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This article is a list of episodes of Street Fighter II V. In total, there are 29 episodes, with the first episode airing on April 10, 1995, and the last episode airing on November 27, 1995.

# English title (top)
Japanese title (bottom)
Original air date
1 "The Beginning of A Journey"
(旅立ち サンフランシスコからの招待状 lit. Invitation to San Francisco)
April 10, 1995
Ryu receives an unexpected letter from his friend Ken. The letter tells him to come to America for a visit. The two of them have not seen each other in years, and so this is the reason Ken sends the letter. Ryu, after thinking about it, decides to go to America at Ken's request. When he arrives at the San Francisco airport, he finds Ken. The two of them then drive home to Ken's place, relax a bit, then go out for the night on Ken's motorcycle. They go into the pub called Mt. Fuji, where they beat up some military thugs who tried to fight them after Ken wooed one of their dates. Afterward, the leader of the military thugs, Guile, enters the bar and sees what Ryu and Ken have done to his men.
2 "The King of The Airforce"
(空軍の王者 炸裂、脅威のミリタリーコンバット lit. The King of the Airforce, the Threat of Military Combat)
April 17, 1995
Guile and Ryu fight each other, though it is obvious Guile has the upper hand. He has much more experience and military combat training, and even though Ryu has mastered martial arts, he still cannot best Guile in the least. Guile easily overpowers Ryu, and then leaves the bar with his men, telling Ryu that he has guts. Ken takes Ryu home, then fights Guile at the Air Force Base in San Francisco. Ken loses badly as well, and then Ken and Ryu travel to Hong Kong in hopes of improving their fighting skills.
3 "Landing In Hong Kong"
(香港上陸 潜入、魔闘窟への挑戦状 lit. Landing in Hong Kong, A Crowd of Demons)
April 24, 1995
In this episode, Ryu and Ken stay at a fancy hotel in Hong Kong. There, their tour guide, Chun-Li, enters the helicopter Ken ordered before her arrival. Chun-Li is meant to guide Ryu and Ken throughout Hong Kong. However, she doesn't know they want to go to the Devil's Battle Cage in Kowloon Palace to fight in the martial arts tournament there and get stronger. Ken and Ryu convince their pilot, Tyler, to land in Kowloon Palace, albeit after a tough time convincing him. Once in Kowloon Palace, Ryu, Ken, and Chun-Li enter into the martial arts tournament building. Ryu defeats all the opponents there. Then, Lean, the leader of the Devil Battle's Cage martial arts tournament, tells everyone in Kowloon Palace to kill Ryu, Ken, and Chun-Li on sight for humiliating him.
4 "Darkness At Kowloon Palace"
(暗黒の九龍城 無法地帯、命がけの大脱出 lit. Darkness at Kowloon Palace, Great Escape of Desparation)
May 1, 1995
Ryu, Ken, and Chun-Li fight their way through Kowloon Palace, defeating all the foes they encounter. Chun-Li leads Ryu and Ken to the exit of Kowloon Palace, only to be stopped by the evil Lean. Lean sends his two henchmen, Sodom and Gomorrah after Ryu and Ken to stop them from escaping. Ryu and Ken defeat them, only to find Lean has Chun-Li held hostage. Chun-Li's father Dorai, who is the police chief of Hong Kong, shoots Lean in the hand just as he is about to fire at Ryu and Ken. Dorai, Chun-Li, Ryu, and Ken then go back to the hotel they are staying in, where Chun-Li tells them she will take them to go see the martial arts master Fei Long tomorrow.
5 "Hot Blooded Fei Long"
(飛龍熱血! 激写、スーパーバトルアクションムービー lit. Hot Blooded! Fei Long, Super Action Movie)
May 8, 1995
Ryu, Ken, and Chun-Li visit Fei Long, who is filming a movie. Fei Long picks which actor he wants for the fight scene he is currently filming, stating that "fights have to be real", rather than just act via fake fighting like a normal actor would. Fei Long picks Ken as the fighter for the scene, and Ken fights Fei Long. While this is supposedly part of the film, Fei Long and Ken take the fight a little too far for a film. The match ends in a draw when the director of the film stops the fight because of the injuries Fei Long and Ken are inflicting upon each other.
