For a better explanation on how the Street Fighter games runs, see Frame Data.
Ibuki Link Combo example

Here Ibuki performs a link combo, her MP is +6 which enables her to link into another same attack, then Pushback pushes Dan out of the way of another MP so the link combo is ended with Spin Kick.

Link Combo is a term for a type of combo in the Street Fighter series.


Enabled by positive Frame Data, a link combo refers to a combo that does not have any automatic Cancels involved, such as Target Combos, Cross Rush, or Special Cancels. While link combos can end with a special cancel, a link combo refers to a combo that is done by manual inputs taking frame data into account. An example of a link combo is provided above with Ibuki linking her medium punch into another medium punch then spin kick.


Execution refers to how well a player is able to perform links or other manual activities where the game doesn't allow the player to press in quick sequence. A common term is 1-frame link which refers to an attack that the player has 1/60 of a second to push the right input for a combo to continue. In Street Fighter V the timing for a one frame link was made a lot more lenient to make the game approachable for newer players.

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