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Lily Hawk (リリー・ホーク Rirī Hōku?, Spanish: Halcón Lirio), also known as the Listener of Spirits (スピリッツの聞き手 Supirittsu no kikite?, Spanish: Oyente de espíritus)[4], is a fighting game character from the Street Fighter games, appearing as one of the new characters in Street Fighter 6. She is a member of the Thunderfoot tribe, along with T. Hawk and Juli.



Lily is a short girl with tan skin and black hair put up in two tall pigtails.

Her default attire consists of a blue & white poncho with red & green designs, a red & white bead necklace, white feathery earrings, a red, white & blue headband, red hair ties, torn pink shorts with a white belt, and brown boots with trims colored like the Mexican flag that have white tassels above the ankles.

Her outfit 2 consists of an orange and green striped shortsleeve sweater, an earflap beanie of the same colors and pattern, frilly green shorts, orange boots, and a brown backpack. She wears a thick metallic black bracelet on each wrist. Her war clubs are now green, with a bird's head design on the tip. Her back pack also has two key chains, one being a bird that is pink on the head, blue in the midsection, and green on the base. Her other is a blanka chan key chain. Her pigtails now rest lower due to the hat.

In her Outfit 3, she wears a sleeveless green crop-top that is frilly and white in the center. The green portion has golden flower designs along the bottom, and she wears a red Charro tie around her neck. Her pants are white with green around the hips and on the sides, sporting the same golden floral design as her top, and she wears a thin red scarf around her waist. She wears white and gold fingerless gloves and golden boots with a red flower connected to a green stem on each. She carries a green, gold, and white Sombrero on her back. Her hair is now styled in small folded pigtails held together by red ribbons with one pink rose on each, and short parted bangs in the front. Her war clubs now have green plant designs near the tip, green tips with red flower designs, and ribbons attached to the handles. This is the only outfit (so far) where Lily wears makeup, sporting red lipstick and pink blush.


Lily is a youthful, curious girl with an interest to the world around her, in a similar vein to Elena, who Lily has met in her travels. Lily's movements are somewhat unrefined from her lack of experience, exemplified by her Super Art animations. While she wishes to make friends and be nice to everyone, she is not naive to JP's true intentions and also worries for Juri's recklessness.


Character Relationships[]


T. Hawk[]

Thunder Hawk is Lily's main inspiration for leaving the settlement to explore the world, and imitates his fighting style. It is unknown what their exact relationship is however.


Dhalsim finds Lily's strength and connection with spirits to be interesting in nature and offers to train her to help find her true potential. However, Dhalsim can sense what seems to be the Satsui no Hado inside Lily (persumably her spirit Toyno'Ikonoi) and is worried if that was the case. In the end, Dhalsim chose to withhold expressing his concern to Lily, simply referring to what he sensed as a "great power" within her. Outside of this though, Lily and the tribe later befriended Dhalsim, and is eager to show him her power once her and the "spirit" have grown after their journey.



Street Fighter 6[]

A descendant of the Thunderfoot tribe, Lily speaks with the spirits of nature, trusting in their guidance as she travels the globe. Don't judge a book by its cover—her small stature conceals truly titanic power.

Arcade Mode[]

Lily: That's the Spirit[]

Having a love to travel, a spirit named Toyno'Ikonoi (トイノイコノイ toinoikonoi?) speaks to Lily through the wind that she should travel around the world, as it remains so much to be seen, and it awaits her. Lily mentions that a long time ago, there was a Thunderfoot warrior like her, who set on a journey to save the tribe. And on that journey, he met many amazing warriors, and Lily hopes that her journey is the same.

As Lily returns home, she is visited by Dhalsim who teleported himself from India. While Lily is fascinated by Dhalsim's teleportation power and wonders if he was a spirit. Dhalsim declines and offers a fight to test her strength.

After Dhalsim leaves, Lily is left wondering about how Dhalsim is sensing a "great power" within her, thinking that he may refers to her spirit Toyno'Ikonoi. Lily then decided to travel the world to become stronger, and is eager to show how much she has grown once her and Toyno'Ikonoi become stronger.