6 "Appearance of The Secret Technique"
(秘伝見参! 漲る気、波動の覚醒 lit. Keep Secret! The Appearance of Hadou)
May 22, 1995
Ryu, Ken, and Chun-Li go shopping at a shopping mall. Once there, Ryu meets a strange old man who it seems is about to die, as he is sweating and looks to be in bad condition. Ryu says he will call an ambulance for him, but the old man insists on Ryu taking him to a place of privacy. There, the old man practices a martial arts technique in front of Ryu, where he uses his ki to create a blue fireball from his hands. He swallows this fireball, and, after it explodes in his stomach, he's fine and back in good health. Ryu wants to learn how to do the technique the old man just did, and so he takes him to his shop where they can have privacy and practice the technique. Ryu doesn't master it, although he gains a little more knowledge about his spiritual self after this encounter.
7 "The Revenge of Ashura"
(阿修羅の報復 襲いかかるムエタイの刺客 lit. Ashura's Counterstrike - Muay Thai Assassins)
June 5, 1995
The evil crime organization called Ashura sets up a plan to kill Chun-Li's father for foiling their plans in earlier episodes. Chun-Li is used as bait for Dorai's death, and when Chun-Li goes to a park and waits on Ryu and Ken to come themselves, she is ambushed by an Ashura member disguised as a clown. Ryu and Ken get there just in time to save Chun-Li, defeating all the Ashura foes. Chun-Li, Ryu, and Ken then go to Dorai's dojo to prevent the Ashura from attacking him and killing him. Chun-Li goes inside to protect Dorai, while Ken, Ryu, and Fei Long battle the Ashura to stop them from getting inside. They eventually triumph, and the Ashura flee the scene. During this scene, Akuma makes a cameo appearance as one of the gang members.
8 "Trap Prison And The Scream of Truth"
(罠、牢獄、真実の叫び 誇り高きリュウ lit. Trap Prison - Ryu's Proud Cry of Truth)
June 12, 1995
Ryu and Ken decide to go to Thailand in hopes of learning the fighting style of Muay Thai. Once at the airport in Bangkok, Ryu and Ken go to separate lines to get approval to get into Thailand legally. Because of this, Donu, the member of the Ashura who fled in Episode 7, sneaks up on Ryu and plants heroine in his backpack as a way to get revenge. Ryu doesn't notice this at first, and just as he and Ken go down an escalator, Ryu is caught with heroine in his backpack and is sent to prison. There, he endures brutal torture from Warden Nuchi, as well as taunting from other prisoners. Ryu eventually attacks the two prisoners that are taunting him throughout the episode. After that, Sagat, who is "the one to fear" according to the prisoners that taunted Ryu, gets prepared to battle Ryu.
9 "The Superstar of Muay Thai"
"Muay Thai no Kyosei - Sōzetsu Prison Battle Symphony" (ムエタイの巨星 壮絶、獄中戦交響曲 lit. Muay Thai Superstar - Prison Battle Symphony)
June 19, 1995
Sagat and Ryu battle each other using Muay Thai. Ryu eventually stops using Muay Thai and just uses his regular fighting style, and begins to overpower Sagat slightly. The fight ends in a draw after Sagat realizes that he and Ryu are kindred fighting spirits. Sagat vows to protect Ryu as long as he is in prison, and he calls the fight off. Nuchi then insists Sagat and Ryu continue to fight because he wants 50% of the money that was bet in the fight before it was called off by Sagat. Sagat refuses, and an angered Nuchi attempts to kill Sagat. Ryu and Sagat fight off Nuchi, and then Ken, after much work, manages to get Ryu out of prison. Ryu says farewell to Sagat, and then Ryu and Ken get in the car and the episode ends as Ryu finds out who was behind his imprisonment.
