unadorned ox-horns by Chun-Li while telling her story a few years ago until she finishes and she remarks about her hairstyle was great. Li-Fen also agrees to be trained by Chun-Li so that she will be stronger like her.

A Shadow Falls[]

Li-Fen is revealed to be the daughter of one of the missing hackers who is assisted by two Shadaloo soldiers until they are beaten by Rashid. She also tells him about his friend's location as Rashid goes off to help save them, with the latter being unaware that his friend has already been killed by F.A.N.G not too long ago.

During the first infiltration of the Shadaloo base, she recognizes Chun-Li for carrying the Merope chess piece as she shows it to her with her mobile pad. After Chun-Li successfully abort F.A.N.G's plan, he warns then for making a back up plan while escaping. Li-Fen is later threaten by F.A.N.G to activate the back up plan.

At the hideout where Rashid was hiding, she gave a clue through it: "Light up the pathway for those who stray. I call thy name."

Li-Fen as she appears in A Shadow Falls.

In the final assault of the Shadaloo base, F.A.N.G threatens to kill Li-Fen when Rashid manages to abort his plan thanks to his missing friend's final piece. F.A.N.G is then beaten by Chun-Li, who saves Li-Fen. After Ryu defeats M. Bison, she was seen being carried by Chun-Li during the escape until they are reunited with the other fighters.

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike[]

Li-Fen appears in 3rd Strike being kidnapped by Urien for his experiments which makes Chun-Li go rescue her. Li-Fen is later seen in Chun-Li's ending while training her and other children in Kung-Fu.


  • Li-Fen has good cooking skills, as seen in one of Chun-Li's arcade endings in Street Fighter V.
  • Since Li-Fen's debut, it has been generally assumed for a long time that she was adopted by Chun-Li, along with the other children in the latter's 3rd Strike ending, but this has yet to be officially confirmed.
  • In the June State of Play 2022 trailer of Street Fighter 6, a girl with the Capcom-themed jacket and headphone/glasses hybrid which has a panda motif is likely her grown up-self as a teenager. Whether she will be playable as well remain unknown.