Dhalsim: An Omen[]

Dhalsim's Arcade mode depicts his encounter with Lily from his point of view. While he is meditating in the Dhalsimer Temple, he sense a "great power" that lies "dormant" the whole time, and choose to investigate it. Dhalsim then teleported himself to the Thunderfoot Settlement in Mexico to meet Lily, the source of the "great power", and offers a fight to prove her strength.

After the match, Dhalsim befriended Lily and chief Singing Wolf, having taken selfie together. While Dhalsim sensed no harm in Lily's spirit, he suspects that the "great power" inside Lily may be the Satsui no Hado and hoped that this wasn't the case.

Blanka: Real-life Cryptid[]

Lily mistakenly believed Blanka-chan's "cryptid sprite" ads for his travel company to be genuine and traveled to Brazil to meet the "sprite" in person. After she fought Blanka, Blanka apologizes for "lying" about Blanka-chan being a cryptid, to which Lily reassure him that she can sense "the spirit of the jungle" within him, and that is what she were looking for. Though this inadventedly convinces Blanka that Blanka-chan and "the spirit of the jungle" were one and the same and thus both were "real".

World Tour[]

Blazing Sun of the Thunderfoot. Chosen by the Spirits. Divine Princess. (サンダーフットの燃える太陽。 精霊に選ばれし者。 神聖なプリンセス。 Sandāfutto no moeru taiyō. Seirei ni erabareshimono. Shinseina purinsesu.?, Spanish: Sol llameante del Thunderfoot. Elegido por los Espíritus. princesa divina.)

"Y'know what I think? Strength isn't something you can learn; it's something you yourself have to teach. (私が何を考えているか知っていますか? 強さは学ぶことができるものではありません。 それはあなた自身が教えなければならないことです。 Watashi ga nani o kangaete iru ka shitte imasu ka? Tsuyo-sa wa manabu koto ga dekiru monode wa arimasen. Sore wa anata jishin ga oshienakereba naranai kotodesu.?)"
—Lily's advice after completing training & achieving Mastery



Fighting style[]

Lily wields dual ball-headed war clubs known as pogamoggans which she uses to attack from deceptively long ranges. Lily, as a fellow Thunderfoot member, uses many of the same techniques as T. Hawk, such as Tomahawk Buster, Condor Spire, and Condor Dive.


Lily retains much of T. Hawk's fundamental design combining various diving tackles with a powerful command grab, but with some twists that set her apart. Condor Wind has Lily twirl her clubs around, granting her Windclad Stocks that amplify her special moves and Super Arts. Condor Wind also can be followed up with a downward strike for combos, giving Lily the ability to store Windclad Stocks from close range and across the screen. Her long pokes and disjointed hitboxes make her strong at the mid range. However, her gameplan is largely straightforward, balancing Windclad Stocks in order to initiate her pressure and get in range for Mexican Typhoon. While powerful with Windclad Stocks, Lily is often forced outside of her effective range when she runs out, on top of her command grab leaving her fullscreen.

Her Level 1 Super Art is Breezing Hawk, a spinning club barrage that launches the opponent away. Her Level 2 is Thunderbird, an invincible rising tackle that gets enhanced with Windclad Stocks. Lily's Level 3 Super Art, Raging Typhoon, is a command grab that has her toss the opponent into the air while spinning violently before slamming them to the ground, either intentionally for the standard variant or unintentionally falling on top for the Critical Art.








  • Lily is the third playable character with confirmed ties to the Thunderfoot tribe, after T. Hawk and Juli.
  • She is the fourth playable character to use dual-wielded weapons, after Eagle, Sodom, and Decapre.
  • Her finalized design is a slightly altered version of her design from the initial leaked image.[5] Her and Akuma are the only characters from the image with this distinction.
  • Lily is similar in designs and concepts to Talim from the Soulcalibur series.


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