10 "Dark Omen"
(暗黒の予兆 ベールに包まれた真の君臨者 lit. The Real Leader Veiled in a Dark Omen)
June 26, 1995
Ryu and Ken travel to the Ashura's secret hideout building, where they manage to defeat Donu and the other Ashura members in the building to get revenge for what happened to Ryu. They bring them into custody, then after getting out of the building, they are fired at by a sniper in a building a few stories above. Ryu and Ken manage to escape the sniper relatively unharmed (the only thing that was harmed was Ryu's shoulder, and only slightly). They get atop the vehicle of the guy that shot at them, unbeknownst to the sniper. They arrive at another secret hideout of the Ashura, where one of their main headquarters appears to be. There, they are severely beaten by an evil man named Zochi. Zochi carries a chainsaw on his left hand, although it is never explained how he lost his left hand. Zochi, after realizing torture will not make Ryu and Ken tell him who they are "supposedly" working for (in truth, they are working for no one, but Zochi doesn't believe them), he puts Ryu in a chair, where he is tied up. Ryu attempts to wiggle himself out, but Zochi plans to cut Ryu's left arm off with his chainsaw to add to his "collection" of other left arms. Just as Zochi is about to do so, the alarm sounds as Dorai and the rest of the police who are with him enter the secret hideout, thanks to the tracker Dorai planted on Soong.

Distracted by this, Ryu and Ken defeat Zochi and the other Ashura members in the room, much to the surprise of Dorai and the rest of the police with him when they enter the room. Sagat, at the end of the episode, is freed from prison in light of new evidence proving his innocence. Sagat asks Ryu to show him the scroll he got from master Yo. He then tells Ryu if he wishes to learn about Hadou, he should travel to India, where a monk named Dhalsim lives.

11 "Visitation of The Beasts"
(野獣来訪 聖なる荒法師、若武者への忠告 lit. Visitation of the Beasts - Advice to the Young Warriors)
July 3, 1995
Ryu and Ken visit India to learn about Hadou from a monk named Dhalsim who lives in northern India. Ryu and Ken fight some evil men who want to destroy Dr. Hanna's small hospital, that she says is a refuge for the poor of Calcutta. Ken makes a phone call that buys the land the men want to use as their own, and thus Dr. Hanna never has to worry about them again. When Ryu and Ken arrive in the village where Dhalsim is, Dhalsim refuses to teach them the ways of Hadou, because they are "beasts with an aggressive spirit", and thus are unworthy to be taught Hadou. Ryu and Ken befriend the villagers to impress Dhalsim and motivate him to teach them Hadou. Dhalsim eventually shows Ryu and Ken the Cave of Ancients, telling them never to go in there for there is a terrible monster in there. The episode ends as four men enter the cave, mad with greed. Apparently, they want the treasure in there.
12 "The Deadly Phantom Faceoff"
(赤白の闘神 幻の真剣勝負 lit. The Showdown of the Red and White Spirits)
July 10, 1995
Ryu and Ken enter the Cave of Ancients to get the treasure out of there. The reason for this is because an evil man and his crew want the treasure for their own gain. Two of his men have already died, and he only has one remaining aside from himself. He threatens to kill the villagers of India if Ryu and Ken don't get the treasure out of the cave for him. Ryu and Ken enter the cave to get the treasure. Inside, they face each other in combat, although they do not know that the "monster" in the cave is merely a reflection of their innermost being. Ryu and Ken, after suffering serious injuries from the fight, realize that they are fighting each other, and then the monster disappears after that realization. Ryu and Ken emerge from the cave and give the treasure to the man who wants it. He then tries to kill them for outliving their "usefulness", although Dhalsim paralyzes him. Dhalsim then heals Ryu and Ken's injuries, and then the episode ends just as Dhalsim is about to teach Ryu and Ken the ways of Hadou.
