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The Lift Upper (リフトアッパー Rifuto Appaa?) is one of Cammy's unique attacks, introduced in Street Fighter V. It returns in Street Fighter 6, renamed to Lift Uppercut.

All appearances Arcade-Stick-Left+Arcade-Button-MPunch
Street Fighter 6
Arcade-Stick-Left+Modern M


"A quick uppercut. Useful against jumping opponents."
Street Fighter 6

Cammy performing Lift Upper.

Executed by pressing back and Medium Punch, (or pressing back and Medium Attack for Modern Control), Cammy performs a quick uppercut that hits almost vertically above her.


Street Fighter V[]

This attack is an excellent anti-air option. It comes out as quick as her Light normals and can even catch her opponent in the air quicker before they can begin their jump-in attack. If the Lift Upper is timed and spaced correctly, Cammy can dash underneath her opponent for damaging mix-up combos. She can also stay on the same side to maintain offensive pressure.

While the damage this move inflicts by itself is minimal, it is one of Cammy's best attacks to keep her opponent on their heels. Because of its fast startup, it can be very difficult for her opponent to stuff it out. Despite of this move's lack of range, it puts Cammy in an advantageous position, whether the attack is blocked or hit. On block, Cammy is +1. If her opponent tries to attack with a 3-frame normal, she can use her Crouching Light Punch to interrupt their counterattack. On hit, Cammy is +4. She can link Lift Upper into any of her 3 or 4-frame Light normals, leading into some decent damaging combos.

Street Fighter 6[]


Cammy performing Lift Uppercut.

Lift Uppercut serves as one of Cammy's anti-air attack. While her signature Cannon Spike can neutralize the opponent's jump-in attempts from a distance, in can be difficult to use if the opponent is directly over Cammy. Lift Uppercut is a solid option against the opponent's cross-up attempts. Hitting an airborne opponent with this move puts them in a reset, making them land close to Cammy. From there, she can keep her opponent on their heels by mixing up her throw game with strong normals that allows her to maintain frame advantage.

Similar to Street Fighter V, Lift Uppercut can be linked from her Crouching Light Punch. Cammy can also utilize Drive Rush to get more from Lift Uppercut. After hitting the opponent with Standing Heavy Punch from a Cancel Drive Rush, she can link into Lift Uppercut. Also, hitting an airborne opponent with this move during a Drive Rush puts them in a juggle state, allowing her to follow up with Assault Blade or other normals to inflict more damage.

By pressing Heavy Kick after Lift Upper, Cammy performs her Lift Combination. The following attacks below can be used in combos with Lift Upper.