13 "The Legend of Hadou Ken"
(森羅万象の気 波動拳伝説 lit. A Uniting Spirit - Legend of Hadouken)
July 17, 1995
Dhalsim teaches Ryu how to use Hadou. Ryu learns how to do the Hadouken technique, but he cannot control it, and thus it could kill anyone without warning and Ryu couldn't stop it. Ryu goes to the Cave of Ancients to perfect his use of the Hadouken, since it's too risky otherwise. In the cave, he fights an imaginary Guile, and then after that, he fires the Hadouken at an imaginary Dhalsim, since imagining opponents helps him focus on where to shoot the Hadouken. After the Hadouken is fired, Ryu and Ken leave India to go to Spain, since Dorai was sent to Barcelona to receive an award for shutting down the Ashura crime syndicate. Chun-Li sends the letter for Ryu and Ken to come, and thus they do, as the episode ends.
14 "The Bloodthirsty Prince"
(血に飢えた麗人 バルログ lit. Bloodthirsty Noble - Balrog)
July 24, 1995
The evil matador Vega enters a bullfighting arena to show off his skills at bullfighting. Vega notices the beauty of Chun-Li the second he enters the arena, and immediately develops affection for her. He gives her a rose before fighting the bull. Vega easily defeats the bull, and then presents to Chun-Li the bull's ear as proof of his victory. Chun-Li becomes uneasy when around Vega after this incident. Ryu, Ken, and Chun-Li meet up with Vega a couple more times after the bullfighting arena, and each time Vega shows more affection towards Chun-Li. In the middle of the night when Chun-Li, Ryu, and Ken are sleeping, Vega sneaks into Chun-Li's hotel room and kisses her. Vega manages to cast a love potion over Chun-Li, where she will only focus on him via a daze each time she sees him. Vega manages to escape the room just as Ken notices someone is there. The episode ends as Ryu, Ken, and Chun-Li wake up.
15 "Clash of The Titans"
(両雄激突 プライドと命とシンデレラを賭けた死闘 lit. Two-man Battle - A Battle to the Death for Pride and Life and Cinderella)
July 31, 1995
Ken is invited to a party by Vega, although Ken doesn't know Vega sent the letter. Ken and Chun-Li go to the party, while Ryu stays behind at the hotel practicing his Hadouken. When they reach the party, Chun-Li drifts off into a daze, and Ken, realizing that Vega is in the steel deathmatch cage in the middle of the room where the party is being held, accepts Vega's challenge to fight for the love of Chun-Li. Ken enters the ring and decides to fight Vega. Vega attacks Ken a few times, as the episode ends.
16 "The Unveiled Ruler"
(ベールをぬいだ君臨者 暴走を始めた恐るべき征服欲 lit. The Unveiled Leader - Formidible Conquest Runs Amuck)
August 7, 1995
The battle between Ken and Vega continues. Vega easily has the advantage, as he breaks both of Ken's feet, and also causes Ken to lose a lot of blood because of his claws. Despite this, Ken manages to fare pretty well against the matador, and manages to score a few hard hits in on Vega before Vega wears him down. Vega jumps atop the chandelier to use his ultimate attack, while Ken prepares to use his ultimate attack, the Shoryuken on Vega. Just as the two are about to use their ultimate attacks on each other, the episode ends.
17 "Shudder! The Despot's Commander"
(戦慄、暴君の司令 忍び寄る策謀、迫り来る危機 lit. Shuder, the Despot's Commander - Creeping Machinations, Impending Crisis)
August 14, 1995
Ken and Vega's battle reaches its end, as Ken uses the Shoryuken to finish Vega off. Ken falls to the ground after that, badly hurt. Chun-Li enters the cage after that since the love potion put on by Vega has wore off. Ken and Chun-Li talk a bit, then Vega drops down from the chandelier when Ken's Shoryuken knocked him to. Vega wakes up for a brief moment here as he tries to attack Ken, but he falls unconscious again just as he falls from the chandelier. Ken catches Vega on his back, and M. Bison, impressed with his skills, wants Zoltar, his assistant, to get his doctors to work on his recovery and bring him to his villa. Ryu continues to practice the Hadouken on the beach by the hotel he is staying in. Ken and Vega are taken into different rooms for recovery. Chun-Li, finding this suspicious, questions Bison's doctors. The doctors give Ken a shot which makes him sleep. Bison enters the room after that and tries to take Chun-Li to his villa. Chun-Li refuses to go, and begins to attack Bison. Bison hurts her badly, as the episode ends.
18 "The Beautiful Assassin"
(美しき暗殺者 緑色の瞳、十字架の恐怖 lit. Beautiful Assassin - Green Eyes, Fear of the Cross)
August 21, 1995|-
Bison and Chun-Li fight. Chun-Li hits Bison twice, but just as she is about to escape, he teleports in front of her and strangles her until she loses consciousness due to lack of oxygen. Bison, realizing he went berserk with his Psycho Power, tells his assistant, Zoltar, to bring Chun-Li and Ken to his villa. Meanwhile, the assassin Cammy, who was hired by Balrog of Interpol (or so he claims, though in truth he is a Shadowlaw agent) to kill Dorai, enters her hotel room next to where Dorai is staying. The reason for killing Dorai was because he supposedly set up a new drug syndicate every time he smashed one, with himself as boss of those drug syndicates. Also, apparently the Chief of Interpol, Barrac, agreed to this hit, but said that it has to be a secret. Dorai was sent to lead the investigation of the Shadowlaw crime syndicate. Just as Cammy is about to kill Dorai, the episode ends.
19 "Special Orders To Iron Men"
(鉄人への特命 救出の空に発つ最強の助っ人 lit. Special Orders to Iron Men - Airborne Rescue of the Strongest Men)
August 28, 1995
Ken's father, Mr. Masters, sends two special commandos from the United States military, Guile and Nash to rescue Ken from Bison. The reason Mr. Masters found out about Ken's abduction is because Bison called him and demanded a $1,000,000,000 ransom in exchange for Ken. The money was needed because it would give Bison and Shadowlaw the money they lost when Dorai shut down Ashura. Guile and Nash enter a helicopter after being briefed by Mr. Masters's friend from college, in order to go quickly to Spain to rescue Ken from Bison. Meanwhile, Dorai is attacked by Cammy and is presumably killed by the assassination attempt (Dorai manages to survive the attack). On the beach, Ryu is attacked by the Shadowlaw wrestler Zangief, who was sent by Bison to take Ryu to Bison's headquarters. Ryu resists Zangief, and the episode ends.
20 "Unknown Explosive Force"
(秘められた爆発力 渾身に満ちるとてつもないパワー lit. Unknown Explosive Force - A Tremendous Body-Filling Power)
September 4, 1995
Ryu and Zangief fight for a brief time on the beach, but Zangief, with the help of the Shadowlaw driver, knocks out Ryu and puts him in the truck in which he came in. Just as Zangief puts Ryu into the truck, Guile and Nash land nearby, and Zangief and the Shadowlaw driver quickly escape with Ryu before Guile and Nash can confront them. Guile and Nash search the castle that Vega and Ken were in before being worked on by Bison's physicians to see if they can find Ken. The place is thoroughly cleaned out, and thus their search is futile. Meanwhile, Ryu and Bison fight each other as Ryu awakes to find himself in Shadowlaw's headquarters. Ryu fights Bison to no avail, as Bison easily overpowers him. Ryu is taunted by Bison into using the Hadouken, and when he is about to fire it, Bison uses his Psycho Power to cause Ryu to lose control of the Hadouken. The Hadouken explodes, and this, combined with the energy of Bison's Psycho Power, knocks Ryu unconscious.
21 "Compusion Towards Vengeance"
(服従への強制 サイバーチップ、脳支配への挑戦)
September 11, 1995
Ryu has the cyberchip planted on his forehead by Bison. Zoltar created the chip to create Shadowlaw warriors for Bison. These cyberchips control the subject's higher brain functions, and thus as long as the cyberchip is on their forehead, Bison can control the subject as he pleases, as Zoltar demonstrates by getting a test subject to bang his head against the wall and kill himself. With Ryu under Bison's control, and Ken unconscious and chained in a bed, Guile and Nash will have to hurry in order to rescue Ken from Bison. Meanwhile, Fei Long learns of Dorai's supposed death, and rushes to the hospital to see him (he was in Barcelona because he was to film a movie there). There, Interpol Chief Barrac explains the situation to Fei Long, and Fei Long wishes to help Barrac protect Dorai from future assassination attempts, since he is still alive.
22 "Rising Dragon Into The Sky"
(昇龍、空へ 怒りの絶頂、目覚める波動)
September 18, 1995
Ken is continually having nightmares of Chun-Li being strangled by Bison, and this begins to awaken his ki and his ability to tap Hadou. After much nightmares, Ken finally wakes up, although weaker than ever, and summons the Hadou Shoryuken and manages to free himself from the chains, as well as bust a hole in the ceiling in order to escape from the room. After escaping, Ken eventually begins to make his way deeper into the fortress in hopes of finding Ryu and Chun Li.
23 "The Icy Light of Their Eyes"
(凍りついた眼光 悪魔に魅入られた勇者)
October 16, 1995
This episode gives a recap of what happened ever since Ryu and Ken journeyed to Barcelona. This whole segment is seven minutes long. After the recap, the actual episode begins, where Ken slowly makes his way to the main room of the headquarters, where he is seaparated from Chun-Li and Ryu via a wall. Balrog summons Cammy to the hospital, since Dorai survived her assassination attempt, and Balrog wants him dead. Cammy begins to have suspicions on Balrog, but still follows his orders for now.
24 "Nightmare Reunion"
(悪夢の再会 悲痛の呼び掛け、閉ざされた意識)
October 23, 1995
Bison orders Ryu to focus his ki to do the Hadouken. Ryu keeps doing the Hadouken for quite a while, and Guile and Nash infiltrate the fortress to get inside and rescue Ken from Bison. Ken slowly but surely summons enough rage to use the Hadou Shoryu to break the wall between him and Ryu. Ken, after breaking the wall, tries to convince Ryu to come with him, but Ryu doesn't answer, and stands there glaring evilly at Ken. Ken notices something is wrong with Ryu, but doesn't know what. The episode ends after that.
25 "Fight To The Finish (Round One)"
(死闘 <第一章> 壮絶、トリプルバトルコマンド)
October 30, 1995
Ryu and Ken fight each other in a heated battle. Ryu easily overpowers Ken, as Ken refuses to fight his best friend. However, Ken eventually hits Ryu in order to defend himself, at which point Bison tells Ken that he and Ryu were born to fight this fight. The fight goes on between Ryu and Ken after this, as Ken tries to convince Ryu to snap out of it, but to no avail. Meanwhile, Cammy enters Dorai's hospital room and attempts to make a final assassination attempt on him, when Fei Long emerges from under the cover and turns on the lights in the room. Fei Long and Cammy talk, then they battle each other for Dorai's life. Finally, Guile and Nash, having successfully infiltrated Shadowlaw fortress, go their separate ways to find Ken. Guile runs into Zangief along the way, and he initiates a fight with him.
26 "Fight To The Finish (Round Two)"
(死闘 <第二章> 力尽きゆく親友の断末魔)
November 6, 1995
The fight between Guile and Zangief continues, as Guile continues to struggle in defeating Zangief. Guile manages to defeat Zangief after a while though. Fei Long and Cammy continue their fight, with Fei Long determined to protect Dorai from Cammy. Ryu and Ken continue their fight as well, with no signs of it coming to an end. Ken continues to try to convince Ryu to turn back to normal, though to no avail. Eventually, Nash fights his way into the control room of the fortress, where he finds Bison. He confronts Bison boldly, shooting a bullet into his heart. Bison uses his Psycho Power to render this bullet useless. Afterward, Bison attacks Nash relentlessly, and eventually chokes him. Nash doesn't survive the choke, and dies because of it.
27 "Fight To The Finish (Round Three)"
(死闘 <第三章> 臨界点、激突する波動エネルギーの極限)
November 13, 1995
Ryu and Ken continue their fight. Nash is killed by a chokehold Bison puts on him. Guile eventually finds his way into the control room, where he finds his friend Charlie Nash dead from Bison. Guile, realizing Bison killed Nash, rushes in to attack him with an extreme rage. Bison uses his Psycho Power to blast Guile back to the entrance of the room, where Guile stays for quite a while. Meanwhile, Fei Long and Cammy continue to fight for the life of Dorai, although Fei Long reveals to Cammy that Shadowlaw had sent her to kill Dorai, because he kept foiling their plans. Cammy did not know she was hired by a Shadowlaw agent, and so she believes Fei Long's words. Cammy goes to the hotel room where Balrog is staying, and begins to question his motives. He eventually reveals to her that he set her up, pointing a gun at her. Just as he is about to kill her, Fei Long and Barrac bust the door down, and Cammy kicks Balrog's gun out of his hand while he is distracted by the intrusion. Barrac says Balrog is under arrest, but before he is arrested, Cammy attacks Balrog for tricking her, nearly killing him. She decides to hand him over to Fei Long, and also thanks him for telling the truth.
28 "Fight To The Finish (Round Four)"
(死闘 <第四章> 君臨者ベガ、その圧倒的破壊力)
November 20, 1995
Ryu and Ken finally finish their fight at the end of this episode by using the Hadou Shoryu and the Hadouken against each other. The resulting blast of energy knocks the cyberchip off of Ryu's forehead, and thus he returns to normal. Guile gets back up from Bison's Psycho Power that he was previously hit with, and stands again to face him. Bison is amused by this, but sends Chun-Li to fight Guile as he doesn't have time to fight Guile personally. Ryu and Ken eventually meet up with Guile and Chun-Li in the control room of the fortress. Their reunion is short-lived, however, as Bison's eagle head transports Guile and Chun-Li outside to continue their battle. It also teleports Ryu, Ken, and Bison into the focal point of the universe where all the power in the universe flows, although this is not seen until the next episode.
29 "Fight To The Finish (Final Round)"
(死闘完結 全身全霊をかけたファイナルバトル)
November 27, 1995
Guile and Chun-Li battle outside, while Ryu, Ken, and Bison in the focal point of the universe, basically just another dimension that Bison's eagle head sends them to. There, Ryu and Ken seem destined to lose, because of Bison's overwhelming Psycho Power. Ryu and Ken's fighting abilities are no match for Bison, and Guile is losing tremendously to Chun-Li, since the cyberchip has made her a much more powerful opponent than she was without it. Bison uses his Psycho Crusher and Double Knee Press attacks to overpower Ryu and Ken, severely wounding both of them. They eventually find the strength needed to carry on thanks to their Hadou powers. Ken uses the Hadou Shoryu to weaken Bison substantially (and this also knocked the cyberchip off Chun-Li's head), allowing Ryu to finish him off with a Whirlwind Hurricane Kick, followed by a Rising Dragon Punch, and then finally a Hadouken. The Hadouken connected because Bison was distracted at the time, as he was charging for another Psycho Crusher attack. After Bison is gone, Ryu and Ken go back to America, then Ryu sails to an unknown location, though it is presumably his home in Japan.
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